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Oh. daesu

Global Event - Ambush - Info

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Oh. daesu    1,291



Ambush Modifiers

  • Ambush

    • Always active; agents deal increased damage while stationary.
  • Covert Ambush

    • Ambush behaviour, plus damage then health diminishes while moving.
  • Strategic Ambush

    • Covert Ambush behaviour, plus damage diminishes when close to allies.

The Classified gears will be



Hunter's Faith

Tactician's Authority

GE commencement date: 23/30 January

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Jaypeg    241
17 hours ago, Oh. daesu said:

More happy snaps


Masks look good ... Left one for me please 

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Oh. daesu    1,291

This is taken from reddit The Division. Makes it sound as if the Lex speed runs will be more difficult this time.

"Don´t move

The main goal of Ambush is to slow down - when you are stationary or in cover, you will get a damage buff, that will fill up a bar above your health-bar. As the bar fills up, you do more and more damage. When it is full, you have the full damage buff. When you move again - that damage buff diminishes until it is zero. This is only active when you are in combat.


Damage from moving

When you activate Covert Ambush or Strategic Ambush you will take damage when the buff-bar is zero and you still move around. So keep an eye on that bar, as soon as it turns red, you will take damage. (This is also only active while you are in combat)


Keep your distance

When you activate Strategic Ambush, you have to keep your distance to the other team-members, because when the red lines appear between your agents, the damage-buff you get while stationary will diminish until it is zero. So keep your distance when you position yourself, so that you are not too close to the other agents."

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