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Still wet behind the ears

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ImNotUrPops    1

Hey everyone, ImNotUrPops here trying to figure some scat out and would sure appreciate it if I got a hand here. First off, I’ve struggled finding players to join me in the DarkbZone. I I am currently at level 20 in the dark zone level 26 outside  and I’ve done it primarily by myself, the dark zone that is. I’ve only had stuff extracted successfully once. Last night I finally got my stuff on to the helicopter only to have it hijacked. I had worked soooooo hard to get my nine pieces  of gold extracted dying countless times so when someone cut the rope which didn’t even know was possible I was so angry I was apoplectic. I tried my best to kill the rogues but failed to get anthing on the heli because the rogue had friends, many friends and they proceeded to kill my sorry a$$. I managed to kill two later, after respawning And firing from a distant rooftop. Anyway I don’t understand what the hell is going on but maybe some one  can explain to me how get people to team up with you Before entering the dark zone and what the Hecks going on with these rogues ?

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Oh. daesu    1,291

Hey @ImNotUrPops, welcome to the forums.

Glad you got two of those rogues.

Yes, someone can cut the extraction rope before it leaves. Next time, when something has been already put on the rope, you can see an option to cut the rope. Once you start cutting the rope you will go rogue. I think you can do it to your own extraction if you're curious.

Matchmaking below level 30 can be hard. People say Discord is good for grouping.

Anyhoo, here is something @quinch1199 wrote about how it works in the new Rogue 2 system.



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DeadSockPuppet    1,322
On 1/17/2018 at 5:08 PM, Jaypeg said:

I always extract my gear when there’s about 15 secs to go...

I do roughly the same, extract between 15-30 sec left.  

There’s a coupe options on how to run DZ solo if you can’t find a crew.

  • You can run DZ 7-9 and use the NPCs to help defend against rogues. You’ll have a harder fight taking down NPCs and getting gear, but if you have to run from rogues you can run through NPCs, stir them up and have them tie up the rogues.  
  • There’s a route where you run along run bottom of DZ 1. There’s like 2-3 bosses and you can extract at the park by the gas station. Depending on the server, though, you can catch a lot of rogues and end up getting nothing. 

As for finding players, my past experience is that in-game matchmaking for DZ is useless. People don’t work together and if you get something good people might drop from the party so they can go rogue and gank you. Try the official game Discord like @Oh. daesu suggested or look at the DZR (Dark Zone Report) or SitRep Radio Podcast Discord’s. They all have LFGs and there’s people from around the world playing in them on all platforms. 

Hope that helps. 

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