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What would you like to see

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g1nt3r    1,554

Title says is all, what would you people like to see in the upcoming sequel, The Division 2?!

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genedjr    264

So how about Chicago, or Detroit, or Denver, or Paris, or Moscow, or Rio?  But there is alot of NYC left to play with.

Better micro-transactions - the vanity stuff is hogwash.
- Say $5 for +50 stash,
- $5 for another toon,
- $1 for a specific outfit
- $1 to reset re-calibration
- $2 for 200 item backpack capacity
Things that make play more fun but do not provide a in-game advantage.

More severe weather.  That is not just foggy/snowy, but sleet/rain/wind that impacts bullet travel, running, finding loot.
Add realistic ballistics in a new set of guns - as example a marksman rifle that does 300K base damage but has drop and roll off like a real rifle.
Pistols that are not useless. 6 round grenade launchers!
More hunters in more places.
Looting all gear from the dead - even if the gear is not functional it should be able to be deconstructed.
Sorting options for backpack and stash.
There are far more names than "Alex".  I would think people off the street would love to be a random voice for a game - "hey here's $5 can you say... into the mic?"
The ability to change the site reticle (color/type) - yeah I know there is a little variance with scope types, but not enough.
In line with that, be more granular with crafting - I would like more control over what I craft than a dice roll.

Really challenging missions designed for solo play, duo play.  While the scaling in TD is very good, this would really focus (and limit) on solo/duo play.

Better interaction with the civilians - when you see someone in distress be able to provide help.  When we see a guy announce in the window that there are bad guys, be able to interact and ask about the bad guys.  Be able to guide people to safe houses and have them stay there.  See NPCs open shops as you progress through the game and regain control of sections of the city.  More diverse NPC scenes - there are currently very few NPC scenes.  Alot more, new, changing dialog for "Ricky".

Be able to move non-NPC corpses to the side and pose them with dignity - or cremate them.  It would be another aspect of the game to returning to "normalcy".

And I never understood the zillions of vehicles that cannot be used for anything.  And the forever batteries in those useless vehicles.  Shooting out lights should stay shot for at least the active session.  Same with glass.

On the technical side, I hope the updated gaming engine does not require more GPU power.  With GPU prices through the roof and availability very low I would think GPU requirements should stay the same of be slightly lower.  If a GTX 1050 TI could drive TD2 at 1080p/60fps/medium that would be grand - but not holding my breath.



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