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Starting in Windowed mode. How to fix on PC.

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RimBlock    568
Posted (edited)

So I remembered the 1.8.1 patch has dropped so have taken another go at The Division after tearing myself away from Hope County (sort of, prefer The Division).

After installing the patch my game started in full screen windowed mode (Taskbar at the bottom and title bar with the minimise / maximise / close icons).

Trying to change to full screen in the options just crashes the game to desktop.  This also happened when you alt tab to another Windows program and then back in (windowed mode), at least for me.

Used to be a time when you could edit the 'state.cfg' file and set it to Fullscreen via the cfg and on startup it was fixed (the file is located at C:\Users\[your account name]\Documents\My Games\Tom Clancy's The Division ) but that did not do it this time.

Well... it turns out they have now moved to a XML config file now ( same location --> GFXSettings.TheDivision.exe.xml ).  I opened it with Notepad ++ and could edit 

<OPTION Name="DisplayMode" Registered="True" Type="Enum" Value="BorderLess">

... and I am back to fullscreen again.  (I actually changed the value to fullscreen which worked but on exit the game changed it to borderless.

The res listed in the file is not 4k which is what I usually play on but I will check that when I spin the game up again.

Hopefully this will help someone else out who may also get stuck in Windowed mode.  The performance take a big nose dive.

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