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Exotaic weapons are they worht it ?

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Kationiks    5

Hi everybody !

I just read some thoughts ont he web avout exotic weapons int he 1.8.2 version of the Division and...

... I'm now wondering why those exotic weapons are usefull as what I read said there are not a lot of interest for most of them...

Examples of what I could read:

LIBERATOR : strong on paper but hard to control. Useless bonus. Worse than a good lightweight M4 or LVOAC.

ok but... what is a good lightweight M4 or LVOAC ? They do not specify if for PvE or PvP use... So I don't understand why it is useless.

CADUCEAUS : great for healers but so poor accuracy... if not in very close range, it's useless... But again... PvP or PvE ?? Alone or with a team ?

BULLFROG : similar to m4... not necessary better... (I don't have one so I can not checkt it)

SHOWSTOPPER : a very good wepaons for PvP classified Strikers. (Great but don't know what's the name of showstopper in my language...French... so don't know if I will recognize it).

MEDVED : weak ! terrible accuracy ! Avoid !

Cassidy : only with lone star otherwise weak !

Tenebrae : Uselless (really ?? but in which kind of situation ? build ? PvP/PvE ?)

Historian : low accuracy so uselless.. 'really ?

Hildr and Eir : not a good set ! Best to get an SMG. Ok but then why would it be not good if you use only one of the pair, it is Eir OR Hildr ???

Tommy Gun : useless ! (I tried it and Eir was better)..

The House : the best SMG (even over M4)... ok but don't know what it is... Don't know which translation in french so don't know if I would recognize it... But they say it's better for PvP....

Well, after all I could read on exotic weapons, my conclusion tends to be taht they are not interesting or have a weak interest in some very particular circumstances...

So I'm wondering what should be my criteria to get a good weapons set...

I'm found of :

- Assault Rifles


- Sniper weapons.

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Oh. daesu    1,289


The Division has a long history of changing weapons and re balancing. Some of these were once good, and maybe even Meta. Some have always sucked, lol.


It used to be that Liberator and Caduceus were the choice for healers because of weapon talents. I preferred the Caduceus. Tho it doesn't deal a lot of dmg.  But having full classified, it isn't as effective as it was. And Liberator talent has changed for the worst.

Bullfrog is still a good ar. It lacks range, but it goes well with AlphaBridge and hybrid builds.  If you're starting with hybrid builds until you have a full set then AlphBridge/Predator with bullfrog/M4 is pretty good option.

Showstopper rocks. Not just Striker, but also LoneStar. And generally goes well with other builds.



Historian was pretty good with Dead Eye. But outside of that... And not sure how good Dead Eye is considered nowadays.


Two more for your list, would have to be The Devil and The Heel.  I run these with Sentry and like it a lot.


Then there is another new exotic called the Big Alejandro. I like it with Firecrest (the rapid fire and fire ammo goes well) and LoneStar shreds.


And a perennial favorite, MDR. Though more PVE. For builds that don't strongly favour a particular weapon, I find myself having a MDR. I used to find its talent good for Firecrest, tho since the Big Ale, that's changed.


The House is based on the MP5.



Tommy Gun isn't good anymore. Though, just like to offer some defense, it has a good mag (or is that only the Thomson). Normally, I had added an Extended Mag religiously.  However, I used to go with a Hvy Mag for more dmg.



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4 hours ago, Oh. daesu said:

The House is based on the MP5.



Sig Sauer MPX*. Best SMG in the game. Good with any build, but best with D3-FNC.

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Jaypeg    241

House hits hard as ...bullfrog actually hits harder then the m4.

showstopper is the reason the shotguns got nerfed. And has had a detrimental effect on pvp.im not a fan. Stupid damage for a cheesy weapon , this is purely from a striker pvp perspective 

mdr is great until you get arthritis 

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