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WILDLANDS first impressions

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Rosella    1

  When I haven't played it, I've been paying attention to the game for a long time. I can't help but think that if I wanted to play a PvP skirmish game, I'd rather go with Wiz-War... I'm still anxious to try it though.Last summer i recharged xbox live gold membership key and played with my bro for a few days.whenever we had 45 mins to spare. The most refreshing thing about this game is the lack of rules exceptions, including asymmetric teams that don't have any inherent special abilities outside the make-up of their deck. it's a simple case of none of your team having ranged combat while mine does .Combat is dead simple and very satisfying. The only somewhat complex defense is that the cover symbol defends ranged attack only when in cover, but it adds a nice layer of positioning strategy that is simple to understand and incorporate.

I'm dying to play this with 3 or 4, but with two it's a quick-playing 30-minute strategy game that always ends with wanting to play again. Osprey knows they have a hit on their their hands, with expansion characters and map-packs on the way.

Highly recommended.

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