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The Division 2 Beta DIscussion.

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On 2/9/2019 at 2:37 AM, Shaylaninja said:

I am seeing people with 10k AUG damage with a green lvl 1 item, wtf? All green gear too. 

Didn't see this directly answered.

THIS is how "Normalisation" works. Everyone gets maxed out, regardless of the actual level of gear. If you're in a level 1-5 Dark Zone for example but only have level 1 gear it gets maxed out, as does everyone elses so the playing field is completely even except type of build attachments or specilised buffs an item may have.

Soooo many people on the official forums claiming people are cheating because of this but don't realise they're doing the exact same level of damage. Only cheaters at the moment could be teleporters or people shooting through terrain/map etc. 

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