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The Division 2 - Private Beta - Known bugs & issues

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If you've experienced anything unexpected, buggy or generally odd please make sure you post it on the Ubisoft Division 2 Beta forums:

Please remember this is a stress TESTING phase of the game. There is only five weeks until launch so make sure bug reports include system/platform details, how long into game play the issue occured, for PC try to play in Windowed mode, or use an appropriate overlay, and monitor for CPU, RAM, GPU usage spikes etc. and include as appropriate. 

EDIT - I have noted a report of possible issues using MSi Afterburner so try to use a different monitorig attachment. 

Thank you,

Below is a list of known issues (as of 14:00hrs, 07/02/19, UK time)


Kindly find below the current list of known issues for the Private Beta:

[Performance] Significant performance drops and potential crashes after long play sessions.
Workaround: Restart the game
[Performance] FPS drops when capturing DZ landmarks with large player groups.
[Performance] Potential crash when going idle inside the Clan Quarters.
[Performance] Crash on Xbox One when accepting invites from outside the game.

[Graphical] Rendering issues may occur in cutscenes and when moving quickly through the open world.
[Graphical] Low LoD models might be shown after fast travelling.
[Graphical] Props located in settlements may disappear after watching cutscenes.
Workaround: Fast travel to the settlement or restart the game.

[Audio/Subtitles] The intro cinematic may be missing audio on Xbox One.
[Audio/Subtitles] Deconstruct audio plays when item is marked as junk.
[Audio/Subtitles] Some voice overs is missing and the player will only see subtitles.
[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles is missing for some voice overs.
[Audio/Subtitles] Subtitles are missing in some echos.

[UI] Missing UI elements when spawning after having disconnected a controller during the intro cutscene.
Workaround: Open & close the map.
[UI] GPS line guides the player towards a locked gate after having reached the White House lawn.
Workaround: When facing the gate, turn left and continue towards the White House.
[UI] The PvP mode Conflict’s victory screen does not appear.
[UI] Specializations tutorial does not show keyboard key prompts on PC.
[UI] “No weapon equipped in this slot” is incorrectly displayed when switching to a sidearm if the 2nd primary weapon slot is empty.
[UI] Skill stats display incorrect normalized values.
[UI] “Dropped Loot” UI prompt may be displayed incorrectly when in the Dark Zone.
[UI] The PC chat window and the notification window overlap.
[UI] Some menu icons have missing textures.

[NPC] Rusher enemies do not take melee or headshot damage.
Workaround: Shoot them in the torso.
[NPC] Audio and animations may be out of sync when NPC’s put out the fire outside of the Base of Operations.
[NPC] Enemies may fly through the air when dropping down from ledges.
[NPC] Enemies may sometimes display slowed down animations.
[NPC] Enemies may slide during their animations.
[NPC] Weapons may be misaligned when being held by some enemies.
[NPC] Enemies might complete their animations after having died.
[NPC] Enemies may despawn when approached if other activities are started.
[NPC] Enemies may sometimes not leave their spawn rooms.

[Gameplay] Interacting with objects does not work correctly while in cover.
[Gameplay] Players might encounter incorrect animations when interacting with props.
[Gameplay] Group members may briefly freeze in place during gameplay.
[Gameplay] “Call for backup” does not work when matchmaking.
[Gameplay] The gates of the Base of operations social space may become locked when leaving a group.
Workaround: Re-enter the social space and try again.
[Gameplay] The Base of Operations Quartermaster may not be present after having completed the Grand Hyatt mission.
[Gameplay] “Outside Playable Area” may be displayed when walking through foliage and props.
[Gameplay] Players are unable to take cover behind some objects in the open world.
[Gameplay] Player may get stuck when navigating some corners or over some props.
Workaround: Fast travel anywhere.
[Gameplay] “Donate all junk” to Projects is not functional.

[Missions] Towards the end of Grand Hyatt Mission, the NPC’s voiceover may not start.
Workaround: Wait near the NPC’s and the mission will progress.
[Missions] Unable to complete the NZ09 Rescue Operation due to missing hostages.
[Missions] If all players in a group die dimultaneously outside the Invaded mission zone, they will be unable to respawn.
Workaround: Restart the game.

[Weapons] The Nemesis sniper rifle does not function on hip fire. [Weapons] Restorative talent description states “+10% health”. Correct functionality is “+10 health on kill”.

[Skills] Placeholder information is shown on the backpack of the Demolitionist character.
[Skills] Skill items may appear blurry in the Quartermaster’s menu.

[Localization] Notification window does not localize after language change.
Workaround: Restart the game or fast travel.
[Localization] The skill mods video is only available in English.
[Localization] Some in-game text is missing localization in certain languages.
[Localization] The NPC Manny has placeholder voice overs in French.

[Other] Some characters in cutscenes are missing facial animations.
[Other] The Base of Operations tutorial may pop up late if the Manny cutscene is skipped.
[Other] Frame rate caps at 60 FPS with V-Sync OFF.
[Other] PC Benchmark mode is not functional in the Beta.

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Most issues seem to come under Memory Leak, Net code and optimisation for certain builds and platforms by the way. 

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