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Control Points - Guide & Strategies

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*NOTE: Maybe open a Strategies forum for Division 2 and move this thread?*

*MAIN NOTE: Information as of Private Beta gameplay*


Control Points

For each area there are 1-3 control points. Each point, as you enter an area, is held by the dominant “enemy” faction in that area. Often retaking them is a priority.

Each Control Point is fortified and armed with a mounted mini-gun. It is guarded by a group of normal level mobs, supported by one (purple) boss. A short time after engagement a small additional wave of the same composition will emerge from a back room accompanied by a Heavily Armed leader.


Alone or in a group, as with all engagements, its best to approach as unnoticed as possible and position yourself with clear line of fire and cover so you can make maximum damage in your initial volley of fire. Once you are close enough you will be given the option to “Call In” reinforcements.  This makes use of a flare gun, immediately alerts the enemy and also brings friendly Militia from the nearest stronghold. Before using this, do a quick calculation on how far away the friendly location is, how long might it take for them to get there vs. how long before you need their distraction? Ideal strategy is to start your attack, weaken the enemy then call for the Militia.

Priority is to keep enemy off the mini-gun. Likewise any enemy on the mini-gun must be your first target.

Proceed as normal to a point where you think you can call for the Militia but not so far in that the point is cleared before they get there (ideally but not essential)

Militia will arrive and help (a little)

A wave will spawn with a “Heavily armed” boss

After this the point is taken BUT a counter attack will spawn outside the Control Point.

Counter attack will contain a heavily armed leader.

Tactic here is to use the mounted mini-gun against them wherever possible.

 - You can clear the point THEN call for the Militia, but that's a lot of standing around doing nothing in my opinion. My advise is get them moving so they arrive just as you win - 

Clear the counter attack fully and the Control Point is liberated. An on-screen wave graphic will confirm this. A cache/treasure room will open in the back (will be marked) and the Control Point also contains a rearming box for your use at all times.

In the “treasure room” will be several bags/boxes of materials and gear plus a Large Cache crate for you to unlock. Note the smaller bags and boxes respawn, the Large Cache box does not, so this can be used as a “farming” point.

At this point you will notice one Militia is designated as Control Point Officer, you need to resupply the control point via this NPC with Food, Water, Components. Maintaining supplies on each Control Point at +50% capacity for each type of supply keeps them happy (and currently assumed keeps them from reverting back to enemy control).

Remember!! Unless you call for the Militia you CANNOT formally take the Control Point and the treasure room will NOT open. Always remember to do this either before, during or after. Don't leave the area without calling them or making sure they get there and take over. 

Immediately AFTER you have taken the control point a side mission will appear nearby “Secure the Perimeter”. This is a gathering of enemy you need to defeat to finalise this stage, nothing special about this, initial spawn of variety of mobs + mid level boss followed by small wave + high level (Named) boss. The named boss drops a faction specific key that unlocks a mid sized loot crate in the area and you are given the “Secured Perimeter” confirmation.

At this time I’m not sure if ignoring this mission has an direct effect on the Control Point however but I did notice that taking the control point was the spawn for these missions.

Hope this helps!

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Never noticed the 'Secure the Perimeter' mission although I did kill a couple of mobs and got keys when wandering around.

Securing all control points for a sector also spawned hunt for a named boss with a time limit for me.  You get one shot only and if you fail then it vanishes.

How you tackle them depends on how they finally dial in on TTK etc for the final release but for the building site close to the White house I could sneak in through some road works along the side road and through a tunnel.  I could then get half way up the ramp to the main building behind cover and go noisy.  Drop a turret for crowd control and use the healing drone / seeker if needed.

I tend to call for help after clearing but good point about wasted time.  Just like doing on my own without friendly casualties or helpful people getting right in the way. 

I tend not to use the minigun as I don't like being 'stuck' on it and the enemy tens to come up the sides out of its arc of fire a lot of the time.  If you call for help and they get there before all enemies are dead then one usually jumps on it anyway.

Working out you have to call for help (really calling for a team to take control so you can leave) before it is captured took me a bit of time to work out as it is not too obvious.

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I've been reliably informed that if you don't keep friendly control points stocked past 50% they will eventually turn back to enemy held dynamically in the game. What I don't know yet is if the large yellow loot crate then will respawn for you if you retake the control point...

...because...that would be some really cheesy-evil "loot farming" in the LZ. 

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