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9 Things We Still Don't Know About The Division 2

By DeadSockPuppet, 07/05/2018
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With E3 2018 done and gone, gamers and YouTubers have had a good amount of time to pick apart the trailers and statements by Massive about The Division 2. While we've learned a good deal about the game and have seen some of what it will have to offer, there's still many unanswered questions. Where is the DZ and what will it be like? Raids are 8 player, but will they replace Incursions and when will we get them? What kind of clan support will the game have? I raise questions like these in this week's video. Give a look and let me know in the video comments which question you're most concerned with and whether or not there's a burning question I missed.


Ive been watching vudeos on yubtube and the set bonus 4 on striker build i have noticed people have numbers fling up twice when they hit peoe sl knstead of 1% stacking up to 100 they are getting it twice does anyone know how i do this 

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