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  • quinch1199

    Deep Mysteries in D.C.

    The story of hidden and mysterious side missions in Tom Clancy's: The Division 2


    The G. Phillips Protocol. A side mission with perhaps the largest mystery so far in the game attached.


    Almost two weeks from the official full launch of Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2 by Ubisoft and from the development team at Massive, it’s becoming clear there’s far more than meets the eye to the game. Not only is there a plethora, an almost excess of things to do in the open world between levels 1 to 30....mostly too much to fully explore and enjoy before you hit end game...but as more people in the community do explore this luscious and living world, the more they find. Some gems of this exploration are hidden side missions.


    Normally in the game side missions are given at population hubs, the White House or one of the few civilian settlements you take under your wing. These are clearly marked, easy to access, easy to pick up in your normal admin tasks at “base”. However, it seems a few are truly hidden from view. Much like some more mature MMO games the quest givers are off the beaten track, hidden in basements, buildings and even sewers. Only found by chance they often hand over gems to the more intrepid urban explorer.


    One such mission is the Navy Hill Transmission that leads to the G. Phillips Protocol.


    There is no spoiler free way to address this mission, so if you’re one of the many (like me) happy to fall upon such choice moments as you explore then look away now!







    The mission is stumbled upon in the charmingly named district of D.C. called Foggy Bottom. An understandable name for a location known for being a bit of a literal bog in real life...bog in the literal sense not that the area is unpleasant in any way, its lowland, swamp, bogland etc. Therefore prone to banks of fog rolling in from the river delta.


    Atmosphere aside, one of the key tasks in any district is liberating Control Points. Our quest starts near Navy Hill Control Point, and as we head south we find some intriguing buildings and some green double doors. Opening them presents you with a hall and a ladder down into the sewers. Here we find a small room, much like an anti-room in one of the safe houses with a desk some equipment and Jane Applegate. She’s been intercepting a broadcast she can’t decipher, thinking its morse code but not being an agent herself or of military experience she needs you to investigate.


    The area you get to is populated by enemies but also a cryptic clue, a pretty easy one if you know some history...a painting of a US Army General, initially I thought it was MacArthur but looking again it’s likely Bradley, the affable visage certainly doesn’t look like Patton. Nor is it, pointedly in this case, William J. Donovan (the former head of the OSS). Honestly, sometimes actually finding your way into buildings via convoluted access points can be half the quest in itself...but that’s a story for another time.


    Pushing the button hidden behind the painting opens up a tunnel access. Upon entering the newly rediscovered entrance you are wreathed in dust and greeted with a post-war scene. Anyone nostalgic for Captain America: The First Avenger will recognise the dials, switches and general setting. As well as having to navigate around some locked doors, through some hefty closed blast doors there are loot containers to be had and eventually you find yourself in a dust and cobweb covered room, US Flag adorned on the wall and post-war memorabilia all around. Within the room is one collectable… a mysterious map.


    Exiting and into more modern underground surroundings we encounter enemies baring our way out. To escape we need to activate machinery and obtain a key...which the enemy hold. An elite boss and a relatively tough gang to fight for just a minor side mission BUT once done and we are out we’re greeted with Mission Complete and alongside other rewards a WW2 US Army uniform off duty uniform however, not helmet here.


    This, you might feel is the end but not in The Division 2. Completion of this mission opens up another icon, a point of interest with a raised sword wreathed in wings icon to show you the way..this the true mystery...the G. Phillips Protocol.


    You arrive at the building, open double oak doors at the end of the corridor and ….


    ...that’s it. Mission Complete.


    What?!? But wait...a padlocked door marked Exit...isn’t all it seems. Not an Exit at all but an entrance, another basement to investigate. You enter a modernised, storage area. Recently decorated. A games area, washing area...what is this? Confusion cautioned by the availability of loot containers including an Outcasts cache (bring your keys!) and there...for now...that is all there is.


    G. Phillips is a noteworthy World War 2 hero, one whom made the ultimate sacrifice to save others. However, there’s nothing here. No vintage paraphernalia, the other doors cannot be opened, wall panelling is modern as are the items down here.


    Let me tell you Reddit is going insane over this riddle!!! Is there even a riddle...yet? Are we waiting on DLC for this to be resolved or will the community find more information still. Ideas range from obscure morse code signals hidden in the flashing lights to having to shoot items in an order and even to using a grenade on yourself whilst down there.


    For now, the mystery remains just that, a mystery, but it is far from the only one. Hidden missions are out there to be found as you explore the world in Tom Clancy’s: The Division 2.


    Good luck Agents and happy hunting.

     - Quinch is a member of NOVICUS Division 2 clan, focused on PvE gameplay and urban exploration of the game map - 

     - Quinch's gaming YouTube Channel can be found HERE: with a collection of growing Divison, Division 2 and Ghost Recon Wildlands videos! - 

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