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    State of the Game Recap: 04/10

    Agents, if you missed State of the Game this week, you missed a PTS announcement, Yannick's gear score (493), updates on bug fixes and Hamish's cool hat.  No worries though, here's your After Action Report featuring a detailed summary of what went on:

    In the absence of any other game visual aids shared by the team, here's the cool hat.

    Hamish & Yannick hosted today's state of the game, and they expressed that whole team is really happy to finally have WT5 and Tidal Basin Stronghold released, which will not only allow the end game to be full experienced but the game’s meta to finally begin to settle.  (Not discussed, but something that will be enjoyed by players across social media platforms, is the fact that with "Title Update 2" now released, the community can shift their often heated in-fighting to other, new topics). 

    Let's get to the topic most people are going to want to know about first (even though I remain a vanity item enthusiast myself).

    Title Update 3 Public Test Server

    Title update 3 is incoming in the near future (no date announced), and right before it,  a Public Test Server (PTS). If you're not just picking up Divison 2 as your first contact with the franchise, then you're likely familiar with the Great Rage War of 2016-2018 during which community members of various platforms fought each other and accused everyone of not being worthy of an invite. Essentially, everyone's feeds looked like this x 1,000:


    Happily, this time around the team is being super transparent and upfront that there will be no console access to the PTS. And as such,  it looks like we'll once again see some well-seasoned salt from console players. Here's what we know so far about the PTS:

    - The Raid is not included in the PTS.
         While the raid will be included in Title Update 3 (TU-3), it won't be accessible on the PTS. Instead, they're focusing on stability / quality of update, balancing, and functioning of potential new items. They're hoping to identify broken builds before they have a chance to mess with the meta. 

    - The PTS is confirmed PC only.
        Doing it this way allows the most flexibility on the development side to interact and test multiple game build versions. Having experimented with both console and PC in Division 1, and because we all remember the drama as well, there will not be one for console. It's not punitive, it's for the health of the game.

    Everyone who owns Division 2 on PC will have PTS available as a new game via the Uplay launcher (not the Epic launcher). Character save will be directly imported into PTS and feedback can be provided via specific forums as usual. 

    - There is no NDA
        Players will be allowed to stream the PTS as much as they want, which will give non-PC players a chance to see how it looks (editor's note, while this is a well-intended thought we'll see how the community processes this closer to the date).
    Hopefully, all PC players who do decide to play the PTS will spend the entire time carefully documenting every issue they experience, and testing every possible gear set and play mode, instead of being completely unhelpful and wasting their PTS experience like some unfortunate community members (like this asshole):


    Other news:

    Clarification on Apparel Event:

    -        Today (!) is last chance to claim your free key (or keys if you are a year 1 pass holder) as part of the apparel event.

    There's been some confusion amongst players regarding two different end dates listed for the currently ongoing Apparel Event.  Two different end dates are listed in the game, and both are right. Here's how:

    o   The April 24th date is the end of this apparel event and these event-specific keys will no longer be available to drop during game play.

    o   Keys not redeemed during the event can still be redeemed for the event-exclusive items up until May 2nd.

    o   After May 2nd, the keys will still unlock caches but these caches will not give Apparel Event exclusive items.

    -        How to get keys during play?

    o   Finish Apparel weekly projects (3 keys per completion)

    o   Field proficiency / Dark Zone proficiency caches have a chance to drop keys (DZ caches have lower chance).

    Yannick confirmed that the myths are rumors aren't true: There is no limit to the amount of keys that can be gotten in a 24 hr period, and reassured us that there will be more unique Apparel Events happening, each with event exclusive vanity items / emotes etc. 

    Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Motion sickness Complaints

    - Field of view option has been added to the game in an attempt to minimize this possibility.

    - NPC improvements at the BoO to reduce the amount of interactions (as documented by SNL)


    - Control point officer – donating supplies is faster now

    - Exploit fix! (daily / weekly projects)


    Last week the projects were turned off due to an exploit (particularly w/ daily missions (hard mode & Challenging) and DZ ones where once completed if you logged in and out you would receive the rewards again. The team was able to fix this and the projects were reactivated yesterday with no server downtime. And speaking of server downtime:

    Weekly Server Maintenance tomorrow 0930 – 1230 cest

    Issues resulting from TU-2 will take varying amounts of time to fix, but a few fixes are being deployed in this week's maintenance:

    Fixes incoming during maintenance tomorrow:

    -        Fix where players could not fast travel to Castle settlement

    -        Fixed where players would experience Delta during end of pvp matches.

    -        Chirping sound at end of project fixed

    -        Specialization ammo scarcity fix (was not an intended change to such an extreme) Looking at how to increase the amount available. Trying to have it ready for fix during maintenance, and if not then asap.

    Issues Reported by the Community as Bugs But They Are Actually Features:

    -        *There is nothing at the castle because there isn’t supposed to be. Working as intended, but will look at making more clear in the game (editor's note: seemed pretty clear to me, there was literally an entire cut scene about it).

    -        The sound of a tuba playing in the DZ at night --> There is in fact a tuba sound in the dark zone at night, a rare one. Working as intended. Lol.

    Issues That Are Being Looked At But Will Not Be Fixed Shortly (as in, a client-side update known as TU 2.1):

    -        T poses, not working as intended but hilarious. High priority and looking to fix. Hamish has heard the community's cries to have this as an emote, but the concern about using it to troll in the DZ is pretty logical imho. 

    -        Crafting bench not working (not being upgraded between world tiers.) 

    -        Characters getting stuck (each needs to be looked at individually because of the multitude of factors involved. Please report these incidents with specifics as to how / when / where it happened. Some of these will be fixed in 2.1

    -        Revive hive bug (many different situations when the hive does not work correctly). Some fixes deployed in 2.1, not all.

    -        True Patriot 2-piece gear set bonus not working

    Issues That Are Being Looked At But No Confirmed Resolution Timeframe:

    -        Problems with ivory keys (team aware) please report these issues as they occur so they can track and fix.

    -        Problem with speciality ammo zeroing out upon entering a new gameplay session. (Need confirmation from the game design team that this is not working as intended).

    -        Low gear score on items dropped when player is at 500 GS

    -        Dx12 crashes noted – more prevalent with NVIDIA graphics cards. Team is working with NVIDIA to see about providing updated drivers to fix this.


    Always look at balancing as constantly evolving thing (Yannick)…it’s important to keep giving feedback on what you’re experiencing just please don’t panic. If something is broken we will fix it. It’s a process. All feedback is being collected and looked at and they are aware of all of the conversations going on (usefulness of gear sets, exotic weapons, blue gear mods, skill power etc).

    RUMOR started by HAMISH that I'm AMPLIFYING here:

    Planning to bring Red Storm on to talk about pvp soon (maybe next week?)


    With a live game – huge road map for the life cycle. Game difficulty is looked at (there is a bug where NPCs are being hyper aggressive due to a bug impacting the confidence level of the AI that they can win an encounter with the player. Also looking long term at survivability, amor etc. Will be addressed likely further down the line.

    Mysterious forum post incoming tomorrow addressing skill issues.

    That's it for this week!









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