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About This Clan

NOVICUS is a dedicated Division 2 clan focused on PvE gameplay, exploration and adventure. We are open to new members still and have our own Discord server for gameplay comms.

  1. What's new in this clan
  2. Due to having to rush a family member to hospital last Friday morning I've been pretty much offline and hands off with regards the clan, clan development, promotion and even gaming. An apology to all members who haven't noted the announcment in Discord. I hope to be getting back gradually over the next few days. Thank you for understanding. Quinch
  3. I'll start this thread on 25/04/19 as a list of achievements of all the clan members. This week in particular, well done everyone for gaining a SILVER Clan Cache this week. I can see us all working hard to gain the CXP to achieve this and its amazing. We are not a big clan, not sponsored by anyone well known in social media, no famous YouTube or Streamers, no massive multi-game, multi-region organisation. No, just 20+ hard working members. Agents grabbing their gear, their guns, teaming up and getting out there clearing the streets of DC. Running vital missions together, gathering vital and rare resources from the Dark Zones and the cold dark tunnels. I am glad to be a small part of this. Congratulations.
  4. Welcome incoming members and prospective members. Leave your little bio and what you're looking for or enjoy about Division 2. Quinch here! Formally known as THE Quinch (from DR & The Quinch...I wasn't happy with second billing but what are you going to do), taking a break from interseller time travel and working in comic books to game and take care of the numerous and beligerant younglings. Only slightly left wing to Trotsky, Quinch is really enjoying playing The Division 2 alongside his new clan members and friends with our to-and-fro banter, jolly insults and absolutely not telling people to f*ck off. Honest. With 30+ years of gaming history behind me as well as many years put into several gaming clans at a high level, taking part in competitive gaming and working with developers as a player representitive I thought it time to kick back a little and build a more comfortable, welcoming clan with an easy going atmophere. Have fun and tell me about yourselves.
  5. I'll set this going. My channel dedicated to Division 1, 2 and Wildlands: QuinchGaming YouTube Channel Only a few Division 2 videos at the moment, darn game is too much fun playing I forget to record!
  6. Post your YouTube channel or useful video links in this thread. As long as its useful Division 2 content its permitted.
  7. REGULAR GAME RUNS: 1) Faction Key runs - On a regular basis we make ourselves available to group up and run through each players world to collect Faction Keys (Underground Runs). 2) DZ Groups - To obtain highest chances to get Exotic drops we will try to group up and run Dark Zones on a regular basis. Teams of Four required for this. 3) Weekly Projects & Missions - Groups to complete weekly projects and missions (likely over weekends after reset) are required. Please show interest/requirement by posting on these forums or making yourself available in the appropriate Discord channel. 4) Invaded Missions - Assistance is available to complete Invaded Missions as and when required. A couple of Discord channels will be made available, please show interest/requirement by posting on these forums or making yourself available in the appropriate Discord channel. 5) Hyden Hotels & other secrets - We have a wealth of knowledge, just ask!
  8. INFORMATION: Clan Officers are available over most times either on Discord fully or via mobile App if you have any questions. I myself try to be online fully over Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Thursdays. If officers are online but not in a live chat channel they are doing Admin (either forum, clan or in-game) and if needed please send them a message. Thank you, Q
  9. We try to host dedicated days for pushing through Individual & Clan weekly Projects as well as runs to gather exotic materials and faction keys. If you want to be a part of one or have a specific requirement post it here!
  10. If you have any questions or want to join, start here! NOVICUS is a clan created for Division 2 and dedicated to PvE gameplay in all its forms. If you need to finish that project, track down that bounty or find all the Hyden Hotels join us and team up with our members. Mainly EU based and on PC, we are open to all and have members from other regions already. With our own Discord server with places for all, post here or make your own thread to introduce yourself!