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About This Clan

A clan primarily geared towards lone wolf agents, or agents with social anxiety who prefer solo play but also want a low-stress way to connect with like-minded agents for group activities and commendations.

  1. What's new in this clan
  2. Hello, everyone! (^_^) I'm a 48yo gamer from Brazil. I mostly play FPS, RTS and RPG games. Not a fan of PvP-centric games, and yes, that applies to The Division too. :)
  3. Good idea. I was going to put all the info in pinned posts in game, but then found out you can only have 1 pinned post of max 140 characters. Still just 2 of us on PC, so I'm going to do a bit more promotion this week. Maybe create an infograph as well as I have the impression tweets with images attract more attention than just text.
  4. Hey Agents, I’m working on an announcement post that will summarize the clan’s social media presence etc and will be setting up a twitch channel for general member streaming in the near future. I’d like to get more agents registered to this clan hub just for easier communication about clan activities and plans so if you meet up with another player online maybe mention it to them (and that there’s no obligation to be active here). Current discord server link is: As always, there are no expectations in terms of participation on here or the discord, but they’re good tools to have available. If anyone here is particularly good at discord set-up, let me know. ~Max
  5. Little bit of a delay as apparently the same name with the same spelling is "restricted words or profanity" on PC
  6. Dutch, 46 years old, name comes from Neuromancer (1984 William Gibson cyberpunk novel) + Mechanix (demo title of the Metallica song The Four Horsemen). Been using that name since 1997 online after originally making it up as the name of my selft created Doom map 🙂
  7. A good set of rules! Exactly what appeals to me 🙂
  8. Thanks again for entrusting me with this. Clan will be created as soon as I get home in 3/3.5 hours after which work can really start!
  9. Hi everyone! There have been more than a few community requests to set up an ASA clan for PC players, and neur0nix has agreed to take on leadership of that endeavor (thanks again, dude!). I've updated this hub with an additional discussion board area for PC and also one for Xbox (which will be happening in the near future), and will work out a way to ensure that there's as little confusion as possible as to which platform players are using. The Discord will also be updated with a dedicated channel for PC players and xbox.
  10. Dont be an ass clown, dont be afraid to speak up, but dont worry about not saying anything either 😁 (not a satire comment) and, in the words of Kevin bacon "LETS DAAAANCE!"🎊🎊
  11. 👋I live In Alaska, so my time zone is usually the worst to try and coordinate with everyone else -.- I'm more of a goal oriented player so I need objectives, even if the objective is to get a bad ass photo lol. Havent been playing much due to Max not being online 🙄😂 and 2 kids, work blah blah blah. But, send me a message anytime and I'm always happy to help. I use a mic, but take no offense to those who choose not to be social... hence the clan name 😁
  12. Hey Gang, Just joined the clan in game this past weekend. Did some night time hunter hunting with one of the clan members (who was also UK based)... lots of fun. I'm based in California / PST... usually on for maybe an hour during the weeks or during the AM to early afternoon on weekends (night in UK). Working my way through Tier 4 now and always open for grouping up... as long as there is something to burn or heal I'm having a blast. I'll post this in game as well... If there are any members who just reached WT1 and need help with invaded missions hit me up... always looking to add some specialization points. Thanks. PSN: digital_sychosis
  13. Also from the UK, play most evenings and weekends when possible, have a friend who wants to join the clan too, so will give him all the details tomorrow, looking forward to being part of a more active clan. Thanks
  14. Sounds good to me. There really is no pressure and that's exactly what I needed. I said on twitter earlier I was impressed with some of the xp the top scorers were bringing in, just to clarify, that wasn't a swipe at anyone else. There's some cool people in this clan and I'm pleased to be a part of it.
  15. I'm working out the rules for the community and welcome input on them in this thread. 🙂 ASA Community Rules Draft 1. Be kind. Remember we’re all here for the love of the game. While disagreements will inevitably occur at times, we have a variety of skill levels, communication abilities, and perspectives within our community – try to assume the best of each other both in game and out. 2. Be chill. Member Requirements: There are no play-time or xp-earned requirements for this clan, and no one should feel guilty for not being able to contribute much. Don’t give others a hard time about this. If you have an issue with another member, take it to private messaging. Nobody wants to deal with watching stuff like that play out in public. 3. Be respectful. Squading: The clan is geared towards players who want a community around them but may not want to squad up every time they are online. Check with players to see if they’re cool with you dropping in to their game unannounced, otherwise shoot them a message to ask. If someone doesn’t want to group up, don’t let it get you down. Language: Use all the profanity you want but there’s no place here for offensive language, including but not limited to insults based on race, gender, sexuality etc. 4. Be Engaged Voice your opinion when you’re able, and let us know what we could be doing differently or better. Feel empowered to suggest contests, activities, clan-specific challenges.
  16. Hello, I'm from the UK, play every few evenings where possible, although am a father of 4 kids so sometimes life gets in the way. Usually play with no mic as I try to play when the kids are in bed so I don't want to disturb them, it just means I can play with less distraction. Currently world tier 4 with tidal basin next on the list. Am playing with an online friend and we have stuck together throughout the whole game so far, only progressing when we are together. He is also a member of the clan. Hopefully be able to hook up with some of you in the near future 👍
  17. Feel free add to this thead with info about yourself, including your social media and streaming links, gaming preferences, time zone and the times when you're most likely to be playing.