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  3. The Division 2 State of the Game Recap: Balance Updates and DPS Glitch Actions: from Ubisoft & April 1, 2020 By Mikel Reparaz DPS glitch, including suspensions for players who exploited it. With Game Designer Bruce Kelly and Community Developer Chris Gansler on board, the stream also took a look at Title Update 8.5, the new Urban Jungle Apparel Event, and balance adjustments the developers are currently working on. A few highlights: Several fixes have been rolled out to address the DPS glitch. Players found exploiting it received a one-week suspension. Title Update 8.5 is scheduled to arrive next week. The new Season 1 target, Venus, is live now, with a double XP event in effect through this week. The Urban Jungle Apparel Event is now live as well, and will continue through April 20. State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap. The Division 2’s State of the Game livestream this week dove straight into efforts to fix a recently discovered DPS glitch, including suspensions for players who exploited it. With Game Designer Bruce Kelly and Community Developer Chris Gansler on board, the stream also took a look at Title Update 8.5, the new Urban Jungle Apparel Event, and balance adjustments the developers are currently working on. A few highlights: Several fixes have been rolled out to address the DPS glitch. Players found exploiting it received a one-week suspension. Title Update 8.5 is scheduled to arrive next week. The new Season 1 target, Venus, is live now, with a double XP event in effect through this week. The Urban Jungle Apparel Event is now live as well, and will continue through April 20. State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap. PRIORITY ALERTS DPS GLITCH SUSPENSION WAVE The team was first made aware of the recent “DPS Glitch” on March 17. The developers deployed several fixes before the glitch was fixed to the point where they had time to look at which users had used it. The team enacted one-week suspensions for players whose individual data showed that they had systematically exploited the glitch. Suspended accounts’ characters will be rolled back to March 17. TITLE UPDATE 8.5 Scheduled to go out next week, but given the current circumstances, the developers are still tentative on the exact date. You can read more about the team’s ongoing efforts on the forums. Update highlights: Control Points will reset when changing Global Difficulty, allowing players to replay them. Fixes for the Striker Gear set stacks not working properly. More balance changes for specific NPCs. TITLE UPDATE 9 Will arrive later in April and we will provide a more concrete date when we are ready. While the developers have a first list of changes, these are tentative, and further changes are still being investigated. UPDATE ON BALANCING Developers are facing more challenges in updating the game now that they’re working from home. The first pass on NPC balance, health, armor, and damage is done, and the team will continue monitoring feedback. The developers are also looking into specific aspects that can’t be fixed with blanket adjustments. Balance adjustments are in the works for weapons, gear, builds, and exotics. For example, assault rifles and underperforming named items will get a buff. SEASON 1 – SHADOW TIDE SEASON 1 UPDATE The next target, Venus, is now available. A double-XP event is in effect this week. Urban Jungle Apparel Event is live now! Four new outfits. Four weapon skins. 10 loose clothing items. One mask. Players can earn one key for every four SHD levels gained. Keys can also be purchased or gifted to friends. All players get a free key when they log in. Level 40 and completion of the Warlords of New York campaign is required to participate in the Apparel Event. The Division 2 is available now on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and is included in a UPLAY+ subscription. For more The Division 2, check out our previous coverage. For more information go to this Link here:
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  5. When I was playing the Urban Jungle Event. You win 1 key every 2nd or 3rd level up. To get the levels to go up faster you have to play Main Mission levels on a higher settings hard or higher. When I played any Black Tusks Main Missions . I played on normal or hard any higher than that. It's best to bring a teammate with you. If you don't it's murder to play. But if you play any Main Mission with any other faction or factions you can play on a higher levels without teammates. I done it many times solo and finish the mission on a higher levels. But if you also want more keys without winning one and you can buy them at the store in the game. After awhile I got tired waiting to win just one key. So I bought some of the keys.......but I won most of them. Now I have all four Urban Jungle Outfits & got one mask ,weapon skins,& one emote. Funny thing I did get some extra stuff opening the chests that weren't part of the Urban Jungle Event like a desert camo raincoat & bdu cap. That's not seen in the pictures above.
  6. This game is hard enough, but the devs just slapped me with a big F U with the last New York boss. I have been trying to beat him since 2 am two days ago. I have teamed up with probably 70 other players, team after team after team, we all die so quickly, and never stop the rocket from launching. Those stupid turets kill my whole team within 20 seconds to a minute every time! This is way to hard. I want to make an official complaint. I have played games and been in competitions and won many times. I can beat black 3 ops on realistic easy, yet I can't beat this? Who ever made the cover system, fired! I've been killed probably over 300 times because I got stuck behind cover. On top of this, the enemies do to much damage, I have so many armor plates it's hard to count them, yet enemies destroy every one of them in just a few shots. Dev mights as well remove armor system from the game completely because their useless. My granade Launcher does 2.2 mill damage yet it can't even destroy a single turet! Whoever was in charge of making the difficult, should be fired and banned from ever being incontrol of any future game difficulties. Nearly every player I talk to, and I've talked to over 100+ different players who all said the same thing. The final boss is rediculus. He's impossible, head too hard, and so on. I have yet to talk to a player who has beat him and many of the players I've talked to, said they regret getting the new York dlc. So my message to the devs? FUCK, YOU!
  7. When I did the survey's there wasn't any password or logon needed. Uibsoft just asked a lot of interesting & simple questions. Like how did you like the game, what future changes would you like to see,how would you rate it, would you like to see new outfits & skins, & what would you do if we added a World War to the game. It was something like that when I did their survey's.
  8. Once I figure it was easy to use. Yeah I could say it was a little stupid. So I kept playing until Ubisoft ended it.
  9. genedjr

    screen goes all strange

    Which new monitor? I am after at 1440P. ...gene
  10. tried it for a couple of hours, sucked. It was not intuitive, or hard, just stupid. fail in MNSHO 🙂 Turn it off. ...gene
  11. OK, I hate and will not respond to surveys that want ANY personal information, including creating a logon - f-them.
  12. Last week
  13. Here's another survey from Ubisoft:
  14. Uibsoft didn't think of it at that time. When they released The Division 1 Ubisoft didn't put much thought into it. Until the players/fans began to talk about the changes they wanted in the forums. That's my best guess.
  15. There's a few likeable faces in the division 2 unlike the first game where there was 8 faces and I only liked one, This time I like 4 of the faces for female out of 12 heads (head 4, head 5, head 8 and head 9) even on the male side they're decent too, How come they didn't do this with division 1?
  16. I like some of the outfits.........but the Reconnaissance outfit with shorts looks funny and kind of corny look to me. I do like the Hoody though it looks a whole lot better with camo pants & boots than the shorts. The Hoody makes a very good sniper outfit without the shorts. Ubisoft could have done a whole lot better if the added Urban camo,Sniper camo,& Tiger strip camo to these new outfits. That would have made it more like Urban Jungle Event than these outfits.Sorry to say.
  17. 1 / 256BACK April 1, 2020 3 Min Read APPAREL EVENT: URBAN JUNGLE Agents, Our Urban Jungle Apparel Event is live now and is another opportunity to earn new apparel for your agents through time-limited Apparel Caches. The Urban Jungle event features a total of 35 new apparel items to gather for your collection. You can earn your apparel cache keys by levelling up your SHD levels in game, or through a purchase using Premium Credits. As always you can also use the gifting option to send cache keys to your fellow agents! To kick start the event we are giving all agents who log in during the Urban Jungle event, one key to get started. REWARDS The Urban Jungle apparel event contains a collection of four full cosmetic outfits; the Reconnaissance, Hazard, Guerrilla and Chrome, as well as additional clothing items, four weapons skins and one masks. Once you have collected all the items from the event you are awarded a unique mask: Purifier Face Mask. This mask is only available during the Urban Jungle Apparel event. HOW ARE KEYS EARNED? Urban Jungle event keys for the Apparel Caches can be earned from the following sources: SHD Levelling: one key every four SHD levels. Direct purchase with Premium Credits. Remember, Event Caches do not contain duplicates and all items yet to be collected can be viewed in the Apparel section in-game. PHASES Here is a detailed breakdown and availability for Urban Jungle: Event Live – March 31st to April 20th. During this period, event keys can be earned from the sources that were listed above. Event Closing – April 21st to April 28th. If you have leftover keys available, you should make sure to use them during this period. The Purifier Mask can also only be obtained until this period ends. You can use your unspent keys as well as purchase additional ones to get a hold of all of the Urban Jungle event apparel. Post Event – April 28th onward. The Urban Jungle Apparel Cache will no longer be live, but event items will be available for direct purchase on the in-game store. GIFTING We would also like to remind you of the gifting feature, where you have the option to purchase Apparel Event keys with Premium Credits and directly send them to your friends or clan members! To start gifting keys, navigate to the Apparel Cache menu and choose "gift". If you are receiving gifted keys, you will have a pop-up notification waiting for you in the Apparel Cache menu. Note that Event keys can only be gifted while the Event is active. In addition, you can only gift the maximum number of keys needed to complete the Apparel Event. We would love to see you in your new outfits as well, so remember to use #TheDivision2Photos and share away! /The Division 2 Team
  18. You might be able to earn the keys..........but Ubisoft suggest that you buy the keys to get any Urban Jungle items.
  19. Upcoming changes... More updates on fixes and balance Agents, as we talked about on State of the Game #153 we are trying to give you some timelines on the issues we are currently working on and when we expect them to go out. As said on the show our studio is mostly working from home which has an impact on how quick we can create these fixes and have them tested and deployed. We are planning to release Title Update 8.5 to deploy further fixes in early April and are currently looking at the following changes: Bug Fixes Fixing an issue causing graphic issues and crashes on PC due to corrupted shader cache files. Fixing an issue causing the loss of the “Striker’s Gamble” stacks or not being able to acquire them. Fixing an issue causing agents to be unable to revive team mates. Fixing an issue causing the League UI to completely reset. The League challenges will still reset for week two which will allow players to continue their progress. Gameplay Changes Control Points can now be reset by changing Global Difficulty. Changing Directives will not reset Control Points. Balance Changes NPCs BTSU Support Station Reducing tick rate of Support Station healing. Elite Support Stations will only provide overheal once per NPC. Capping the heal amount a NPC can receive from the Support Station. Warhounds Increasing intention icon duration to allow players more time to react to the windup Reducing the 360 spin from Warhound Minigun to 2 spins (down from 3) Increasing windup warning of triple shoot of Warhound Grenadier. Increasing after shoot delay of triple shoot of Warhound Grenadier. Slightly increasing the cooldown of moving shoot of Warhound Grenadier. Tank archetype reaction to Hive / Turret Adding more distance checks so Tanks don’t rush at a hive next to a player. Reducing threat limit so Tanks don’t switch targets too suddenly. Outcast Incendiary / Molotov Reducing duration and tick damage slightly. Developer comment: Grenades were very strong compared to other factions’ grenades and this will bring them closer in line. Pentagon Bosses Reducing Drone Helicopter health and damage. Slightly reduce health and armor for Brenner. Reducing Brenner’s mortar damage. Decreasing armor of John ‘Architect” Figgs. Mortars Reducing damage of mortars in Coney Island. Increase delay between UI warning and explosion damage of mortars in the Washington National Zoo. Fixing general damage scaling issues with mortars. Skills Assault Turret Improving auto-targeting of Assault Turret to better prioritize NPCs it can shoot, and which are close to it. Assault Drone Improving behavior to prevent the Drone from becoming stuck. Improving the consistency of firing and pathing. Poison Status Effect Reducing tick interval, damage and duration. Developer comment: Event with the damage reduction to enemy NPCs poison continues to be extremely strong, this nerf will alleviate this further. Additionally, we are planning another update that is currently scheduled for a later time in April but please keep in mind that we might need to adjust that schedule. We will keep you updated if there are any changes. Exotics and Talent Changes: Sawyer’s Kneepads – Reworked Cannot be staggered by explosions. Increase total weapon damage by 3% each second you are not moving. Stacks up to 10x and stacks are lost when moving. This exotic only provides defensive attributes and no brand bonus, so now has potential for high damage and makes it appealing to both red and blue builds. Developer comment: The old version didn’t provide enough engaging gameplay; this change should help with that. Imperial Dynasty - Buff Reduced cooldown to 35s (down from 40) Developer comment: This buff is to better compensate for the lack of brand bonus. Dodge City Gunslinger Reduced charge up time 30s (from 50s) Developer comment: This buff is to better compensate for the lack of brand bonus. Diamondback – Reworked Now Grants all shots guaranteed crits for 5s after hitting a mark. Developer comment: The Diamondback is underperforming, and this change should make the bonus a bit more exciting. Merciless/Ruthless – Buff Explosion damage increased to 1200% (up from 900%) Tag Team - Reworked The last enemy you have damaged with a skill is marked. Dealing weapon damage to that enemy consumes the mark to reduce active cooldowns by 6s. Cooldown: 4s Does not consume mark if no skill is on cooldown. Reassigned – Buff Killing an enemy adds 1 round of a random special ammo into your sidearm. Reduced cooldown to 15s (down from 20s). Tamper Proof – Reworked Enemies that walk within 3m of your hive, turret, or remote pulse are shocked. Arm time: 2s. Increased cooldown per skill to 10s (up from 5s). Developer comment: Even though we are adjusting NPCs not rushing towards skills as much this talent gives players the ability to be more lenient when placing their skills to gain the effect, without turning themselves into a grenade. Empathic Resolve - Buff Repairing an ally, increases their total weapon and skill damage by 3-15% for 20s (up from 10s). 1-7% if self. Developer comment: Currently it is difficult to keep a high uptime in 4-man content as non-tank players try to be as safe as possible and NPCs have higher lethality, so chip damage is less frequent. This also buff is also meant to make Empathic Resolve able to better compete versus the True Patriot debuffs. Creeping Death When you apply a status effect, it is also applied to all enemies within 8m (up from 5m) of your target. Reduced cooldown to 15s (down from 20s). As we continue work we will update you with further posts and additional planned fixes when we can confirm them. We want to thank you for all the feedback and detailed reports, it helps us a lot! //The Division 2 team
  20. Maintenance - March 31st, 2020 Agents, The servers will shut down for maintenance Tuesday, March 31st at 08:30 AM CEST / 02:30 AM EDT / 11:30 PM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Maintenance notes: Bug Fixes Fixed an issue that caused the Tip of the Spear talents “Aggressive Recon” and “Crossbow Expert” to trigger when standing inside a DZ Safe House or DZ Control Point. Fixed an issue causing Targeted Loot to drop more than once when failing and retrying the Target Practice Open World activity. Fixed an issue causing a player to receive self-damage when killing an enemy player affected by the Full Flag debuff. Fixed an issue causing no explosion to occur on downed players when an enemy player affected by the Full Flag debuff is downed. Game Balance Lady Death will no longer enhance Turret Skills. We are also working on Title Update 8.5 which is scheduled to be released next week with the exact timing to still be ironed out. TU8.5 is a client update which will allow us to include more fixes and changes that, for example, require an UI change but it also requires a bit more time to be finished and tested. Another update, currently scheduled for later in April, will have some additional changes that are not quite ready. You can find an overview for the changes coming next week and what is planned for the end of April in our forum post here. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you for your patience,
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  22. I found a much easier way to switch polarities on your weapon instead of switching weapons. Do this trick shoot off one round & quickly reload your weapon that will change the polarity on any weapon from blue to yellow & back again.
  23. This video here tells you more on the Urban Jungle Event: from The Division 2 NEWS! 4 NEW URBAN JUNGLE OUTFITS & MASK, SOLO NPC BUFF & MORE!
  24. That's what I was wondering about. I just wanted to know if they had already put it out & I see you cleared that up with me......thank you.
  25. Soon. Actually i think they did errantly put out a tweet saying it was active by mistake and then deleted it later
  26. When does this come out or is it already out? Okay I didn't see the date never mind.
  27. Flea, I created a Parents Weekday Evenings Clan. Just me right now. But don't care. Absolutely love this game. Would love it if you joined. Look for Clan, "The Parent Trap."
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