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  2. No pictures......but you have to join Twitch Prime to get it.
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  4. Interesting. Last night I suddenly lost the ability to uplift Specialization ammunition. I would pick up 6 rounds (6+1), reload (giving me 7), pick up 1 more round (7+1) fire some, but instead of being to pick up some more to top up - NOTHING happening, no pickup. Logging out, and then logging in, would "reset" everything, obviously zero special ammo. Then, same thing would happen, after picking up more rounds. Bizarre. Had no problems until this latest update.
  5. Yeah I saw it and wasn't to sure if I could claim it or not?
  6. Prime Twitch users can log in to claim the Spears Sports Team Fan outfit and Baseball Mask.
  7. Last week
  8. @Thylander(ubisoft designer weapons guy): So to all #Division2 people who read my tweets. The current power of the gear sets... We can all agree they are a little underpowered. If we did nothing to them, power wise, but move their effects to be 4 piece sets instead of 6.... How would you feel about that?
  9. Looking for a group to play the raid this afternoon @5pm. I’m on Xbox and my gamer tag is godsproprtee.
  10. Maintenance patch notes: Fixed an issue where the Special Field Research stages would not update properly in certain situations. Fixed an issue where Specialization ammunition could not be picked up in certain situations. Fixed an issue of missing gun textures in the inventory. Fixed an issue causing players to be temporarily invulnerable when replacing an armor plate in cover.
  11. We've had quite a few people join! Don't be left out! We are always looking for more agents! Any timezone is welcome! EU, AUS, NA! Come on over! Doesn't matter your skill or level as long as you meet the requirements laid out above in the OP! We'll gladly help you!
  12. I agree with that user friendly and with more available specialize ammo to found and to have. Like putting in a specialize ammo reload box or even better than that be available & sellable by vendors.
  13. Exactly! It actually discourages me from using it as I nearly always have no ammo. If Ubi really want us to embrace these specializations then they need to make them more user-freindly.
  14. Well I rather use the flamethrower than my turret. Unless my turret could get up and walk around like in Rage 1 that uses a Spider turret that walks & shoots. About modifying your specialize weapon I can't see why not. Plus I would like to keep the specialize ammo after I find it & when I login & logout . Because when you logout you your not able to keep it when you log back into the game. Which I don't think that's fair that Ubisoft had to do it that way.
  15. If the enemies can have one, plus your turret have the capability why can your charater have one? It's a good point. Something else I've been thinking about is why we can't modify the specialized weapons?
  16. Read this post by clicking it on below. Where it said :World Tier 2 now.: This post will tell you how you get the specialize ammo.
  17. I am a solo player and for some reason I cannot pick up ammo from a specialty weapons, is anybody else having this problem?
  18. McNan-Wood

    Prime Shield

    Well, it isn't for me! I have 7 complete classified sets, have adorned them all, have received commendations for each set, but am not getting the Prime Shield... They are all in my stash. Any thoughts?
  19. What I would like to see next is a flamethrower would be nice & fun to have.
  20. Mine was like yours G36 Custom. Yeah I like it too until they nerfed it. Which I don't understand why Ubisoft keeps on doing that with each update they install.
  21. My favourite weapon in the first game was the G36C that was nerfed on one of the patches. It looked great, handled well and had a decent fire-rate.
  22. Here's a pic of me and my Minigun in The Division 2 & I think it's cool.: It does hold at lease 150 rounds of ammo in one round clip & the Minigun does fold up. Oh yeah it's a specialize weapon you need to pick it up at the White House next to the Quartermaster's counter.
  23. I cannot load in to the game with my level 30 character. I can load in with my level 20 character without any problems.
  24. Oh I just like these type of guns in video games. It makes the video game more interesting & fun to play.
  25. I'm glad I found you guys as I thought that I was the only "gun geek" who took far too much interest in assault and sniper rifles. :)
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