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  2. Dragon Brigade is looking for reliable team members that love to have fun and enjoy the game. We want people that Like to play all of the game modes and do not rage to bad. We are a new clan but with the right people we will move up in the ranks. We play daily, mostly in the evening hours. EST is our time zone, while we are in the US, we are open to players from around the globe as long as you can speak English. Search for clan Dragon Brigade to join.....
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  4. Rapture gaming is an active and friendly community with well minded gamers a like. We are a community of mature gamers looking to have fun on Division 2. We host weekly game nights for our different battalions that are within the community. You will never have to play alone since we have members worldwide and on all times of day and night. Our Mission: We are a new community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We Have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. Our Environment: We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. We have 400+ members across 4 battalions for Xbox. We also have a newly opened PC battalion which we are trying to grow Requirements: Working headset 17 or older Good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. Ability to check our forums AT-LEAST once every 14 days Why Join? World Wide Community Multi-Game & Multi-Platform Community Active Discord Server (PC users) Active Website (400+ users between Xbox and PC) Mature Members (Friend/Family safe) Plus many more reasons! Register Here; Once signed up head on over to Join a Battalion tab and fill out our app for Skynet and then over to join a usergroup and submit for rG Skynet. Join a battalion; Join a user group; Please don't hesitate to contact me on discord if you have any questions; TranquiL#3371 Happy gaming!!
  5. Yeah Gene I agree with that. Yesterday I just finish my 160 points in my Specialize Sniper weapons section I guest can move on & finish the other Specialize weapons section & finish all their points. Since I open all 3 up. Because I wasn't too sure on what I wanted be in the first place. So I open all them. Greedy ain't I.
  6. Yeah, I almost forgot cause I almost never use my .50 cal - ni the 4+ hours of game play, I got exactly 4 rounds - pffftt. Makes it worthless. ...gene
  7. I don't know if this true or not. But Exotic rate for PC players finding blueprints,parts,& whole weapons is 50% percent.When It comes to Console players the rate of finding blueprints,parts,& whole weapons is 10 to 20% percent. Because I ask some console players that if the they have found any exotic blueprints,parts,& whole weapons 4 out of 5 said no they haven't.
  8. Little to nothing is known about the Hunters, as no intel has been found in New York City or Washington D.C. However, their goal, behavior, appearance and other intel provides us with clues upon which many have speculated. In this brief, we're taking a look at the current running Hunter origin theories.
  9. There's one thing I don't like a whole lot is Ubisoft nerfing our weapons & mods. My magazines/clips are down from 30 rounds to 10 & 20 on different calibers from 5.56mm to 7.62mm. It's bad enough we run out ammo very quickly in game.I rather carry more ammo than running out of ammo. Like Gene said the shotguns are almost useless in game. Even some of the sniper rifles don't do as much damage as they use too. I another thing I hate in the game is Specialize weapons ammo. Why is it all gone when we log out & log back into the game. Why can't keep Specialize ammo that we find after we log out & login to the game.
  10. If your having trouble with the Hyena's Bank Headquarters Campus Main Mission youtube walkthrough. Here's the Hyena's Campus Main Mission from youtube:
  11. Pelican Humpz

    Clan Recruiting

    Hello fellow Division lovers, my friends and I have recently created a small clan on PC called Loric Disciples, we're very casual and just looking to grind the leader boards and clan progression, if anybody is interested in joining add me on discord or ubisoft @PelicanHumpz (if it doesnt work try Pelican Humpz) or just message me on these forums, happy grinding.
  12. I want to take a moment to discuss the re-calibration system. In TD1 after a few tries they got the result right. You could work on your gear to change it for your play style and make it better. TD2 proposes a system of dismantling stuff and working on your gear to make it better gaining a higher GS. I really like this idea, but the execution is off, there should be leftover parts from the donating piece of gear. And I should be able to get it to the max GS for the configuration installed. TD2 PTS now has a % slider. It does not appear the GS changes when you work on your stuff. I mean, come on - how do I brag about my gear without a appropriate GS. This mechanic is broken. Also, the material costs are way out of line with the effort it takes to gather materials. Each drop is 3 to 5 of something (like Titanium) and it costs 65 Titanium for one mod. This needs to be reworked. I would expect to be able to make a mod for every hour of normal game play. So this is how I would like it to work: Have three stations as in TD1, Crafting, Recalibration and Optimization. Have an inventory for 'parts' ; Knee pad parts, backpack parts, etc. Crafting Be able to craft upgrades like 10+ to Elites for a "Bob's Awesome Gear" knee pad Use crafting to disassemble existing gear into parts. The tear it apart in the field is a bad mechanic, though simple. And as today, craft stuff - provided you have the materials AND parts Reclaibration Here is where you can swap out parts that you either crafted or have from disassembly. Here is also were you could 'adapt' a part to another brand. This should allow you to mix all available choices for that "brand" gear, this should include crafted gear. Optimization Tighten this, clean that, make it just better, like TD1 this is to max the config you have. The mechanic in TD1 is simple and would be OK, but I think given the other changes, this can have a cool set of collectibles as well. All of this would need a crap-ton of math so as to not unbalance the game, but it would provide incentive to go and get stuff to get that last part for that fantastic max build. ...gene
  13. Are you looking for a community with a structured military based operating system? Do you value teamwork and communication in game? Then Shadow Company is the team for you! We offer a unique and enjoyable gaming experience for 18+ players with any skill level and we do not judge on K/D ratios. Sound like your required experience? Come visit our website: A working mic is required for all members and recruits. If your interested please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Don’t forget to tell them DISTURBED_1709 sent you.
  14. Shadow company wants you! Want to join a well established clan? Your looking in the right place. We are an EU and North American based clan looking for gamers to get the job done. We run on a friends first basis. You will make new friends and improve your game play whilst most importantly having fun with like minded people. Interested? Sign up on our website: Don’t forget to tell them DISTURBED_1709 sent you. Feel free to send me a message for more information.
  15. I wish games were more realistic when comes to people. Most people seen in life not all slim & muscular. They do get overweight now & then. It's only fair if they put that into video games. Because makes the game look & feel real.
  16. Thanks for that. I'm not doing the PTS. Just noting people don't have much positive to say atm. Of course, there have been nerfs which always goes down well. Bit hard to know with all the nerf noise
  17. OK, after 4+ hours today, here is what i think of the changes - bah-humbug OK maybe a little more detail is warranted. OK a couple of notes first. PTS game start on PC is extremely slow, like 3-4 minutes. Hang in there it will start. The vendors have free Field Proficiency Cache 500 - you get gear/gun and about 50% of the something else. For me, there is HUGE lag, so expect to die alot. So I don't have a team until Thursday - and this will be done. So this is just Solo. Clearing broadcasts and other small stuff to get a control point to threat level 2. Nothing hard as I want to experience the changes. The good Heavies and mini-bosses are not nearly as bullet spongy. Or maybe its just that I see more armor breaking off. Either way this is fun. Bosses are way better. They are much harder to kill but for the right reasons - movement and cover. Very fun stuff. SMG almost provides stagger - and that is good in game. Makes them actually useful. Splattering a .45 SMG is actually fun. No dice for Heavies and above. Movement in general for foe NPCs seems to be better. High level NPCs act better. Red's just stand out and die. Guns are a mixed bag, but sniper rifles are better. Much easier to get one-shot kills, but almost no chance to followup - as it should be. Turret time - seems much longer and shorter to refresh. Seeker - seems better is a weird way, maybe its just getting to target faster. More research. You can QUIT the game without login out - OMG!!! bread was not that good of a achievement. The Bad Agro - OMG!!! this is far worse than the current game. NPCs will argo you on the other side of buildings. TD1 had this issue and fixed it for the most part - Renee was the worst. While Vendors do have free caches, its totally random. I still have not been able to replicate my live built after getting over 100 caches. Waste of time. Movement seems bad, this could be the lag I get. Just bad. Actions need to happen NOW or you die - and I died alot. The UGLY Shotguns seem totally worthless. 135K double barrel does not even take down a mini boss armor at zero range (and yes I died right after that test LOL) beserker, the drugged ones - dies instantly or kills you randomly. Huge difference from encounter to encounter. I mean WTF, they should behave at least a little the same. LAG LAG LAG - for me the PTS server is not really playable. I will pull the trigger and more than a sec will go by 20% of the time. Spawns from all directions, kinda. Every engagement, with few exceptions,. while in an invaded space, showed bad guys surrounding me. It's not correct, they are not surrounding me, but give pause to wait until it clears before you can position. Damage - while NPCs do not seem as accurate, when you do get hit WOW. Face a sniper (only NPC left) and she pulled a pistol, one shot my armor was gone, next shot I was at 2% health. And I was in cover - Complete BS. Friendly NPCs are still stupid. Especially when rescued from public execution. They still try to stand toe-to-toe unarmored with a pistol against and armored bad guy NPC with a machine gun . No attempt at cover and of course they die. And And and The range of argo for mini-missions, like broadcast, civilians at risk - I was engaged in a big battle and suddenly heard hostage health is critical, hostage is dead, all hostages are dead - not even close to the battle I was in. So I am not a fan. For me, 30% of the changes make the game more fun. I hate the recalibration system. While TD 1 was OK. /sigh - But I do love this game. ...gene
  18. I used to play SWTOR. You could choose to be fat. The Tanks used to choose that often, just to look more tanky. The game does mix it up with gender and backgrounds. Just found it amusing the Control Point Officers ae all dudes.
  19. I notice another thing. Where are the fat people?? Ever play any game online or offline single or multiplayer. I never see any overweight/fat people in any game I ever played. Everyone is either slim or muscular.......but no fat people.
  20. Yeah I know it's funny isn't it . Well it's true or at lease it feels like it.
  21. Yeah I know. I now got a gear score of 500 and I already re-calibrated most of my gear to 515.
  22. Yes, I've seen that. Basically movement is poor and nothing special can be done with mods/talents/skills in terms of build diversity or trying to have the edge. In stopping the chicken dance we're now too slow. Not really sure why he thinks TD2 pvp can't be fixed when comparing it to TD1 (which he said could be). Kept wondering if he wants the chicken dance but won't say so lol.
  23. Last week
  24. but note that if you want to min/max gear score, you need to start with GS500 as dropped. Those should be able to re-calibrate to GS515. I have several pieces now at GS515. ...gene
  25. downloading now.... Saw this from Marco. Interesting take. As I am not a PvP player, trying to force me to he DZ is a waste of time. But I think they'll learn. ...gene
  26. hummm... maybe, but never paid attention. I think it was after the idiot officer died. ...gene
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