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  2. It's fairly tacky. Though the diver outfit is different.
  3. I hate this Bozo the clown apparel . I'm more for the military type apparel than this junk...sorry all. If I wanted dress up like Bozo the Clown I would have join a circus than The Division 2.Plus your more of an easy target with bright color on. No wonder the NPC's enemies shoot at you if wear that!!
  4. Well I'm good with puzzles before I played The Division 1 & 2. I played Safecracker 1 & 2. Well here some gameplay from both Safecracker 1 & 2. As seen here: Sorry this Safecracker 2 is a German version I couldn't find the English version. Which I played.
  5. Well if your looking for SHD Tech I found all of mine and turn it all in months ago.
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  7. @TheDivisionGame: Remember you have until Thursday, August 22nd to earn the Diver Uniform during Apparel Event Heat Wave! Earn all apparel items during the event to add it to your collection.
  8. Try not to get shot by the enemy NPCs & try to avoid them if you can.
  9. I shall gve it a whirl sir.
  10. Last week
  11. Yeah have to shoot the lock off the door with a sniper rifle from the Tower. Look for sign that said Looters on it. That's where the plywood is to climb over it to get in. After you shoot the lock off door with the sniper rifle from the tower.
  12. Yeah I found my way in. You don't need a rope to get in. You walk around it till you find a place you can jump up on. You'll will see a door locked with yellow bicycle lock on it. Shoot the lock off. Go to where there's a big sheet of plywood climb over the plywood & open the door to get in.
  13. "As announced on State of the Game #131, we are planning to host an Elite Task Force workshop at the Massive studio in Malmö, Sweden. For those unaware of the “ETF” workshops we have run in the past, they are opportunities for us and selected community members to sit down and talk about the game here in our studio. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll talk about the current state of The Division 2, present our ideas for upcoming changes and have discussions around several topics, including endgame RPG, loot, PvP and inventory.In the past Elite Task Force feedback has been a key element in making game-changing updates to the franchise. Prime examples are updates 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 in the original The Division which were heavily influenced by previous ETF workshopsIf this has sparked your interest and you want to bring your passion for the game to our studio to have constructive talks with our development team, you can sign up via the surveymonkey link below. Keep in mind that we will select the players based on our needs and criteria, so signing up does not guarantee an invite.Details: Elite Task Force Echo will happen from September 4th to 6th and members will be brought in on September 3rd and back home on September 7th. Only apply if you will be available for these dates. You need valid travel documents to be able to come to Sweden. This may include a passport and Visa, depending on your country. Make sure to check what documents are required to travel to Sweden before applying, e.g. with your local embassy. Getting travel documents can take a long time and we can only accept players that are able to travel to us during the mentioned dates. We will pay for flights, hotel and food during your stay in Sweden. While you can travel with somebody else, please be aware that we will only be covering the cost for you and no other guests will be allowed to visit the studio (e.g. you won’t be able to bring your life partner into the studio and we won’t be paying for their trip). The ETF workshop will be under NDA, meaning no content from the workshop can be shared. If you’re interested, you can fill out this formand tell us about yourself and why you’d be an ideal member of ETF Echo this time around!We’re looking forward to hearing from you, Agents!"
  14. There's one SHD cache that seems a puzzle. It is located in a compound in a defacto camping/caravan site. There are arrows pointing the way, and in this game arrows usually are hints. However it leads to a lookout which has unassailable lines, not that this game has rope traversing anyway. Still, it is the most intriguing part of this SHD cache. I've scouted the area for underground passages, which is typical of the game. However nada. Plus there is a small enclave to the compound but no access, and haven't been able to see some switch to shoot on the other side.
  15. Is anyone else having issues with the Bombardier drone using the BTSU gloves? A lot of the times I'll deploy my drone and select it's shooting targets and then it just blows up for no reason. It's not being shocked by MPC or being shot down. It just breaks.
  16. Oh. daesu


    This is a fan site. We aren't affiliated with Ubisoft, Massive or Red Storm in anyway. This type of thing it is better to go to ubisoft support forums.
  17. I was on the other day and found Fallout 4 for just by itself is about $14.00 for Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. is $25.00. But do an online search for Fallout 4 you can find it for this much:
  18. I notice how many views this topic has 657 views. Now that's a lot of views on this topic !!! When I'm in forums I might get a little over 400 views there on most of my topics . It amazing on how many I get here. Thanks guys & gals !!!
  19. I was wondering does anyone know anything about Starfield game from Bethesda Game Studios? I'm asking this because I play & buy a lot Bethesda's games besides The Division 1 & 2 games made by Ubisoft.
  20. freek_68


    Are you ever going to fix the audio problems in Division 2,,,,,, I'm tired of playing with sound coming in and out.......the sound only works when the guy is saying something then cuts out .........I restart the game works good for a few and back to the same crap.......This started a few weeks back......I google it seems to be problem for a lot of people for a awhile now.......fix it plz......
  21. It's a growing clan. I play almost everyday. I have a mic if anyone wants to join my session. I'll also promote to agent automatically so you can invite your friends. My gamertag on xbox is Ch66zyfacechase
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  23. Where did President Ellis go after his betrayal of The Division? Intel showed the former President was taken to the north of Washington D.C. There is a presidential compound called Camp White Oak.
  24. You are free to say what you think about the new & upcoming events coming in 2020 from this video. Thank you.
  25. I see this problem all the time with extended play. I define that as >= 3hrs or jumping back into the game after the PS4 sleeps. I notice that audio is often either entirely gone, laggy, or only works out of the remote but not in game. This has been pretty consistent since I restarted playing roughly 2weeks ago. I don't think it's my internet as I have 300 mb/s cable and the PS4 is hard-lined in. Not really sure what causes it exactly other than these 2 scenarios, but I do know that closing the app and restarting ALWAYS fixes it.
  26. Here's a Sneak Peek on an upcoming event in The Division 2.
  27. Oh. daesu

    DayZ v1.0

    Apparently, its going to be banned in Australia. over "illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards".
  28. Patch notes: Fixed an issue that could prevent players from starting further Hunter encounters when doing previous Hunter encounters in a certain sequence.
  29. Looking for more members for the CDC clan and for Raids. Even casuals can join
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