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  2. I know this has been a while, but - what do you mean by 'stuttering'? When I use the mouse for look, my cheapo wired mouse has not issues. The pan is smooth and fast. I do have a Vega 56 and R5 1600x with the latest drivers. ...gene
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  4. I am having three builds for PVP, PVE and Conflicts.. just small differences between them. weapon damage, damage to elites armor on kill, armor on health .. etc . note that this build for pvp only .. don't ever use it on pve.. I am farming now for better gears with high armor sets and high CHC-CHD.
  5. health improved, CHC-CHD changed.. but I change my vector to a better one as the one I had was bad on damage. thanks
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  7. These guys/gals did good......But as far as I'm concern. I could care less....sorry.
  8. OPERATION DARK HOURS WORLD FIRST WINNERS 21 May 2019 Agents! We'd like to extend a heartfelt congratulation to the world's first Agents to complete the Operation Dark Hours raid! Each of these groups showed superb teamwork and dedication to earn their spots as the pioneers of this challenging content. The agents that were the very first to finish it will now be immortalized in the White House, with their own portrait - complete with Ubisoft name tags - hanging on the wall to celebrate their accomplishment. The final version of the portrait is under production and will be revealed soon. Because of the heroism and tenacity everyone showed, we've decided to create three different portraits for the White House, celebrating the first teams on each platform (PC, PS4, XB1). The portraits will be shown on their individual platforms. PC Ranger_84 Sleepy0- TheSc4le. MarcoStyleNL SOLIDFPS eeL.gniM widdz Nick-Tew PS4 xxMr-_-BaTzXx Jaqev AZPRIMEMINISTER HaNdSoMeLaNcEr H2K-PREDATOR5 Inkist- BloodShy Tico79 XBOX ONE Bellicosi Ruthless Raptor Ruthless Wllzye Qolll The MafiaX don BeltedCactus Lowkey Shoplift Adjustix History will remember you, Agents. If you want to see the historical moment, and don't care about spoilers, check out this Twitch clip from SolidFPS as the team takes down the final boss of Operation Dark Hours. Well done, Agents, and congratulations once again! We also wanted to highlight the second completion of Operation Dark Hours, which was accomplished by members of the DUK clan just five minutes after the first successful run. The third group beat the final boss around 20 minutes later. It was a very close race! Runner ups: Abgott5chlange lolol934 Rammbob Rush-Runner ArranoxTV Ravenlord-117 Y-Lou corkyxx Everyone who has completed the raid has surmounted the biggest threat that is currently available in The Division 2. We wish the best of luck to all the Agents who are facing down the dangers of Operation Dark Hours. Operation Dark Hours is just the beginning! You can look forward to regular content updates throughout Year One. Stay tuned to our State of the Game streams for all the latest development updates. /The Division 2 Team
  9. That's one of the biggest problem in the game is enemy NPCs are inside a room that I can't get anywhere near or inside to shoot at or kill them. Unless there's an open area to that room that has some kind of opening that I can shoot back at them & kill them. It drives me crazy when I can't !!!
  10. Ubisoft May Tweak Division 2 Raid On Consoles from Despite facing numerous obstacles outside of their control, at least a few teams of players for the newest raid in The Division 2 have finally beaten Operation Dark Hours on console, after nearly a day and a half of trying to complete it. With PC players having much less trouble and taking less time to complete the same raid, developer Massive Entertainment has said it is open to the possibility of making changes to Dark Hours on consoles. making changes to the console version of The Division 2‘s raid, which went live last week. It appears while Ubisoft has declared the Operations Dark Hours raid “the toughest challenge in the history of the franchise,” it will look into potentially making technical adjustments in order to compensate for the shortcomings console players must deal with in comparison to those on PC. For more information go to this Link:
  11. The Division 2 Dev Looking into New Enemy AI and Sound Bugs from Last week brought a major update for Division 2 players as Title Update 3 brought a wave of new fixes, quality of life improvements, new content to the looter shooter. The massive update also paved the way for The Division 2’s first raid, Operation Dark Hours, which launched later that week and proved to be a massive challenge for event the most geared up players. Unfortunately, players have also discovered that this update may have also released a few unintended bugs back into the open world. Over on the official Division 2 subreddit, users began highlighting some strange issues they’ve encountered since Title Update 3 launched. Audio glitches and sound dropping out completely have started appearing more regularly for many players as well as texture issues like the White House going invisible while running the halls. In addition, enemy AI has also taken a turn for the worse with players reporting that the enemy’s movement ranges from being completely oblivious to being laser focused on taking players out. For more information go to this Link:
  12. I wouldn't run out of ammo if enemies NPCs would stop being Bullet Sponges & hold still long enough so I can shoot them.
  13. I think Ubisoft wants us use our clans to put together a 8 man/woman team. My guest Ubisoft created the Clan idea so we wouldn't want to use matchmaking in first place. Well that's bad for players who aren't in clan. Not all players have gotten around to join any clan. So I guest those who don't have a clan & can't matchmake in game will be left out of the raid all together. Well say that is being unreasonable & not fair Ubisoft shame on you!!!
  14. Yep, seems they have. My red glasses used to come through my Hunter masks but now they don't. In fact it seems the glasses get removed automatically when you put a Hunter mask on.
  15. Never really got in to it. The kids both enjoy playing though. The fighting and missions can be fun in a Halo sort of mindless blasting way but the grind and number of different parts required for different pieces which then need to be combined to form one item with the build times added in to the mix where just too painful for my liking. The card aspect was good though.
  16. I still run out of ammo but not as much if I have the Liberty Pistol equipped (holstered) as its talent gives free ammo back. 3 reds (if lined up nicely) usually take 1 AR mag and this is pretty much the same as TD1 for me. I like the post mission stats screen but I would question the figures on there sometimes. Ignoring snipers, I see averages of 40-50k damage from some players and saw one with 144 million skill damage over the mission. I didn't even notice anyone else really using skills. I am guessing seekers with the multiple homers and they have heavy explosive damage buffs. The heavies in the OW are just too weak. Challenges tend to now be when there are multiple mobs that spawn on me due to the lack of cover on all sides and weight of fire. Challenging CPs are like the old Hard levels (when the alert level changes you get a notification of the level inc the difficulty name now. I haven't tried Heroic yet but then... why would I. Heroic missions are hard but mainly due to one shotters (war hounds) / Drone spam / fire grenades. We were up and down like yoyo's in the Tidal Basin boss fight. Multiple enemies sending drones plus 4 war dogs plus a couple of grenadiers. Did a bit of exploring and collected some more shade tech I had not bothered with previously. Was good to find new areas. Loot is a bit better but still, why purples at all.... My skill build has currently 3.5k skill power but really does not feel that powerful. The turret only does 6k damage. My AR does 25k with that skill build. Surely the turret should be better if you spec that heavily in skill.... With the raid out of reach due to no matchmaking, it is just back to the usual cycling challenging missions which gets pretty boring fast as it did in TD1. Where is survival .
  17. Bear in mind the interface seems to be very console centric and so some common expectations for mouse and keyboard do not work as expected. Sometimes double click does not action something and you have to press space to put items in slots etc. Modding an item or weapon requires selecting it and pressing "F" to mod (IIRC) rather than just double clicking it as you do in TD1. Sometimes there is no consistency like; Favorite an item in Inventory with "R" Favorite an item in upgrading station "V" which is mark as trash in Inventory.
  18. I have completely the same impression as you do so I tend not to read there. I did post once or twice but then got the extreme posters who like to take it right to the opposite side of whatever point I was making and I am assuming they are just doing it for fun. Not a lot of point joining in. Whilst I do feel sorry for the mods, they are also doing it to themselves by allowing the free-for-all environment. That is one of the worst forums I have been on (yes I am sure there are far worse out there). The one time I did find it worthwhile posting there was during the Alpha and Beta testing when the people were limited and there was the threat of pulling access if they were not reasonably well behaved. Would also mirror your comment on the community here (small as it is). People are generally very helpful and informative.
  19. 50% obtained including the first mask. The side kick pictured above I got from the first event .
  20. Locking the Raids behind a Clan wall is very disappointing. Other challenging content is not restricted in such a way on both TD1 and 2. Stolen Signal is my least favorite Incursion in TD 1 but it is more to do with the last phase where you pretty much need 3+ people running a tanky shield build to deflect the miniguns and coordination between them as to who covers what. Whilst I have completed this with randoms the pass rate is not very high. Dragons Nest on Heroic is also pretty doable with randoms. Even though you have two buttons that need to be pushed at the same time at 4 different points in the last room, more often than not I get a positive outcome. We did capital hill heroic with 3 clan members and 1 random and it was not too bad. The occasional callout the random could not hear but no regimented coordination. Same with the Tidal Basin on heroic with 4 clan members. Coordination was not really needed most the time even though the mission was pretty hard at the last battle with the multiple one shot dogs and exploding drone spam. With the Clan organising raids on evenings UK time (which is understandable as the majority of membership is based around there and, I am guessing, US), it means me in Asia cannot join as it would be around 3am my time which locks me out and the only way to get to play is to leave the clan and join another... which also uses English in Asia . Maybe a AU or NZ Clan may work but like the clan I am currently in. I appreciate I am very much an outlier in my situation and location but it is still pretty frustrating. Getting a bit bored of the Endgame so was hoping this would keep it fresh. Found myself longing for a Survival like experience over the weekend.
  21. So I went to the official UBI TD2 forums and read their excuse for not having matchmaking for the raid. I am not satisfied. Who are they to decided we can't get 8 folks together and on a Saturday grind it out and have a gas dying alot. They say they are listening, but hey - if they listened, there would have been matchmaking from the git-go. This exclusionary decision just points the whole game it the wrong direction. Again from a previous post - did they not learn from TD1? Now I have heard that practiced teams (on PC) are clearing the RAID in 20-30 minutes. So why can't a rando team figure it out. And if a team member bugs out, get a replacement, that is how combat/games works. This is just a poor decision - I hope they fix it. ...gene
  22. So I took a look at the official UBI TD2 forums - OMG - what a toxic experience. (but same as it's always been) I really feel for those at UBI whose job is supporting those forums. I mean, while it's OK to be passionate, its not OK to just b^^ch/demean. With about 30 minutes of scanning, I saw maybe 1 in 15 posts that actually contributed or explained an issue with poise. And even some of the b^^ching had good points but communicated so badly that they could get ignored and overlooked. I was going to post to suggestions/issues there, but alas - I don't think it's worth it. And my bet is UBI monitors this site - we have alot of good info and feedback. It's just another praise to this crowd - we always try and help, always respect each other, and almost always are polite (except me of course 😜). Do you pay attention to the official UBI forums? I try and pay attention, but I will admit the toxic nature completely turns me off. ...gene
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  24. We're growing by the day! Come check out the OP to see if this community is right for you
  25. Within Inventory, you'll see weapons with 1,2,3 in the upper right corner. Select the slot you want to change, like the left weapon slot (1) That will drop you into all main weapons. Now select the weapon you want in the slot. back out of the weapon selection done If you want to change primary and secondary, just do as above and select the (2) weapon to the right. ...gene
  26. Do you have a screenshot of what you're trying?
  27. The Division 2’s Best DPS Build for the Dark Hours Raid from Many The Division 2 players are trying to finish the raid, which is proving to be extremely difficult. Operation Dark Hours has proven to be a competent endgame activity, throwing ample challenge at players. Players’ experience is a bit of a mixed bag, with the raid being especially difficult on consoles, while other teams on PC are now basically speedrunning the raid at this point. While there are multiple builds available to get through the raid, this build that comes via YouTuber WiLLiSGaming is an effective build that focuses on pure DPS. For more information on this go to this Link:
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