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    One more additional here. The Purple LVOA-C I find better for blasting down the Hunters than a gold G36 or anything else TBH. Add an extended mag and something for stabilisation and you are good to go. Snipers are pretty good for the earlier stages. SVD or M14 are great even when close with Red enemies. Purple bad guys are a bit more of a challenge. One more hunter to go for the shield .
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    Hi everyone ! Quite new to PC games (had no time before 2015 because of my different time consuming jobs and sport competitions) : 1) I started playing on PC in 2014 (World of Warcraft and then The Witcher III) 2) New to The Division in 2017 then motherboard crashed, graphic card crashed and no money to replace my hardware :( 3) New PC in june 2018 :) ... so returning agent but completely noob and absolute beginner on PC games... It's one of my student (I'm a chemistry teacher ^^ ) who told me about The Division. It seemed great so I bought the game and started playing... like a noob of course... I mainly solo played and have 3 lvl 30 characters. But now I'm stucked. I'd like to developped my characters (at least one of them) and get a better understanding of the game in general. I must admit I am quite lost about what to do after lvl 30... I think I did not understand properly how to combine talents, arms skills, gear sets, and so on.... I just realize that playing alone is not possible above lvl 30 if you want to get a better equipement for your character. There are so many gear sets I cannot definitely choose which one is the best for solo play or for team play... or for the DZ... Don't know really how to developp my character, which builds, skills, talents, arms I should developp for playing solo OR team playing OR DZ playing OR incursions... I'm lost ! So I'm very happy to discover this forum and hope I can learn a lot :) oh, and sorry for English mistakes (this is my 4th language, I'm mainly French speaking). Great forum ! Happy to discover it !