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    So preload for the beta is available. How much is everyone looking forward to it and what do you love / like / dislike / hate after playing. My main hope is that they have randomised the enemy waves in the replayable missions to add some variety. This was not the case on the previous round of testing and the suggestion was made on the official forums.
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    Nope. Won't be on Steam this time. I wouldn't pin my hopes on it coming to Steam either, this and the new Metro game debarkle, seem to indicate Epic is putting its Fortnite money behind incentives to publishers.
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    41.89GB on the PC. Averaging 100MB/s (yep, bytes not bits) so they have some bandwidth behind it 😊. Now just have to wait 24 hours until I can play 👍.
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    You're welcome fam, let us know anytime we can fix somethin for ya 😉
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    Well I would but the problem seems to be fixed now for some unknown reason. I figured I’d just check for the hell of it and it loaded in and worked almost instantly, I can assure you I haven’t changed anything or removed or added any settings or anything else. I’m honestly perplexed right now unless the problem was something on ubisoft’s end and they patched it.
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    Thanks! It did take me quite some time. I haven't seen his video, link it? I was going through my emails and I actually got invited to play the alpha back in december and I didn't see the email until now so I am pretty butt hurt about that. Ok, I just checked and it is back in my games list! Excited!