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    Note, we had to change the clan name from the one initially proposed due to several in game restrictions. We're open now for members - message us and we will send an Invite. PC based Division 2 clan. I will be setting this up as soon as possible, open to anyone on my friends list on PC and The Division Forums members wishing to join. All members will benefit regardless of online time! The clan will be PvE focused but we will support those wishing to use our resources for PvP. No one is left out in the cold. The vision is to offer a place for those wishing to play PvE in a more roleplay method, engaging in combat tactically, playing in a measured and methodical way. Novicus will be the perfect home for those wishing to explore the details of the open world, spend an evening just running Projects, gathering resources or taking out high level targets. If you bask in the details of the open world, are amazed at the details in the game environment or just wanting a less high pressure adventure in Washington D.C. then SRD is a great place for you. We are English speaking and, currently, use Discord for voice Comms. Working Mic essential. Friends will receive automatic invite to the Discord server once live for Division 2 on 12th March. *Discord to be reviewed based on the new in-games comms system being introduced* If you're interested leave your Uplay details below in preparaton for joining the good fight (though Grey Rogues are accepted)!
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    Especially as it is not summer time and the snow has thawed . Yep, send me the details. We will see how the timezones work out but I don't mind pumping in some exp as I run around and may get to team up with a few like minded tactical players. Being able to communicate in English is a significant advantage for me considering the region I am located in. Need someone to help calibrate my mic though as it may be a little high / low for play at the moment.
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    Well it was in the closed Beta so would be a little strange to drop it for the live release as so many wanted it. Have a pic posted in this thread with my endgame character owning a gold one . It shredded with that SMG build. Devs have also confirmed there is some randomisation of the waves as they have a 'manager' routine that works out the wave composition based on a preset 'budget' so the types of enemies you face are sort of randomised but their spawn locations not so much (which is the big factor on re-run boredom IMO). A step in the right direction hopefully but I suspect it will be flawed in that it does not take in to account the synergies between enemy type (needs some fast reds to help protect the tank with a grenadier or sniper in the distance keeping us on our toes). We will see.
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    Probably a bit of hype before release. Just sharing.
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    I think people are still simply hoping it is true that the P90 is in TD2. Haven't heard of anyone with bragging rights. The beta loot drop probably isn't the best indicator of how the release will be, a part from the initial levels. In open beta, up to lv6 had few weapon types and then at lv6 I had more types than I could choose.
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    Seems like it could end up being a blessing for PVP. But we won't know for sure till after the games release.