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    From : u/zetx "" The rest of their group will be alerted regardless of where they are. [edit: After posting I noticed an eye on at least one of the remaining enemies in the group for each kill. So this could be incorrect. Some of the enemies seem really far away though] Stealth!"
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    Gotta Catch them all! (spoiler, I did)
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    Thanks got them and joined. I have a Modmic which is good but the extra cable is a pain. They have a wireless version so I may take a look at that now. As it is so hot here I have the ceiling fan on all the time and when doing conf calls from home for work (cheap headset) I tend to get feedback concerning the fan noise so the modmic seemed the best choice. Have finally got an avitar pic sorted as well 😄.
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    Well, a free voice chat over Discord might help with your mic getting sorted. It could either be in-game settings or Windows audio settings. Must admit I have mine on with a +10db boost all the time as I don't use a headset mic. I'll PM you details and link. FYI I have a close friend launching the clan via Xbox as well, I imagine they will use the in-game comms system but the Discord is open to them also so may be setting up specific channels at a later date. Time Zone wise will depend if we get any other members from then, I'm only around during UK Evenings, BrokenVeteran (covering Xbox) has daytime/evenings covered for admin so we're just short admin for approx 9hrs during the 24hrs period at the moment. I'll be looking into that closer to the time and as members filter in. Clan XP I think automatically filters into the Clan pool to help unlock gear, upgrades and vanity items as long as you have Four players in a clan. That's the initial aim, which I think I will have 4+ members in the next 24hrs.