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    hi, Dwarven, thx for replying even tho ur still busy at work. I've fixed the blurry thing, but only if I changed my monitor to HDR effect mode with my Windows 10 HDR turn off tho! wierd! However, HDR effect mode is not what i want, i want to permanently fix the blurry thing, because sometimes i like HDR off cuz the light from the HDR is too bright! I set the game's refresh rate to 60 and my monitor has maximum of 60 hz only! The game setting is custom but base on ultra graphic setting, the only setting i changed was the depth of field, chromatic aberration and vignette settings to disable like i mentioned! I tried using other setting like medium and low too, still blurry. and i also use free sync to turn on G-Sync too, maybe that's the problem?
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    The game is so blurry to able to see anything, i follow the division 1 instruction that is to turn off depth of field, chromatic aberration and vignette settings. and the graphic is still blurry, and it is on windowed mode 1920x 1080, when i switch to 4k full screen, the graphic turns to orange but no blurry, this is very confusing, anyone got same problem or anyone has solution?my monitor is LG 4k hdr , and using 1080ti gpuappreciate with any kind of help !
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    @Ladyjackie Glad to hear its sorted now! :D We're always here to help.
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    Does your monitor support variable refresh rates? If so, is this enabled? Have you tried 2k setting? What basic setting is the graphics quality set to (Medium/High/Ultra)? I've not tried live game yet (stuck at work still) so can't comment further but I do wonder if it might be a G-Sync issue also.