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    Post here for the chance to win The Division 2 Ultimate Edition on the Xbox One! This giveaway will expire in 48 hours from 11:00 AM PST March 13, 2019. Expiration is 11:00 AM PST March 15, 2019 To enter, simply register on the forums and post in this thread. Your post must include your twitter tag as you must also be following us on twitter @divisionforums. Winner will be selected at random on Friday, March 15th 2019.
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    Are there any plans to not do these maintenance activities during Australia/NZ/Asia evenings? Will these outage patterns be similar to Division 1 (i.e every week on Thursdays?) I understand there will always be one region who are most impacted but would be good to know for those affected.
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    Posts 2 Bloody Old Men Clan looking for people!!!!
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    Although we are an Adult Clan, it would be hard to tell at times. We try and have a blast while playing and we like to include any other Adult PS4 Gamers to join us. The issue with most games that have a Clan feature is that a bunch of small clans gets built and that is cool but I have always thought it was way better to get a handful of smaller clans and put them together to make one larger clan so that everyone benefits and gets to meet new people to play with. Basically, this is what we have done in other games and what we are doing here for The Division 2. If you are with a few friends or you are solo come to join up with Chemical Agents and if you are coming with a group of your friends to join up then let me know and you can nominate one of you to be an admin or whatever the equivalent is in this Game. Our base group is made up of myself Rise, and my buddies Ox and Juice and well we just enjoy grinding out and playing Game like The Division 2 and meeting chill new people to play with. We also have a Discord we use for chatting but that is not required it is extra if you want to use it. Hit me up on PSN - RISE_UP44 or Twitter @RiseUp44 or here and we can talk and get you an invite.
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    One month after our deployment to Washington D.C. a new threat appears. Highly trained and technologically advanced enemies are occupying the city. This intel brief goes in-depth on the Black Tusks and their archetypes. TIMESTAMPS: 1:15 Assault 1:31 Thrower 1:55 Rusher 2:28 Medic 2:58 Sniper 3:37 Controller 4:09 Warhound 4:42 Tank 5:21 Lieutenant