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    Well it has been a busy 2 days playing. 25 hours in, level 23, 67% complete on the main story. Wasted a bit of time working out which missions were story missions after the skill points were all unlocked (no more yellow triangles on story missions). Have finally unlocked recalibration which I will test tonight. Fave weapons so far; C-TAR21 (AR) & MK17 (rifle) - yep same ammo :) M14 Socom was nice but very limited ammo. MDR is also good but more Mk17's lying around so find myself using that most often. Sill no P90 found yet. I suspect items are level locked as the C-Tar only came later for me and I have been finding new ones fairly consistently after that point. I am finding the story to be less than what it was in TD1 but part of that maybe the quality of the mini missions being a lot better and longer than in TD1. They sort of take focus away from the main story line for me but I do like that they have more depth. How is everyone else doing ?.
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    There are two patches. I think the part 2 has been delayed. There was a bug with the vendors and weapon skins, in which if you sold a weapon with one on you loose the skin. If you can buy back, then the skin is too. Customer service is meant to be resolving this for purchsed skins (not sure about others, quote from SoTG).
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    That is a really stupid and clunky system 🙂 . It really should be automatic and in game. Oh well, guess UBISoft have to get people to actually look at UPlay somehow...