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    OK, lets take lvl 1 to 30 lvl 1 - I used a pistol to clear to the White House. OMG - what fun!!! This gave me real hope that Massive and UBI really listened to input for pistols. And I have used Pistol as last resort for clearing ... wow, the pistol is back!! But from there.... 2 to 10 (+- a couple of levels) was OK. Pretty much like TD1 as if you forgot cover, even for a moment, you were dead. NPCs were a little spongy, but not overly so. 10-13 - NPCs were very very spongy and you were a clay pigeon (or less). One hit out of cover (and sometimes in cover) and you were dead. Not unlike TD1. And no, I still don't like it. The grind really starts here for the solo player. 14 thru 23-25 was hell. That is until I discovered to skip the side missions and just do the mains. Unlike TD1 doing sides really did not prepare you for the main missions (read level up). Just go do mains. So after struggling with death after death (after death...), I focused on mains and got to 25 in a couple of days. OK 1 through 25 (for me) was a significant march. I learned how the cover system changed. I learned how the different weapon types changed, and most importantly I learned how to attack NPCs. It's way different than TD1. NPCs in TD2 behave like smart NPCs in TD1 or Dumb Hunters in TD1 - they do really cools moves, then expose themselves to death. Really interesting - if you are prepared, normal NPCs die quickly. If not - you die. Minor boss NPCs - I simply love the armor breaking off. AND notice that your team-mates armor will also break off - just WOW. But I digress... 25 thru 30, for me, was a total grind. I hated it.... Grinding a rinse and repeat, over and over. Different landscape, same objective (or lack there of). Just a grind. I hope my experience is unique, but fear its the norm.... OK, the progression and missions - I F'ING LOATH that missions in every zone level with the player. So you can't try stuff where you know you won't be killed. grrrrrr. Now WT1 to WT5 is much more interesting - but that is for later... I love this game. ...gene
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    We are a growing clan on Division 2 seeking active players to join our journey. We accept people of any rank/gearscore whether its PVE or PVP based. The name of our clan is 'Delta Platoon.' Clan Tag [DLP] We consist of 12+ active members and slowly growing. We are happy to help any new or experienced players with the Division 2 if your part of our clan, just message me via 'Xbox Live Message.' Let's get them numbers up ready for the Raid teams. Not happy with you clan, maybe there not contributing there might be a spot for you here too. Many Thanks Xbox Live Gamertag - PrOx GaZz Clan Commander
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    Take a look at the strongholds in the map. They let you through to higher world tiers. Check the ones you have not yet done and as you go over it with the mouse on the map it will say what you need to do to unlock it (usually GS requirement and doing a couple of missions). Once the Stronghold is completed, you will transition to the next WT.
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    Hi, thanks for reply just got it.
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    Yeah I'm in World Tier 2. I guess that might be the problem and won't go higher it seems. Until I reach World Tier 3 or higher.
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    All it needs is a Khorne insignia