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    Fire flys don't seem to get shot down in my experience. And when the target run s, they are self guilding
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    Nope, a 450 Sweet Dreams should be fine for upgrade. I upgraded my 450 Chatterbox with an upgrade blueprint. I have the Lullaby blueprint which includes the upgrade but have not seen a Sweet Dreams one.
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    OK thanks for the replies everyone.
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    @TheDivisionGame: Agents! We will be doing a quick emergency maintenance at 1.30pm CEST / 7.30am EST / 4.30am PDT, approximately 30 minutes, to fix an issue with the Demolitionist's tactical link buff.
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    Since I finish the Tidal Basin with help from my teammates. Which I thank for helping me & good job guys.👍👍 I'm now at world tier 5. Now my weapons & gear score is going up. I'm starting to find exotic parts in the game. It sure took long enough to find these parts. I hope I'll find enough parts to put a full exotic weapon together.
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    In TD1, originally you had to do certain activities to get certain exotics and gear sets. The DZ was a sore point for many who felt they were forced into the DZ with the griefers. So then they switch to a drop pool, which was good though eventually the pool gets ever bigger and the chance of getting that one item every smaller. Those trying to tick off the Shield for the exotics would have felt that pain. Though, Global Events made it easier to get the gear sets. So, what have they done with TD2? How does it work? You have to do particular faction missions in a particular order and have rngus on side? Is this for both exotics and gear sets a like?
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    Before I can go to the Tidal Basin. I have to increase my weapons & gear score first. It won't unlock on till them. Well since I got my weapons & gear score up the Tidal Basin is now unlock. If bullets won't work try to use the seeker mine along with my turrent. I use the seeker mine skill that breaks up into 3 or more mines. You could along with your skills & missile launcher to kill this type of boss.Then I usually fall back and into cover & attack from there. I usually use these two skills to break down the Bosses health bar. When the health bar is almost gone. That's when I finish off the boss. It seems to work almost each & every time I play.
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    A friend sent this to me today - just LMAO. ...gene
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    Damn, "not in my country" 🤕
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    ...seriously what is up with Ethan and Damien?
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    The dark lords of chaos have slipped in to this reality and have stated adorning their hell machines with the corpses of their vanquished foes 😱.
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    Ruben is continuing his good service to the Division community with his vendor list for TD2 DC.