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    Taking the control points and making sure they are fully stocked on resources and supplies should at the least last for the play session. Taking the strategic control points you want/need to travel becomes pointless, and a huge waste if they are taken over while you are off taking another control point... and I don't even want to talk about that blockade.. THAT is annoying having to go take it back about once an hour.. I have killed enough of them that they should be nearing extinction. Having people killed should make them THINK twice about immediately trying to take it back. Repeatedly losing people over and over should make taking and holding it exceed the balance.. meaning it isnt worth the cost in lives to try to hold. But, as we all know computers don't have that limitation.. I fully understand that when you join a game that you are likely logging into a different instance than the one you OWNED the night before, so you cant still have control... However, WHILE logged into an instance you SHOULD be able to maintain... I have basically just started running with the patrols.. look for the green gun on the map heading somewhere, and I go join them and help them create havoc wherever they are headed.. If I see a red gun headed to a control point I own I usually go wipe them out before they get there... actually have been having fun doing that, but occasionally when I check the control points.. I see that one I have been defending isnt MINE anymore?? there was no attack on it, ownership just swapped... apparently they ran out of resources and died of starvation...
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    Maybe not. Someone has a list. Not sure how accurate..
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    There is no scale to compare it too though. How much food is 1 point of food? Is that one can? Is it a pack of gum? Are 4 points equal to 1 can of food? We don't have any basis for how much food and water we really are giving to the supply points, so the rate of consumption is something we can't really measure and say it is too fast, too slow, or just right.
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    /sigh - update. I cleared 10 control points yesterday, NONE of them are in control now. I am OOO until the patch - there is simply no point to play, even fun play. For me, even though I really want this game to succeed - this is a low point. I will post another thought on the wildly drastic changes. ...gene