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    So here is an update: My son and I did a bit of gear management last night, ran around to test a bit and cleared a open world public execution. Then we decided to take the bounty offered. OK, we new it would be a little tough as the target was a healer. But OMG, luckily there was a restock very near as I had to restock 3 times and my son 2 times. This experience was so unenjoyable that we switched to Warframe for the rest of the day. I mean, come on - its a bounty not a heroic stronghold. And the reward: one GS500 piece and 4 pieces of junk. pffftt - not fun, difficulty/reward poorly matched, and in this case, because the boss was a healer and bullet sponge, we had to kill the underlings 3 to 5 times. For me, while I need to figure out the new re-calibration system, end game play simply sucks. So for now, I am back to leveling my other toon and playing Warframe. I will try end game after every 'patch' just to see if the tweaks fixed anything significant. I do have faith in the Devs, they will fix it (TD had some rough patches), but this change is awful and not worth my time for end game. ...gene
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    Along before this article came out I set all my gear score at 515 which makes it with weapons & gear a Gear score of 510 in total.
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    Hey Gene did you notice I put a link just above the picture.😏