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    Winter is coming soon, I think there’s snow weather must be in division 2, cold and snow. How about that?
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    Here's a screenshot of me as a American Commando.
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    Remedy Explains How Control Will Improve on PS5 from by Glenn Carreau – on Nov 23, 2019 in Gaming News Remedy Entertainment's Control became a surprise hit when it released earlier this year on current-gen consoles, and now Remedy has begun to discuss what its latest game will be like when the next generation rolls out. Both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have better hardware and SSDs, so Remedy explored just what the game would look and run like on the improved PS5 hardware.Amid all this, Remedy still isn't done with Control in its current form, having announced premium DLC expansions for the game a couple of months ago. Devs from Remedy spoke with PlayStation Magazine about how the company is also thinking about the future of the game, and what fans should expect when the PS5 comes out. For more information on this subject go to :