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    The Division 2 is 85% Off Right Now from by Brandon Witkin – on Jan 21, 2020 in Game Deals Ubisoft's online store is hosting a sale in honor of the Lunar New Year, including a flash sale on looter-shooter The Division 2, bringing the title's cost down by 80 to 85% depending on the system it's bought for. However, this particular deal is only available until January 22nd, 7PM PT, leaving a very short window of time to purchase the game for its current price. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, The Division 2 has had its usual $60 price tag brought down to $12, making for an 80% discount, and on PC, the game only costs $9, for a clean 85% off. The Division 2 is a third-person, multiplayer looter-shooter, which sends players, or agents, into a hostile Washington DC, now a ruin after a deadly pandemic. The gameplay utilizes many staples of the looter-shooter subgenre, progressing via the collection of new weapons and apparel, in addition to experience based leveling system. Players then either work together in PVE, fight one another in PVP, or do a hectic mix of the two at the same time. Like many multiplayer looter-shooters, players of The Division 2 will likely get the most enjoyment out of the game if they have a group of friends playing it, or if they make friends in the game's community. For more information on this sale go to this Link or Website here: