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    The Division 2 is Nerfing Its Rarest Weapon in Update 6 by Anthony Taormina – on Sep 17, 2019 in Gaming News Over the last few weeks, The Division 2 has struggled to offer its players an experience that is challenging, rewarding, and worth returning to. The hope is that the upcoming Title Update 6 will bring excitement back to the game, but first developer Massive Entertainment wants to put the patch through its paces with another PTS. This week, Massive revealed its plans for The Division 2’s Update 6 PTS including what changes are being made in the test realm. It’s a lot of smart tweaks to the game and changes that should improve the appeal, but there is one change that has caused controversy within the community. RELATED: How to Beat the Razorback Fight in Division 2's Raid.In the Title Update 6 PTS patch notes, Massive reveals plans to nerf the Eagle Bearer Exotic Assault rifle by 15%. It’s a change that makes sense in the context of how the weapon is used but there are other factors that make this Division 2 nerf a big head-scratcher.In order to get the Eagle Bearer, Division 2 players need to complete the Operation Dark Hours raid. The weapon is a random (and rare) drop from the final Razorback encounter, which is challenging in and of itself. However, getting Eagle Bearer becomes extra difficult because it only drops from the non-matchmade version of the Operation Dark Hours raid. If players turn the Discovery difficulty on, which allows for matchmaking and lowers the difficulty, then Eagle Bearer cannot drop. It is one of the exclusive items that can only be obtained by a pre-made raid team. Given the amount of work necessary for the average player to get the Eagle Bearer in Division 2, it then doesn’t make sense for Massive Entertainment to nerf the weapon. For all intents and purposes this is one of, if not the rarest items in the game and now those that were lucky enough to get it are deflated. Not to mention those that are still grinding the raid in the hopes of getting Eagle Bearer are discouraged from trying. Admittedly, the Eagle Bearer is strong and the reward matches the rarity, but in the Dark Zone it is a little too overpowered. Unfortunately, getting the weapon back to a manageable state means ruining the fun in PvE. Balancing PvP without ruining the experience in PvE was a problem that Division 1 had and now Division 2 is struggling with it too. But fear not, as this change is only part of The Division 2 PTS right now. Massive will take in feedback from players and determine whether the nerfs and changes are too harsh. Prior PTS sessions have resulted in Massive dialing back its planned changes, so hopefully, it finds a middle ground that doesn’t nerf one of the rarest guns in the game.
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    Target Specific Loot in Title Update 6 September 11, 2019 When you are in World Tier 5 after Title Update 6 goes live, you will have a new way to target specific loot. This system will allow you to hunt for certain loot types, such as specific gear slots, brand items, weapon type and mods. Every mission and named zone will have a specific type of loot associated with it. Several zones and missions might offer the same loot, and so you can choose which activity suits your playstyle best: replay missions or complete open world activities in named zones if you're after specific items. For convenience, there will be information on the mega map to communicate which missions and named zones have an increased drop chance for which item types. We have also included a timer to ensure players know how long the current targeted loot rotation is active. Large icons represent drops in named zones while smaller icons tell you which main missions offer which loot. What does a mission with targeted loot look like? These missions drop loot as normal. The new targeted items are then added as drops on top of the regular loot as drops on top of the items you would expect to get out of a mission. The targeted items have a guaranteed drop chance from named bosses and a smaller chance to be lootable from all NPCs and containers. In the open world, your targeted loot—which is displayed on the megamap—is guaranteed to drop from named NPCs and activity completions You also have a smaller chance to get specific items when opening containers and looting fallen enemies in these zones. This also applies to the Dark Zones, which are part of the loot rotation and will show which items you can loot from there. Keep in mind that all Dark Zone items that dropped as targeted loot will need to be extracted before you can use them. To make sure you don't miss out on your loot target, we've also added a highlight to these drops to stand out in a loot pile. As with all loot, the specific items you target with our new system will scale with your Agent's Gear Score. As you progress towards Gear Score 500, so will the items you loot. This applies when at Gear Score 500 as well. Hope you're looking forward to seeing these changes to loot acquisition coming in Episode 2. Be sure to stay tuned for more information coming regarding Dark Zone and PVP updates, together with a look at the road ahead for The Division 2. Until next time, Division Team
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    The Division 2 – State of the Game Recap: ETF Echo Feedback, TU6 Gear and Loot Updates, PTS Build Soon by Mikel Reparaz / September 11, 2019 / 7 minute read On this week's The Division 2 State of the Game, Senior Game Designer Nikki Kuppens, who works with the economy and progression team, gave an overview of some of the changes coming with the launch of Episode 2, Title Update 6. This week's stream specifically covered improvements to gear and loot; here are a few highlights: Title Update 6 is confirmed for an October launch. Big changes are coming to how branded gear sets work; you'll now only need four items to complete a set (although that won't necessarily mean you have the most powerful version of the set). Players will have greater flexibility to find the loot they're looking for, and to recalibrate their gear the way they want. Some of the changes being added to Title Update 6 will be available to try out via the Public Test Server soon. Also, the PTS will no longer include narrative content. Stash space is increasing to 300. State of the Game streams every Wednesday at 8:00AM PDT on Twitch, Mixer, and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.) Updates From the Break In lieu of last week's stream, the team published a roadmap of what's coming to State of the Game in September, beginning with this week's look at improvements to gear and loot. An issue where the Raid would reset if the leader left the group has been fixed. Persistent audio issues are currently being fixed. Issues with collectibles and Classified Assignments have been fixed. Changes to the Shepherd System are planned for the coming weeks, based on community feedback. Title Update 6 – Gear Updates The team is currently working on changes to gear, brand sets, and named weapons. In particular, they're focusing on a big re-balance of the game with the next big update. Brand set revamp The dev team is working to ensure that all gear brands have an item for every slot, to remove restrictions on how players construct their Agent's build. The team therefore plans to add an item for those slots for all brands (except 5.11, a real-world brand that only makes certain kinds of items). This will allow players to come up with new builds, but also ensure that current builds will still be viable. This also adds more clarity for players; no more guessing which brand slots are available, and which are not. It also means a new items are being added to the game, so there's more to loot. Only four items will be needed to complete a gear set and unlock its full bonus. Chest pieces and backpacks for all gear sets will be made more powerful with the addition of a high-end talent. Items from Raid gear sets will be made more widely available, but the backpack and chest pieces will remain exclusive to the Raid. Named items update The team is reworking named items so that they're more exciting when they drop, and more powerful when players use them. The developers are trying to add special visuals to all named items. The team is currently considering adding around 35 new named items, including weapons and gear. The team plans to make named item talents a more powerful version of existing talents. They will be unique to the named items, and players probably won't be able to recalibrate them onto other items. The developers may let players recalibrate over the talent, and look forward to community feedback on this. The team is still working out exactly where named items will drop. As always, balance is an ongoing topic, and the team will continue to make changes and talk about them in upcoming shows, articles, and patch notes. To join the discussion, visit the forums or the subreddit. Title Update 6 – Loot Rotation A new system coming as part of TU6 allows Agents to target specific loot from a random rotation. Available kinds of loot are shown on the mega map when highlighting the named zone or main mission where it will drop. Named zones and main missions will offer different loot, and available loot changes daily. The normal loot pool is available while targeted loot is active, so players won't miss out on anything when selecting a mission with targeted loot available. The specific loot shown on the mega map has a small chance to drop from any NPC and loot container in the mission. It has a guaranteed drop from named bosses in the mission. A new UI element is being added to loot piles, so players know when they've received a targeted item. This also available in named zones. Loot has a chance to drop from NPCs and containers. It has a guaranteed drop chance from named NPCs and when finishing an activity; for example, a Control Point. Dark Zones are also part of this, and can also have specific loot available. Items still need to be extracted. If you're looking for more news about Dark Zone and PVP, tune in to next week's State of the Game, as we will focus on these particular topics. Loot refreshes on a daily timer, and you'll get a message at login that tells you the rotation has refreshed. Recalibration and Crafting in Title Update 6 Changes are being made to recalibration, including a new UI. With TU6, players will be able to: See lists of available recalibrations for each item. Swap stats between items of different colors, for example from red to blue. Recalibrate talents on a slot onto any item of the same slot, regardless of brand. Recalibrating mod slots is under consideration. Crafting changes are incoming in TU6. Material caps will be raised, allowing players to carry more The material sharing perk is returning, letting players share materials across all their Agents. NPCs will drop more materials. If players are full up on materials, those materials will stop dropping. Scavenging containers that previously contained one of two material types will now contain both. Players now have a chance of getting polycarbonate from deconstructing items. The cost of crafting in common and brand materials is being lowered. Once players reach the endgame, the locations of undiscovered blueprints will be revealed. PTS incoming! To gather player feedback on these changes, the team is working on the Public Test Server build right now, and it is in validation with the Quality Control and Assurance teams. Players can expect some of the above changes to be active on the PTS, and patch notes will be ready for when the PTS goes live. The PTS will be multi-phase, and will not necessarily be reflective of the final product. The team will also continue to use surveys throughout the different PTS testing phases, so they can get specific feedback from the community. No narrative content will be shown during the PTS phases this time. Release time The team is still working on Title Update 6, but is currently aiming for an October release for Episode 2. More information and details about upcoming content will be shared on the September 25 State of the Game. Next week, State of the Game will cover PVP and Dark Zone changes, while September 25 brings a look at the road ahead. For more on The Division 2, check out our previous coverage.
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    Not sure if its been done but I'd say not. there's coordination needed.
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    I don't know much about these new gear sets that they have in The Division 2 & maybe a little confused about how they work and what to use the for. But when I played The Division 1 and new gear sets were added after the new update.... they(Ubisoft) told us what to used them for & what they were about and how to use them.But The Division 2 doesn't say much about them. So when I find some I put them away in my stash box & look later to see if I have a full set. If I do have a full set I'll take them out of my stash box and used them & figure out from there on what to use them for.
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    Has anyone come across any analysis or intelligence on the gear sets? I'm not talking about attributes per se; I'm more interested in which sets lend themselves to certain builds. For instance in the first game the a five piece Sentry build lent itself to a marksman, whilst one of the others favoured a skill build. There was one brand of gear that was completely sh*t and didn't lend itself to anything, and I think that's the one they renamed. I recognise that the buffs and attributes play a massive part in the style but I'm wondering if there's an overview. I've been using and it's useful to a point.
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    Have any new weapon skins come out yet? If so can you show me a pic of some.
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    Same here. I think i'm close to both. It doesn't worry me a great deal as people don't rave about gear sets in TD2, whereas TD1 we used to live and breathe gear sets. It was what defined a build. My impression is brands x(n) piece talents are more relevant. I'm so ignorant on builds in TD2, it isn't funny lol. 🥺
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    So far I haven't looked at my gear sets I pick up. As soon as I get a piece of a gear set. I just drop them in my storage box to look at them later.
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    Here's what it looks like when you use it in dark places on your pistol. As seen here:
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    How to get the flash light for your pistol in The Division 2 as seen here:
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    My best weapon wasn't in The Division 2........but in The Division 1 and it was the Exotic The House MPX submachine gun. Until Ubisoft nerf it in The Division 2.
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    The Expeditions Mode Explained in The Division 2 from YouTube as seen here:
  15. 1 point "As announced on State of the Game #131, we are planning to host an Elite Task Force workshop at the Massive studio in Malmö, Sweden. For those unaware of the “ETF” workshops we have run in the past, they are opportunities for us and selected community members to sit down and talk about the game here in our studio. Over the course of the workshop, we’ll talk about the current state of The Division 2, present our ideas for upcoming changes and have discussions around several topics, including endgame RPG, loot, PvP and inventory.In the past Elite Task Force feedback has been a key element in making game-changing updates to the franchise. Prime examples are updates 1.4, 1.6 and 1.8 in the original The Division which were heavily influenced by previous ETF workshopsIf this has sparked your interest and you want to bring your passion for the game to our studio to have constructive talks with our development team, you can sign up via the surveymonkey link below. Keep in mind that we will select the players based on our needs and criteria, so signing up does not guarantee an invite.Details: Elite Task Force Echo will happen from September 4th to 6th and members will be brought in on September 3rd and back home on September 7th. Only apply if you will be available for these dates. You need valid travel documents to be able to come to Sweden. This may include a passport and Visa, depending on your country. Make sure to check what documents are required to travel to Sweden before applying, e.g. with your local embassy. Getting travel documents can take a long time and we can only accept players that are able to travel to us during the mentioned dates. We will pay for flights, hotel and food during your stay in Sweden. While you can travel with somebody else, please be aware that we will only be covering the cost for you and no other guests will be allowed to visit the studio (e.g. you won’t be able to bring your life partner into the studio and we won’t be paying for their trip). The ETF workshop will be under NDA, meaning no content from the workshop can be shared. If you’re interested, you can fill out this formand tell us about yourself and why you’d be an ideal member of ETF Echo this time around!We’re looking forward to hearing from you, Agents!"
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    Hi, I have a question. I have two characters, one I play with a friend and the other I play alone because it is a shared stash, so if I get one character on a gear score eg 420, where I go DZ instance 400-450, how about the other character? Will I be able to walk instances with a friend 300-350? or doesn't it let me go with the other character below? Just switch gear to lower gearscore? Or when I cross a milestone, I can't go back? Or does not share stash for determining the range of gear score instances? thank you for the advice
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    Anzac Tactical Gamers (ATG) are currently recruiting new players for Division 2 (PC ONLY) We are looking for players to join our clan for social and hardcore gaming. If you like the Divison 2 or any other games for that matter, then we want you. So if you over 18 years old , enjoy a laugh and gaming then check out our Discord channel Clan Name : AnzacTac Gamers