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    Problems with your mission and don't know how to finish name of the mission here. I'll see if I can find a solution on Youtube. Say you have problem with Roosevelt Island Stronghold Mission and can't find the fuel tanks & how to destroy them. Well here's the solution here with this video from Youtube: The Division 2 - Roosevelt Island Stronghold Story Mission Because I myself had problems locating the fuel tanks & destroying them.
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    The reason I posted this is because some of the players I asked to join our group/team. They didn't seem to know what to do & were confuse on who,what,& where to destroy & kill. I knew which items need to be destroyed & the leader who we need to be killed. Some of us did know what to do.....but others didn't. I say about half of us knew & the other half of the team didn't know. Only one had a mike & others didn't. The one that had a mike didn't seem to know what to do. That member was texting me during battle & I was unable to answer him. He was causing confusion among the other teammates. So I didn't know what else to do....but post this video. I hope by watching this video this will clear up all the confusion we were having other day.
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    PUBLIC TEST SERVER IS LIVE! *PC only* *Your current in-game characters will be available to test with* *Approx. 46Gb download* *You will have to download and install a completely seperate client (same as Div 1)* *There are no NDA restrictions* Please report ANY AND ALL issues on the dedicated Official PTS forums: The Division 2 - PTS [Forums]
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    We're 35 days out from game launch, so Welcome to the State of the Game After Action Report for April 17, 2019. But first, don't forget that the servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, April 18th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Here's the patch notes from the maintenance (via the Ubisoft forums): · Fixed an issue where players were able to receive unlimited Snitch heroic bounties. · Fixed another issue where players were stuck after being revived while having a DoT state active. · Fixed other issues relating to players being stuck after revival. · Lowered NPC damage and health above normal difficulty. · Increased variety of NPCs spawned at higher difficulty levels. · Difficulty has been significantly decreased in Hard, moderately reduced in Challenge, and barely reduced in Heroic. · Fixed an issue related to Elite NPC aggressiveness in Heroic / Alert Level 4. · Reduced the damage output of Named bosses. This week's State of the Game had a ton of information, with a focus on PVP, featuring Terry Spier and Ryan Liebscher from Red Storm and hosted by Hamish. Title Update 3, which included the Operation Dark Hours Raid, has been pushed to next month in order to allow focus on fixing existing issues / balancing etc. While there's some obvious disappointment to be felt with this delay, it makes complete sense and shows a clear dedication from the team in terms of taking both backend metrics and community sentiment seriously. It's the ideal time, with the PTS now live, to avoid rushing deadlines; particularly when many of the fixes that need to be implemented need to be done before they risk impacting the raid experience. So what's worse, having to wait a couple extra weeks for a raid experience that works? Or a broken one coming next week? It's a rhetorical question obviously -- and the result of a dev team fulfilling community requests that they continue to be responsive, and responsible, to the issues currently in the game. PTS is live now on PC It's the perfect opportunity to make a concrete impact on the health of the game by participating in the Public Test Server. The first phase of PTS will focus on documenting and collecting info on existing or new bugs. The second phase will focus on balancing in both PVP and PVE. For console players, you're encouraged to watch PTS streams as a way to engage. What does it mean when we say we are looking at the player experience? At the end of the day the game is for millions of players, and it’s essential to get as much feedback as possible. Proud to have a PTS up and running 35 days from game launch. - Give clear and concise feedback - Vital for future health of the game - Can’t guarantee all feedback will have a final impact on game play - Just because it wasn’t implemented doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. - Every comment is read. PVP UPDATES: Balancing There are a lot of balancing changes happening - a bunch that will be arriving with TU-3, as well as additional planned updates. Normalization Normalization will now be to max world tier gear score (500) instead of how it was previously working (states would be normalized to a middle range). Additionally, high values attached to gear will not be impacted by the normalization. For example, if you have an item with high crit chance that crit chance will remain high even after normalization And what is probably my favorite change: There will be non-normalized skill power to unlock skill mods in normalized play areas. So that everything remains active. If you've ever tried to run a skill-heavy build in PVP, you'll be familiar with the pain of having your build crippled because your skill power was normalized to below the requirement needed to unlock the talent attributes. This was particularly horrendous with Division 1 in Last Stand where I frequently found my carefully crafted medic build turned into an ineffectual mess. PVP Damage Modifiers - Global PVP damage modifier changed from 70% down to 40% which will bring TTK closer to what is experienced in PVE. - - Skill damage modifier will be increased from 20% to 25% to increase usability. This will all show up in the UI. - Specfiic weapon archtypes pvp modifiers are changing (example: buffing AR damage by x%). - PVP is being tuned separately from PVE. - Crit is being removed from hip fire in PVP only. Hip fire should be utilized as a last resort strategy not as the primary. Bottom line? Fights will last longer, skills will be more effective (while staying away from creating skills that can one-shot). There will be more time to employ strategic game play as well as to utilize a variety of builds. Dark Zone(s) “The magic of the dark zone is the people” – Terry Spier. Red Storm spoke about the importance of making sure they leverage that, and the interactions that allow for such a rich experience in that game mode. The changes outlined below are intended to help reach that goal of improving and increasing player engagement. He hinted at there being more planned related to leveraging the player experiences, but wouldn't go into more detail. The DZ is not as scary as it used to be – lots of steps taken to make it more friendly, but it’s still the DZ and we understand a lot of players don’t want to go in there. But we’re essentially making it more useful for higher gear score, but not necessarily the only way to gain power creep. Need to keep that creep controlled so DZ is the first way. Should a new WT be created, need to be aware of how power creep can impact that. Guaranteeing DZ player presence: Red Storm would like to confirm for the community that yes, they do play the live game and experience everything that the players do. As such, they're aware of the lack of players currently encountered in the DZ and are working on a fix: Increasing player presence to ensure 12 players in a session by reduction in brackets to two (1-30) and then players in World Tiers. This isn't coming with TU-3, but in the future. Play testing continues internally. Player count increase above 12 is not planned. Request has been heard, but internal play testing has shown that more than 12 players sounds cool on paper but isn't fun in reality. Loot ratios are being re-tuned. Less non-contaminated drops will be available and more contaminated drops. The goal is to have players engage in extraction loops more frequently. Named bosses will always guarantee contaminated drop and higher level challenge landmark bosses can drop multiple items. Rogue cool-down being removed. (No more time-out before going rogue again) but toggle cool down active. Contam bag size default increased to 6, Tier 1 perk increases to 8, Tier 10 perk that used to increase contam drop rates now increases size to 10. Tier 4 perk prev reduce rogue cool down now decreases amount of xp lost. ODZ modifiers can be changed independently from the rest of PVP. Currently the ODZ specific modifier is tuned to exact same value as global pvp, but they can tune it specifically to the ODZ experience and TTK will also be increased and can be tweaked without impacting the rest of the player experiences. XP loss in ODZ has been decreased. Man hunt and rogue coming back to ODZ. Read community loud and clear and agree with the sentiment. Most of ODZ will remain the same but rogue and manhunt returning. No grey rogue. More of the original DZ vanilla feel. AI patrols will be decreased – unspecified amount. Make sure PVE encounters remain localized to the land marks as much as possible. Will be coming in a future update. Cool down added to landmarks reset in order to keep players from repeatedly clearing the same location over and over again and to encourage travel. Tuning AI damage and armor for endgame ODZs….less lethal AI, but slightly more survivability. Thieve’s Den – allowing weapon swapping now. A lot more on the way. “Veritable honey pot of wonderfulness”. Items in DZ will be dropping up to 515 max gear score. Items will still normalize to 500 “for now”. “There will be future activities to come which are un-normalized”. Conflict Armor bars displayed in UI are now accurate. Enemy armor bars previously capped at 10 pips. Now, player and enemy bars will properly reflect the amount of armor being worn. Boosts Nerfed – power being decreased by 50% across the board. Improvements have been made to team sync at spawn. Conflict NPC more visible Skill cool downs fixed - Skill cooldowns weren’t carrying over on death so too many skill proxies. Now, skill cool down will be recognized. There is a bug on the PTS where cool down is not resetting on match start. This has been fixed. Exotics They’re special and they should feel special. It’s not about doing more damage faster / harder – not the overall intent for every exotic. When designing them it’s about promoting a different style of game play or fun loop that may not necessarily be the fastest and most efficient way to kill but makes it interesting. With that in mind.... Exotic weapons getting a damage buff across the board : as an example, Pestilence is getting a global buff with an additional buff in pvp. Plans are also being discussed for how to make exotics more viable without just relying on buffing. Balancing Terry and Ryan spent some time talking about the philosophy behind implementing balance changes. It's important to know that process is about alignment. With this complicated a game with so many elements in it, things can get out of alignment, which can result in insanely over-powered or useless builds. Regardless of if that disalignment is super fun, it needs to be reigned in. The answer is not just “buff everything” otherwise things become flat because there is a ceiling as to how powerful everything can get. The philosophy of balancing is about alignment that creates a consistent fun experience throughout the game. Talent changes aren’t just about “nerfing because it’s too good”. At the same time that talents are being changed, so are health stats for NPCs and multiple other values which all work in synergy to open up more variety of play. YES I LITERALLY SPENT THE DAY TRANSCRIBING ALL OF THESE: Weapon Talent Balance Pass Unhinged: Damage bonus reduced to 20% from 25%, handling bonus negatively reduced to 25% from 35% Strained: Missing ammo requirement increased from 5% to 10% Frenzy: (PVE) Reloading from empty grants 20% weapon damage instead of 35% and 15% rate of fire for 3 seconds instead of 35% for 7 seconds (PVP) Reolading from empty grants 15% weapon damage instead of 25%, and 15% rate of fire for 3 seoncds instead of 25 for 7. Preservation: (PVE) Killing an enemy repairs 10% armor over 5 seconds instead of 5% over 3 seconds. Head shots improve repair by 20% instead of 10% (PVP) killing enemy 5% armor repair over 3 seconds, headshots improve repair by 15% and requires 7 defense attributes Spike: Headshot kills grant 35% skill damage for 20 seconds, instead of 25% for 10 seconds, requires 5 utility attributes instead of 3. Reformation: Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 50% over 20 seconds instead of 25% over 25 seconds and requires 9 utility attributes. Gear Talent Balance pass Critical: Reduced critical hit damage bonus from 8% to 5% Surgical: Reduced critical hit chance bonus from 8% to 5% Safeguard: Reduced healing bonus from 75% to 50% reduced, duration from 7 to 5 seconds, set requirement changed from less than 5, to less than 4, defensive attributes. Clutch: Iincreased health gained per critical hit from 15% to 20% / reduced armor gained per critical hit from 2% to 1% Spotter: Increased weapon damage to pulsed enemies from 10% to 20%, requirement changed from 3 to 5 utility attributes. Kneecap: Shooting an enemy in the legs had a 10 change to apply bleed, now 15. Entrench: Headshots from cover armor repair increased from 5 – 10 Patience: After being in cover for 5 seconds (used to be 3 seconds) armor repairs by 5% every 1 second instead of every 3 seconds, requirement increased from 5 to 9 defense attributes Unbreakable : (PVE) 70% of max armor is repaired when armor depleated, armor kits used within 7 seconds are not consumed, instead of 25% and 5 seconds. (PVP) 25% of max armor repaired, armor kits used within 7 seconds are not consumed (instead of 15% and 5 seconds). 11 defense attribute requirement and no other talents affecting armor kits. Bloodsucker: (PVE) Depleting an enemy’s armor adds a stack of 25% bonus armor for 10 seconds instead of 20 for 20. Max stack increased from 5 to 6. (PVP) adds stack of 20% bonus armor for 5 seconds with max stack of 5. 11 defense attributes instead of 5 offense. Berzerk: (PVE) 10 % weapon damage bonus for every 20% of max armor depleted instead of 10% max armor. Requires 11 offense attributes and AR, smg or LMG equipped. (No changes to PVP) Bloodlust: (PVE) swapping weapons within 3 seconds of a kill grants 35% weapon damage for 5 seconds, instead of 25% for 10 seconds. (PVP) swapping weapons within 3 seconds of a kill grants 20% weapon damage for 5 seconds. Now requires 9 defensive attributes Blacksmith: Killing an enemy with sidearm repairs 50% of armor (raised from 25%), once every 15 seconds, (increased from 10). Requires 11 defense attributes QOL Improvements - Text chat – will lose focus after sending a message (no manual required) - Players can toggle displaying group and personal drops - Group tab will have all raid members Impressions The community has had generally positive feedback regarding these initial changes, and since most of them are playable in the PTS currently, there's no excuse for all players to get engaged in see how they play in real time. What I'm hoping for is that the dev team also takes into consideration the reality that while it's understandable to view the the entirety of the game experience from the higher level "everything is connected view", it's cold comfort for players who are looking to enjoy themselves in the next 12 hours, not over the next 2 years. But this may also simply be the uncomfortable truth about fully embracing live games "as a service" which Ubisoft has done with Division 2. Players used to (and still do) expect games to be finished at launch. The new reality is that gaming is a collaborative effort, and I don't think it's realistic to assume that we aren't now in a sense co-developers of the gaming experience. The "it will come soon please be patient" perspective is one we'll have to embrace and learn to get excited about, because that's what games as a service brings with it. As long as the team can keep making the journey interactive and exciting, I think it'll survive. All I'm really waiting for is Survival. :)
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    Good for them! They must not let themselves be bullied into releasing more content before its tested as much as possible, including a couple of weeks worth of PTS data.
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    TU 3 and Operation Dark Hours Raid) has been pushed back from April 25 to May. Falling back to assess the community feedback. THE DIVISION 2 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: TITLE UPDATE 3.0 April 17, 2019 Agents! The reception for The Division 2 Title Update 2 and Tidal Basin has been generally positive, but we have also received a lot of feedback for improvements from our forums, Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere. In order to fine-tune the balance of our game and to ensure the best possible player experience for everyone, we have decided to move the release of Title Update 3—including Operation Dark Hours, our 8-player Raid—from April 25 to May 2019. The final release date of Title Update 3 will be based on results from further testing and balancing of the game. Operation Dark Hours will be your biggest challenge to date, and we want to make sure that we've properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid. The Division 2 is a live game, and the team is committed to improve the quality of all upcoming updates. As announced on State of the Game last week, we are opening a Public Test Server (PTS) for The Division 2 on PC to test further updates and balance changes before they are released. The plan is to structure the PTS in phases, each lasting a few days and focusing on a specific part of the game. We will have surveys and dedicated forum threads (together with our traditional general and technical issues forums) to cover these topics. The PTS will be available through Uplay to anyone who owns The Division 2 on PC. Starting on Wednesday, April 17, players will be able to try out the new features and fixes coming with Title Update 3. Access to the Raid will not be part of the PTS, so as to ensure the entire community is able to discover it and compete at the same time upon release. We will announce the exact schedule of the Public Test Server and its phases over the next few days. We thank you all for your patience, and hope you are as excited as we are for the future of The Division 2. Your passion, your support, and all your feedback are incredibly appreciated, and we want to keep working with you, our community, to make the game an even better experience. Thank you again, Agents, and see you in Washington, D.C. /The Division Team
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    I notice if you re-calibrate your gear and do it right. It will change your gear score to higher level. I took my vest and and re-calibrated from a 499 gear score to 504 gear score. It does work if it is done right.
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    Ubisoft kind of admits they are making Bullet Sponges. I got this off their website: The DivisionThe Division 2 The Division 2 – Making Enemies Tougher and Friendlies Smarter by Chris Watters / April 5, 2019 / 10 minute read When the AI team at Massive Entertainment was getting ready to start in on The Division 2, they first took time to look back at what they'd accomplished in The Division. They wanted to celebrate what they'd done well, identify areas for improvement, and brainstorm new ideas that they could bring to the sequel. From this retrospective came a vision for AI in The Division 2: the enemies would be more diverse, more challenging to take on, and more satisfying to defeat, while the friendlies would be more formidable allies and more involved in the fight for Washington, DC. We talked to Lead AI Designer Drew Rechner and Lead AI Programmer Philip Dunstan, who shared details on how the AI team brought their vision to fruition. They started by looking at the enemy factions and acknowledging that, in The Division, there were some winning tactics that players developed that would be effective in most situations. To remedy this in The Division 2, they wanted to lean into one of the franchise's core strengths. Diversifying Factions "The beauty of our game is you can build your character through your gear and through your playstyle, through your weapon, all that kind of stuff. We really wanted to support different approaches in a better way than we managed in The Division," says Rechner. "And a big aspect of that is the AI and the way that they behave. So we wanted a lot more diversity in how they push you, and how they retreat, and how they flank, and how they use space, all of those things. We're trying to challenge the player in all these different ways, so they can counter-play against it in different ways." In order to differentiate the four factions – Hyenas, True Sons, Outcasts, and Black Tusk – the team developed four traits; each faction was rated on their Aggression, Organization, Training, and Tech. In the Aggression trait, for example, a faction can either be aggressive or defensive. Aggressive factions want to close in on you over the course of the fight, so they will reposition and advance more quickly, circle you when they get close, and fire for longer, uninterrupted periods. Defensive factions, on the other hand, prefer to fan out and engage you at a comfortable range; they won't reposition as often, and will shoot in shorter, less-exposed bursts. These traits come through clearly in-game, as anyone who has gone from fighting the aggressive, rush-happy Hyenas to the defensive, wide-flanking True Sons can attest. And while the Hyenas and Outcasts are both aggressive factions, being pressured by the organized Outcasts is a startling change compared to the disorganized Hyenas. Enemies are further diversified through increased archetype differentiation; which is to say, a sniper for the True Sons (uses a Marksman rifle, can go prone) will threaten the player in a different way than a sniper from the Outcasts (uses a compound bow, fires explosive arrows). This variety is especially valuable given The Division 2's emphasis on the depth and longevity of the endgame. Factions in The Division represented tiers of difficulty; this was good for increasing the challenge over the course of the campaign, but not as good when players reached the endgame and the LMB was the only faction complex enough to really challenge them. In The Division 2, "A lot of the changes we made are so people can get enjoyment out of replaying against the AI," notes Dunstan. "Using those traits, and differentiating the enemy factions by their style of combat, really helped us counterbalance the pluses and minuses to keep the factions at kind of the same level," elaborates Rechner. "That means we can put them all at the end of the game, and the players can still have all this variety." Rewarding Skill and Precision Tactics, traits, and enemy types can make foes more challenging and diverse, but the team also wanted to refresh the moment-to-moment gameplay to make combat more satisfying for players. To make landing shots feel more impactful, they added more pronounced hit reactions for enemies, including more flinching and staggering, as well as body part-specific death animations. They also made enemies dodge and duck more to challenge the players' aim, and added weak points to more enemies, which reward players who hit them by damaging the enemy and disabling their ability to, say, throw grenades or revive allies. Finally, they implemented a new, destructible armor-plating system to create narrative context for why high-health enemies can take so much damage. Not only is it satisfying to blow off an armor plate, it's also a good tactic that enables skilled players to take down tougher foes more quickly. In fact, Rechner says that the time it takes to kill enemies is faster in The Division 2. "To me, it really means that the highly skilled players are going to be able to kill NPCs quicker than they could before. So we're really rewarding accuracy, really rewarding tactical awareness, those things. But enemy survivability is about the same as it was in The Division. If you take into account inaccuracy with weapons – because they're ducking and dodging and stuff like that, plus they're a little bit smarter in how they move and how they pressure you – when you actually land a hit, it has meaning, right? It feels really good. And if you worked really hard to hone your skill, or you worked really hard to get that advantageous position, there's a payoff." Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood? Enemy factions weren't the only focus of the AI teams' efforts. They also wanted to revamp the friendly NPCs, making them more involved in the world around them and more independent. The isolated encounters with people rummaging in the trash or arguing over a can of food made narrative sense in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic in The Division, but the team knew things would be different seven months later in Washington, DC. "In The Division, it was just civilians," recalls Dunstan. "You got the impression that there were a lot of civilians behind the scenes and everyone was scared to come out, and you just got a few desperate people that were on the street. For The Division 2, we really wanted to reinforce this idea of communities banding together and fighting back. It just adds so much more depth to that emotional part of the world." To give the people a purpose, the team created Living World Activities. On a practical level, these are sequences of objectives for groups of NPCs to perform. A group travels through the open world, approaches a resource site, gathers resources, travels back to safety, and despawns discreetly. Strung together, these objectives form a cohesive Living World Activity called Gather Resources. These activities govern group behavior, and within the group, each NPC is assigned a duty. These might be activity-specific, like resource-gatherer, or they could be contextual, like taking patrol duty when traveling to the site, then switching to overwatch duty once they arrive. The overwatch duty sends the assigned NPC to an elevated position, and because the level designers know the AI team has created this duty, they can populate the environment with opportunities for this systemic behavior to happen. They know that if they design an area to have, say, a shipping container with some sandbags on top, then a friendly NPC will use it for overwatch. This connection makes the NPCs smarter about their environment, providing stronger context for their actions and strengthening the sense that they live in this world. Doing It On Their Own But what happens if a group of Hyenas is patrolling the area during their own Living World Activity (yes, the bad guys live in this world too), and they run across our resource-gatherers? Then everyone's combat behaviors kick in. The sniper on overwatch duty starts shooting, until an enemy gets too close and their sniper behavior tells them to put more distance between them and their foe. The resource-gatherer drops their box of food and starts fighting as well, perhaps assuming a combat-specific duty at the mounted gun. When the dust settles, the victors resume their Living World Activity. The Hyenas go back on patrol; the resource-gatherer picks up the box of food, tops it off, and starts their journey back home with their fellow survivors. The key here is context and continuity. These people know where they are the world. They have a reason for being there, and they are going to see their mission through whether the player is involved or not. So if you see a group of friendlies out and about, you might just jog on by. You might do the jumping jacks emote to pep them up. Or you might decide to tag along. "You don't have to get involved as a player," Rechner says, "but the reason why a lot of people do is that it's unpredictable. They don't know where the AI is going, so it's like adventure is in store, right? You don't know what's going to happen, and it's often going to play out differently. And I think it feels really good to help out these civilians who, in turn, actually help you out, too." Dunstan recalls a moment just before the private beta when a civilian did just that: "I'm doing one of the control points, and we had just cleared it, so enemy reinforcements are coming in. And one of the civilian reinforcements took up the mounted gun and just started mowing down the guys coming in. And it's like, I don't need to be here. This is really cool. I feel like they're capable, and the fact that it was using the system that we put in place to let them have that ability was just really cool." Sweat the Small Stuff The improvements and innovations that the AI team developed and implemented for The Division 2 have had wide-ranging impact, and that's due in part to the team's understanding that sometimes the small stuff can have a big effect. When asked if there was any of the team's work that they were particularly happy with, Dunstan was quick to answer. "As part of updating the AI dialogue system, we moved all of the dialogue decision-making to the server. So now, if you're playing co-op with friends, you will hear the same lines as your friends. This is something that, as a co-op player, you don't really notice. It feels natural to you. But on The Division, we didn't have that. We decided which line to play differently on everyone's machine, so they may have heard slightly different lines. And one of the first videos we saw coming out of the Division 2 closed beta was people commenting on the lines. They all heard the same lines, and they were riffing off the lines that they heard. For us, that was a big win. It was quite a lot of work, but we knew if would be important to create that immersion." So now, when you and your co-op buddy share a laugh over the enemy who taunted you just before you took him down, you'll know who to thank. The Division 2 is out now on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. For more on the latest updates, check out our previous Division 2 coverage.
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    So who might the Black Tusks be? Plenty of conjecture before they were in the game...some after....that they were a foreign power (China/Russia) but there appears no evidence in-game for this. Some options have greater weight than others though: - A Covert US Government Black Ops Paramilitary Agency option - This is the most likely scenario but still has holes in it. Not least the, how do you hide such a clearly VAST military budget expendature (and DARPA links) and all the men/woman/material that they seem to have had immediately to hand, issue. However, they appear to be American accented, have close ties to "acting" president Ellis & known to the CIA (the two agents who murdered the vice president must have had prior contact with BTSU). However, which faction or what was the purpose of their Agency BEFORE the apocalyptical scenario we find oureselves in? One theory I've been presented with and, which seems actually pretty likely, is that "Black Tusk" is a ... clean up ... Agency. We have Directive 51, using The Division to use armed paramilitary embedded Agents to directly and aggressively restore order and governmental control after a national disaster. However, what if the fear was The Division needed a counter measure. What if, Division Agents went Rogue, didn't lay down their arms, or hand over control, what if...things got out of control so far The Division just couldn't contain it. ...not to point fingers but...that's exactly what happened! *shock* What happens then? Well, the idea is that Black Tusk is the Agency that goes in to clean up. Civilian Militia, Rioters, looters, unrecognised paramilitary factions and also Division Agents still active OR Rogue...all...Cleaned...up. The idea of wiping the slate clean in one final swoop using a highly trained and techologically advanced force in numbers seems to have appealed to Ellis for sure, as long as he was the one placed in charge at the end. - A military coup d'etat option - Next down is a simple coup d'etat. Whilst this leads into the first option nicely, it seems not to have been instigated (as we know yet) by a military leader...rather a political one. No reason however to expect this to not turn into a military coup in the end though. Betrayal is a key element in this world. - Foreign Invasion option - On face value this seemed a likely scenario, with plenty of possible background (including Russian involvement in the development of the Influenza virus). Firstly, the mass of material having NOT been hidden in the US itself but a military invasion from somewhere like China or Russia via bases in South America seemed very plausable and likely as there would be no need to hide these assets as such. The budget issues also can be explained better if this is actually a military from another country. Unfortunately this seems to be dispelled by the nature of the "invaders" in the game, who all seem to have impeccable American accents....or are they too impeccable? Is it that the leaders are just highly trained Foreign Agents to present a familiar face to the population and those they work with as traitors in the US?
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    Rapture gaming is an active and friendly community with well minded gamers a like. We are a community of mature gamers looking to have fun on Division 2. We host weekly game nights for our different battalions that are within the community. You will never have to play alone since we have members worldwide and on all times of day and night. Our Mission: We are a new community put together and built for the purpose of our member’s enjoyment. We focus on member maturity and respect towards each member. We Have members with different perspectives, backgrounds, races, and religions. Our Environment: We provide a cheat free, stable, and fun community gaming experience to all rG members and public guests. We promote teamwork, community, and the betterment of all members. We are a community and everyone is welcome as long as they can be respectful to the games we play and the gamers we share our environment with. We have 400+ members across 4 battalions for Xbox. We also have a newly opened PC battalion which we are trying to grow Requirements: Working headset 17 or older Good and positive attitude towards fellow members and players. Ability to check our forums AT-LEAST once every 14 days Why Join? World Wide Community Multi-Game & Multi-Platform Community Active Discord Server (PC users) Active Website (400+ users between Xbox and PC) Mature Members (Friend/Family safe) Plus many more reasons! Register Here; Once signed up head on over to Join a Battalion tab and fill out our app for Skynet and then over to join a usergroup and submit for rG Skynet. Join a battalion; Join a user group; Please don't hesitate to contact me on discord if you have any questions; TranquiL#3371 Happy gaming!!
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    OK, after 4+ hours today, here is what i think of the changes - bah-humbug OK maybe a little more detail is warranted. OK a couple of notes first. PTS game start on PC is extremely slow, like 3-4 minutes. Hang in there it will start. The vendors have free Field Proficiency Cache 500 - you get gear/gun and about 50% of the something else. For me, there is HUGE lag, so expect to die alot. So I don't have a team until Thursday - and this will be done. So this is just Solo. Clearing broadcasts and other small stuff to get a control point to threat level 2. Nothing hard as I want to experience the changes. The good Heavies and mini-bosses are not nearly as bullet spongy. Or maybe its just that I see more armor breaking off. Either way this is fun. Bosses are way better. They are much harder to kill but for the right reasons - movement and cover. Very fun stuff. SMG almost provides stagger - and that is good in game. Makes them actually useful. Splattering a .45 SMG is actually fun. No dice for Heavies and above. Movement in general for foe NPCs seems to be better. High level NPCs act better. Red's just stand out and die. Guns are a mixed bag, but sniper rifles are better. Much easier to get one-shot kills, but almost no chance to followup - as it should be. Turret time - seems much longer and shorter to refresh. Seeker - seems better is a weird way, maybe its just getting to target faster. More research. You can QUIT the game without login out - OMG!!! bread was not that good of a achievement. The Bad Agro - OMG!!! this is far worse than the current game. NPCs will argo you on the other side of buildings. TD1 had this issue and fixed it for the most part - Renee was the worst. While Vendors do have free caches, its totally random. I still have not been able to replicate my live built after getting over 100 caches. Waste of time. Movement seems bad, this could be the lag I get. Just bad. Actions need to happen NOW or you die - and I died alot. The UGLY Shotguns seem totally worthless. 135K double barrel does not even take down a mini boss armor at zero range (and yes I died right after that test LOL) beserker, the drugged ones - dies instantly or kills you randomly. Huge difference from encounter to encounter. I mean WTF, they should behave at least a little the same. LAG LAG LAG - for me the PTS server is not really playable. I will pull the trigger and more than a sec will go by 20% of the time. Spawns from all directions, kinda. Every engagement, with few exceptions,. while in an invaded space, showed bad guys surrounding me. It's not correct, they are not surrounding me, but give pause to wait until it clears before you can position. Damage - while NPCs do not seem as accurate, when you do get hit WOW. Face a sniper (only NPC left) and she pulled a pistol, one shot my armor was gone, next shot I was at 2% health. And I was in cover - Complete BS. Friendly NPCs are still stupid. Especially when rescued from public execution. They still try to stand toe-to-toe unarmored with a pistol against and armored bad guy NPC with a machine gun . No attempt at cover and of course they die. And And and The range of argo for mini-missions, like broadcast, civilians at risk - I was engaged in a big battle and suddenly heard hostage health is critical, hostage is dead, all hostages are dead - not even close to the battle I was in. So I am not a fan. For me, 30% of the changes make the game more fun. I hate the recalibration system. While TD 1 was OK. /sigh - But I do love this game. ...gene
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    Yeah, I almost forgot cause I almost never use my .50 cal - ni the 4+ hours of game play, I got exactly 4 rounds - pffftt. Makes it worthless. ...gene
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    I want to take a moment to discuss the re-calibration system. In TD1 after a few tries they got the result right. You could work on your gear to change it for your play style and make it better. TD2 proposes a system of dismantling stuff and working on your gear to make it better gaining a higher GS. I really like this idea, but the execution is off, there should be leftover parts from the donating piece of gear. And I should be able to get it to the max GS for the configuration installed. TD2 PTS now has a % slider. It does not appear the GS changes when you work on your stuff. I mean, come on - how do I brag about my gear without a appropriate GS. This mechanic is broken. Also, the material costs are way out of line with the effort it takes to gather materials. Each drop is 3 to 5 of something (like Titanium) and it costs 65 Titanium for one mod. This needs to be reworked. I would expect to be able to make a mod for every hour of normal game play. So this is how I would like it to work: Have three stations as in TD1, Crafting, Recalibration and Optimization. Have an inventory for 'parts' ; Knee pad parts, backpack parts, etc. Crafting Be able to craft upgrades like 10+ to Elites for a "Bob's Awesome Gear" knee pad Use crafting to disassemble existing gear into parts. The tear it apart in the field is a bad mechanic, though simple. And as today, craft stuff - provided you have the materials AND parts Reclaibration Here is where you can swap out parts that you either crafted or have from disassembly. Here is also were you could 'adapt' a part to another brand. This should allow you to mix all available choices for that "brand" gear, this should include crafted gear. Optimization Tighten this, clean that, make it just better, like TD1 this is to max the config you have. The mechanic in TD1 is simple and would be OK, but I think given the other changes, this can have a cool set of collectibles as well. All of this would need a crap-ton of math so as to not unbalance the game, but it would provide incentive to go and get stuff to get that last part for that fantastic max build. ...gene
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    I wish games were more realistic when comes to people. Most people seen in life not all slim & muscular. They do get overweight now & then. It's only fair if they put that into video games. Because makes the game look & feel real.
  15. 1 point
    Yeah I know. I now got a gear score of 500 and I already re-calibrated most of my gear to 515.
  16. 1 point
    but note that if you want to min/max gear score, you need to start with GS500 as dropped. Those should be able to re-calibrate to GS515. I have several pieces now at GS515. ...gene
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    downloading now.... Saw this from Marco. Interesting take. As I am not a PvP player, trying to force me to he DZ is a waste of time. But I think they'll learn. ...gene
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    Here's a selfie of Agent Hank at the beginning of his inaugural trip to DC
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    [Xbox] <REDCON ONE>[RCO] LFM [Xbox]<REDCON ONE>[RCO] is looking to expand its roster to fill positions for Raids, conflict, DZ , or just casual play. [ABOUT US] Jguppie <clan leader > I play most days in the am/evenings. Looking to make the best overall clan. I dont care if your a pvp player , hardcore pve player or just a casual. Anyone is welcome [REQUIREMENTS] I dont require anything of anyone unless your on a raid team, mics are preferred for everyone just to make the game more entertaining. We will take new players, veteran players, casual players , hardcore players or whatever fits you. I'm sure we will have plenty of players to fit your needs. If im on and if anyone needs help just hit me up im always down to help others if your interested just search <Redcon one> and join up or drop your GT in comments and I'll add you once I'm online Thanks for everyone's time Gt: JGuppie - drop me a message as well Jguppie#1183 on discord
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    Lords of Wrath is looking for dedicated and active players. We accept all levels and gear scores. Lords of Wrath was started by players who have been playing since the division 1. Looking for people that are looking to push progression. We have dedicated players that are willing to help you progress. So come join us now and have a great time. Most of us are on the east side.
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    How to do the Tidal Basin as shown on Youtube video by one agent as seen here: This is a how to do it video. If you have problems with the Tidal Basin and there was confusion on what to do. This video it will help.
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    Hey guys and gals, Thanks for taking the time to check this out. I have a clan on Playstation 4 on Divisions 2 called "Lil Hellraisers". Our clan is conprised of mostly avid gamers in the 30-40yr old range. We currently ha e 19 clan members but are trying to expand our clan size so that as a group we can more easily complete clan projects, get more clan rewards as a group, and keep leveling up our clan. Our clan currently sits at level 15 and we just earned our first weekly clan cache this week. We all use mics so we can communicate during play amd have more fun. We dont really have many rules to follow other than we ask everyone to respecr one another. We all like to rib and pick at eachother a little but we dont get too carried away. We want everyone to have fun enjoying their favorite past time and make a few new friends maybe in the process. We are trying to actively promote fun play amd imcentive to want to make our clan a great one. We ha e a great group of guys that are on playing at all different times of day, many are willing to help out, drop loot that may help your build you are trying to achieve, etc... This weeek is the first of what I hope to be many clan rewards by member for a member created challenge. I myself challenged all my clan members to see who can earn the most XP this week and whomever does will get a new Divisions 2 T-shirt from me. Our clan also has a discord set up and PS4 group message feed so that we can more easily share news about the game and get in touch with eachother to find people to game with or talk about Division 2 related things. Please if you are interested in joining a great clan then send me a friend request on Playstation 4 and I will send you a clan invite. My Playstation 4 gamer tag/screen name is Haroku_Saki Thankyou and hope to hear from you soon.
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    Gene wrote: OK, I will admit to cheery picking but this is complete BS. While friendly NPCs are bullet sponges (stupid, stupid, stupid) they also act stupidly. Take for instance the hammer guy, he needs to smack a NPC 3 to 4 times before the NPC appears hurt. BS. I got armor and I get hit once and I am almost dead or I am dead. I kind of agree with Gene. When I get hit by the hammer guy once or twice I'm dead already. But the friendly NPCs keep on going even they get hit more than 3 or 4 times. I time find this game is a little unfair to all us players. I even find this game set even in normal play can get a little hard on us all times. At times I felt like giving up & not playing this game ever again. I don't mind a little challenge now & then. But not all the time. I wish Ubisoft was more fair to all of us players and not so unfair to us. Now I can see why some players in The Division 1 were using cheats & cheat codes to get through the game in the last Division. Yes they did get ban for cheating and I don't blame them for cheating. If in the new DLC that's coming out next month doesn't make fair changes in this game and makes it harder to play. I just might quit. That's what happen in The Division 1 from this website: Ubisoft's much anticipated online-only open-world third-person shooter The Division launched to critical acclaim in March 2016. By June—only three months later—the game had lost 93 percent of its player-base. So this could happen again in The Division 2 if Ubisoft doesn't watch out.
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    The NPCs Elite & named bosses are Bullet sponges & we become Bullet Magnets. I never seen so many bullets hit me all at once in this game. I been hit by all angles by all side by bullets flying at me. No matter where I go in D.C. a bullet will come out of no where and hit me.
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    not true, the vendor refresh is a week in both. BUT - there were alot more vendors and each vendor had alot more stuff. But at WT5, I have not seen anything at a vendor that I wanted. The game drops are far and away better. ...gene
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    Maintenance & Patch Notes - April 18th, 2019 Greetings Agents, The servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, April 18th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Patch Notes: Fixed an issue where players were able to receive unlimited Snitch heroic bounties. Fixed another issue where players were stuck after being revived while having a DoT state active. Fixed other issues relating to players being stuck after revival. Lowered NPC damage and health above normal difficulty. Increased variety of NPCs spawned at higher difficulty levels. Difficulty has been significantly decreased in Hard, moderately reduced in Challenge, and barely reduced in Heroic. Fixed an issue related to Elite NPC aggressiveness in Heroic / Alert Level 4. Reduced the damage output of Named bosses. Please follow this thread for any updates as the maintenance progresses. Thank you, The Division 2 Team
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    And your characters will be from a snapshot on April 12.
  29. 1 point
    For those of you that have it there is a documentary called "Playing Hard" running (at least where I am). Whilst it is not about The Division it is about the making of another UBISoft game, For Honour, and walks through, at a high level, the 5 year journey to get it out to market. Was a pretty interesting view in to the time and effort required to bring a AAA game to the public.
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    One time I spotted one of these that didn't move and I thought it was statue at first. Well I walked away and heard a noise then I turn around and I saw it move. Right after that he duck into cover and started to shoot at me. Well I had to shoot back & it almost killed me. But I manage to kill him first. It was very strange?!!
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    THIS WILL BE A SPOILER THREAD!! have been warned. Contains theory crafting around the story of The Division 2, its factions, interactions as well as referencing in-game audio/video/visual collectables & hints. All posts below are unbound and can contain any possible spoilers as needed for an open discussion about the story in the game.
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    Ask me a riddle and I reply, cottleston cottleston cottleston pie. But anyway, I can't see the Black Tusks being run by foreign actors. The dialogue and manipulation all sound like domestic hands working from the shadows. The BTSU seem to be made up of black ops types than straight paramilitary. Their dialogue doesn't sound typical military in the same way as True Sons or for that matter, LMB. The antiviral seems like a tool to manipulation. Restricting its distribution to those who play ball once the regime is in place. The BTSU are being run without knowledge of their true masters. That in itself leaves the door open to them being betrayed. A bit of a parallel to the LMB. So the question moves more towards who are the shadowy hands directing the BTSU. Aaron Keener was the player in NYC. Using the factions for his own schemes. His dialogue doesn't sound like he is directly involved in running the BTSU, nor would he have the means to form equip and direct such a force. His dialogue sounds more like he is doing his own thing. Nor have I heard that he has been involved in the spread of the virus, considering he escaped NYC with the means to print the virus or maybe seek to print a new strain. And if the BTSU is to use the antiviral for their own leverage, then there doesn't seem to be any signs Aaron's printing relating. So I have the vibe he isn't a main player in this chapter of DC. Only a bogeyman at this junction. He seems to be motivated by anarchy, lamenting the dropping of the quarantine of NYC. Whereas the shadowy masters of the BTSU seem to be more of a fascist regime power move. Edit: forgot to add; Does anyone one think that Kelso is truly the white knight, or will turn and work for the BTSU? She has expressed he lack of regard for politicians, though she liked the way Ellis talked about "getting the job done" and that he had an antiviral (BTSU leverage).
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    Hello fellow agents , SDM is a clan open to any division player! - We play on Xbox One - Good vibes only - Any skilled player can join the discord - Squad up with others to complete missions - Have a good and positive time - No Toxicity To join here is our discord :
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    We have uncovered a fair amount of intel on the Black Tusk. You might have many questions: where did the Black Tusk come from? What is their objective? And who is their leader? In this intel brief we’re attempting to answer those questions.
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    Now I reach a weapons & gear score of 500. I should start finding blueprints,parts,& whole exotic weapons. I hope !! Now to find keys again in the sewers and start looking again for faction boxes and try to find blueprints,parts,& maybe a whole exotic weapon or weapons. Faction boxes are no longer easy to find. Because a lot of them have been removed in some areas or replace with Black Tusks faction boxes. Wish me luck.
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    Wow - now you got me wanting to review all the items I have collected. Great write-up. I look forward to much more. ...gene
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    On Discord - Discord was having issues this weekend. We had to switch servers a couple of times as the problem moved around. This was not only volume but voice quality as well. But last night seemed to be fine. ...gene
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    Both the president and the vice president are dead. De-facto (unelected) president is the speaker of the house, soon left the White House to effectively join the Black Tusks! As of now, in the end game the USA has no government. This poses some heavy questions. Clearly the vice president was murdered (voice log proven). I strongly suspect the president was also murdered, a sudden heart attack? He was in his 70's but that likely makes it easier to fabricate IMO. The Speaker confirmed as a Black Tusk collaborator/Agent. Who now gives orders to Division Agents? There appears to be no civilian morale compass for the Division Agency now..perhaps a minor issue given the rest of the issues around! Hyena's were armed by the Black Tusks in an attempt to perpetuate the instability between the three main DC factions as well. However, before we get onto the Black Tusks in more detail. A VERY interesting nugget I found on good old Reddit about the True Sons: "the true sons knew about the (impending) black tusk invasion, ..... head on over to the Lincoln memorial and look at the giant map in the war room, this is a story mission you play before it all goes down so they obviously knew, they even set up and underground logistic route to avoid the plan of assault of the black tusks" Considering the True Son's were PMC/Rogue Military, is it possible they found out about this "invasion" long before the game even starts? Was this the catalyst for Ridgeway to want to funnel away material and men? Consider this, Ridgeway was a respected military leader before he went "Rogue", if he found out about this issue...perhaps he couldn't feel ANY of the civilian leaders at the time would believe him and given the situation and the fact he was given all the men and materials he really needed, its very possible that he acted in a way to firstly fully contain those civilians under his control (by blocking up the quarantine areas), then mobalising his forces with the aim to resist the incoming invasion force? Sure, to someone outside, his methods seemed insane but in hindsight perhaps this was one of the few courses of action he could take?? He had (in theory) the military manpower to resist a major enemy incursion/invasion BUT his assets are all tied up guarding and maintaining a civilian population. Time is short and there's a mix of no one else he could trust and civilian leaders unwilling to listen. Then...Division Agents get mobilised and take his structure down from the inside BEFORE the Black Tusks arrive??!! Then who stands to defend against them? Mmmm...convenient that the final act is to take down the True Son's isn't it? Who ordered it? Ellis? Sure he did...and now we find out he's actually part of the plan. Who are the Black Tusks? They seem homegrown, have high tech gear. Some clear USMC equipment as can't HIDE hover craft that are bigger than the USMC LCAC's without some significant infrastructure.
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    I found this on Ubisoft Forums: Enemy difficulty and time to kill Dear fellow Agents, I’d like to open the thread „Enemy difficulty and time to kill“ to discuss the current problems associated with it and of course ideas of possible solutions. Problems: Currently there is big gap between the difficulties between normal, hard, challenging and heroic (while a player might be able to do hard he could not be able to do challenging) We know there is sponginess (enemies having lots of life and armor) There is the situation of enemies being too strong (dmg, accuracy, range, behavior) Scaling – Currently and in the future enemies somehow need to be more difficult. How to do it and what mechanics could be used? Let’s go! (I’ll not post my suggestions here to keep it clean and simple) Cheers Leroy-Dante I guest we aren't only ones that have problems with Bullet Sponges.
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    Slowly working on a cosplay based on the Agent Johnson figure. Progress photos to be added as they're available but I did a mini-shoot this morning, courtesy of my photographer daughter.
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    You'll have to do it quick. I hear they are looking at the differences in difficulty between Challenging and Legendary and based on past experience, I suspect they will nerf the Legendary . To my mind; Normal: For players with stuff. Hard: For players with high end GS stuff for that WT Challenging: For players with some synogies in their builds and some skill / experience. Legendary: Highly tuned stuff and good skill / experience. There are of course grey areas of overlap between experience / skills and stuff and I mean skills as player ability not turrets or hives. The problem is when there is a vocal group with GS500 stuff and they cannot do challenging / Legendary. Ran with the clan over the weekend, geared someone up and got Invaded Roosevelt Island done with @quinch1199. Hopefully now we can get to have another go at getting through Tidal Basin Invaded on Challenging. That one has been smacking me and two others down hard with the grenade and exploding drone spam. Add the War hound 1 shot kills and snipers and .... well is wasn't pretty . I think pulse should have an emp version that disables drones and turrets for a set time like they have and use against us. Oh and one tip for those who may not know (like I didn't until last weekend), Warhounds are damaged pretty well by the toxic gas.
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    Depends, Intel is the gaming king, but for that you pay a price. If all you're doing is gaming and you want the fastest FPS, intel/Nvidia. Now if you're cheap like me 😝 AMD offers a more cost effective solution. The R5 2600 with a B450 Mother board will provide the base. Memory is a strange and mysterious thing. You need Samsung memory - the exact chip die escapes my right now - if you want to overclock. My Hynix memory does not overclock well, but runs all day with no issues. And its hard to get just what you want. If you want more than a gaming rig and want to stream, OSB,or just do other stuff (and are cheap) AMD R7 series is for you. So - R7 2700, B450 MB, 16GB Samsung, so far. SYS disk - NVME as big as you can afford. I went from 5400rpm, to 7200rpm, to 10.5Krpm SAS to SSD to NVME and all of those were surprising upgrades. Today it's NVME. Most motherboards have at least one slot if not two. Remember M.2 is not necessarily PCIx4 NVME. Reuse your game disk. OR - SSD as big as you can afford (12TB anyone). Remember, everything on your game disk is replaceable. Now there is always a need to preserve stuff. Depending on your needs, I recommend two mirrored disks for stuff you want to keep. All MB have 6 to 10 sata slots - just get double what you think you may need 3 years from now. So if you think 5 get 10. GPU - O.M.G. - the choices are huge. For me - note above - I am after the GTX 1070ti. 8 of those sold over the weekend for under $250. GTX 1080 was over $100 more. My goal is 1+ year use at high settings. ...gene
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    OMG - wow thanks, that is alot of work. Did you CG the patch or I WANT ONE! ...gene
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    I wouldn't join this clan, the leader/co's are corrupted, they mass purged 30+ people this last day after we got them quite a few levels (level 24 now). The leader was more worried about only setting up his raid team and didnt care about the rest. there was hardly any clan communication/activities. More worried about his clique to bother with the rest of the clan, basically felt like the 30+ people got used as xp fodder
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    Holstered Talents. These are screengrabs from @MarcoStyle. He is breaking the talents into his own categories of desirability; Tier 1 - highly recommended, Tier 2 - good but not necessarily as good as T1 options. Tier 3 - not that good, and Tier 4 - why oh why oh why, just avoid. Tier 1 descriptions. (once again @MarcoStyle screengrabs.) T2 descriptions. (once again @MarcoStyle screengrabs.)
  47. 1 point
    Weapon Handling Talents. These are screengrabs from @MarcoStyle. He is breaking the talents into his own categories of desirability; Tier 1 - highly recommended, Tier 2 - good but not necessarily as good as T1 options. Tier 3 - not that good, and Tier 4 - why oh why oh why, just avoid. Tier 1 and T2 descriptions. (once again @MarcoStyle screengrabs.)
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    These are screengrabs from @MarcoStyle. He is breaking the talents into his own categories of desirability; Tier 1 - highly recommended, Tier 2 - good but not necessarily as good as T1 options. Tier 3 - not that good, and Tier 4 - why oh why oh why, just avoid. Tier 1 descriptions. (once again @MarcoStyle screengrabs.) Tier 2 descriptions. (once again @MarcoStyle screengrabs.) A part from T2 not being as good as T1, Marco felt their benefits were more situational. So, some notes, as busy as they are, have been added.
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    Since I finish the Tidal Basin with help from my teammates. Which I thank for helping me & good job guys.👍👍 I'm now at world tier 5. Now my weapons & gear score is going up. I'm starting to find exotic parts in the game. It sure took long enough to find these parts. I hope I'll find enough parts to put a full exotic weapon together.
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    In the recent history of the Green Poison outbreak there have been three presidents: President Waller, President Mendez and President Ellis. Not too much is known about what happened to the presidents, which is what we'll go in-depth on in this video.