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    I hate this Bozo the clown apparel . I'm more for the military type apparel than this junk...sorry all. If I wanted dress up like Bozo the Clown I would have join a circus than The Division 2.Plus your more of an easy target with bright color on. No wonder the NPC's enemies shoot at you if wear that!!
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    There's one SHD cache that seems a puzzle. It is located in a compound in a defacto camping/caravan site. There are arrows pointing the way, and in this game arrows usually are hints. However it leads to a lookout which has unassailable lines, not that this game has rope traversing anyway. Still, it is the most intriguing part of this SHD cache. I've scouted the area for underground passages, which is typical of the game. However nada. Plus there is a small enclave to the compound but no access, and haven't been able to see some switch to shoot on the other side.
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    Yeah have to shoot the lock off the door with a sniper rifle from the Tower. Look for sign that said Looters on it. That's where the plywood is to climb over it to get in. After you shoot the lock off door with the sniper rifle from the tower.
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    Yeah I found my way in. You don't need a rope to get in. You walk around it till you find a place you can jump up on. You'll will see a door locked with yellow bicycle lock on it. Shoot the lock off. Go to where there's a big sheet of plywood climb over the plywood & open the door to get in.
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    Are you ever going to fix the audio problems in Division 2,,,,,, I'm tired of playing with sound coming in and out.......the sound only works when the guy is saying something then cuts out .........I restart the game works good for a few and back to the same crap.......This started a few weeks back......I google it seems to be problem for a lot of people for a awhile now.......fix it plz......
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    I was on the other day and found Fallout 4 for just by itself is about $14.00 for Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. is $25.00. But do an online search for Fallout 4 you can find it for this much: