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    Here's a pic of me and my Minigun in The Division 2 & I think it's cool.: It does hold at lease 150 rounds of ammo in one round clip & the Minigun does fold up. Oh yeah it's a specialize weapon you need to pick it up at the White House next to the Quartermaster's counter.
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    Prime Twitch users can log in to claim the Spears Sports Team Fan outfit and Baseball Mask.
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    Exactly! It actually discourages me from using it as I nearly always have no ammo. If Ubi really want us to embrace these specializations then they need to make them more user-freindly.
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    Well I rather use the flamethrower than my turret. Unless my turret could get up and walk around like in Rage 1 that uses a Spider turret that walks & shoots. About modifying your specialize weapon I can't see why not. Plus I would like to keep the specialize ammo after I find it & when I login & logout . Because when you logout you your not able to keep it when you log back into the game. Which I don't think that's fair that Ubisoft had to do it that way.
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    If the enemies can have one, plus your turret have the capability why can your charater have one? It's a good point. Something else I've been thinking about is why we can't modify the specialized weapons?
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    Read this post by clicking it on below. Where it said :World Tier 2 now.: This post will tell you how you get the specialize ammo.
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    My favourite weapon in the first game was the G36C that was nerfed on one of the patches. It looked great, handled well and had a decent fire-rate.
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    I'm glad I found you guys as I thought that I was the only "gun geek" who took far too much interest in assault and sniper rifles. :)
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    Hey guys I got my wish they are putting in a Minigun for Agents. I guest Ubisoft was listening and reading our posts!!!😛
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    I'm running with a small group now and had a really good session the other night. These lads are WT5 (GS499) and I jumped into their game. We rinsed a couple of missions and a stronghold and the game let me keep all the Gucci gear that was dropped. In one evening I went from WT2 (GS310) to WT4 (GS497) in one session.
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    The point of control points is to open up the loot. Each control point has an area of effect, once you take it and donate 50 of each resource, you don't need to give 100, more world loot becomes available and easier to find in that area. Including more resources, outfits, weapons....all of that. So if you are farming titanium you will want to take a control point, donate the 50 resources, and you will find a lot more, go to the next one and do the same and hopefully after you are done the first one is taken back over and resets so you can do it again. If you are doing a lot of recalibration you will need lots of supplies and this is how you get them easier. So no, you don't want the CP to stay green, you want them to flip back as quickly as possible so you can farm materials.
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    I don't need some number to get bragging rights, I get that when my team sees my skill build clear out an entire room on challenging by myself in 5 seconds and they don't have to fire a shot.
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    No pictures......but you have to join Twitch Prime to get it.