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    The Division 2 is 85% Off Right Now from by Brandon Witkin – on Jan 21, 2020 in Game Deals Ubisoft's online store is hosting a sale in honor of the Lunar New Year, including a flash sale on looter-shooter The Division 2, bringing the title's cost down by 80 to 85% depending on the system it's bought for. However, this particular deal is only available until January 22nd, 7PM PT, leaving a very short window of time to purchase the game for its current price. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, The Division 2 has had its usual $60 price tag brought down to $12, making for an 80% discount, and on PC, the game only costs $9, for a clean 85% off. The Division 2 is a third-person, multiplayer looter-shooter, which sends players, or agents, into a hostile Washington DC, now a ruin after a deadly pandemic. The gameplay utilizes many staples of the looter-shooter subgenre, progressing via the collection of new weapons and apparel, in addition to experience based leveling system. Players then either work together in PVE, fight one another in PVP, or do a hectic mix of the two at the same time. Like many multiplayer looter-shooters, players of The Division 2 will likely get the most enjoyment out of the game if they have a group of friends playing it, or if they make friends in the game's community. For more information on this sale go to this Link or Website here:
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    Joe Biden Calls Top Video Game Exec A 'Little Creep' from & by Dalton Cooper – on Jan 19, 2020 in Gaming News The New York Times editorial board conducts a series of interviews with presidential candidates to determine which one the publication will publicly endorse. The newspaper recently published its interview with former Vice President Joe Biden, and it includes a line that may be of interest to gamers. During the interview, Biden referred to an unknown top video game executive as a "little creep." In the interview, Kathleen Kingsbury asks Biden about how Silicon Valley's power "expanded greatly" under the Obama administration. Biden then spoke about how he met with Silicon Valley leaders about protecting IP for artists in the United States. "And at one point, one of the little creeps sitting around that table, who was a multi- close to a billionaire - who told me he was an artist because he was able to come up with games to teach you how to kill people, you know the-" New York Times writer Charlie Warzel then suggested, "Like video games." Biden continued, "Yeah, video games. And I was lectured by one of the senior leaders there that by saying if I insisted on what Leahy'd put together and we were, I thought we were going to fully support, that they would blow up the network, figuratively speaking. Have everybody contact. They get out and go out and contact the switchboard, just blow it up." As for which video game executive Joe Biden was referring to, that isn't clear. However, Kotaku's Ethan Gach has narrowed it down to a few distinct possibilities. Depending on which meeting Biden was referring to in the interview, it's possible that he is talking about either former Entertainment Software Association head Michael Gallagher, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, or former EA CEO John Riccitiello. Out of these possibilities, Riccitiello seems like the most likely candidate, as EA develops shooter games and Riccitiello was at one of the Silicon Valley meetings. For more information go to this Link or Website here: Joe Biden Calls Silicon Valley Game Developers Little Creeps Who Make Games from Posted: Jan 19, 2020
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    Actual, I think that might cause a "balancing"headache for the devs. They have to worry about one type of build becoming too OPed. Not that they a great track record for that thru TD1.
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    The Division 2 Episode 3 release date is nearing from & By:Adnan Kljajic - Nem Published: 17:18, 08 January 2020 Massive Entertainment provided some information on the latest State of the Game, such as the new Exotic images and dates for new RNG, UI and recalibration. The release date for The Division 2 - Episode 3 is said to be 29 January 2020 but it's a bit ambiguous. The Division 2 is overdue for some new content as players are getting restless due to lack of new content. Their woes should be temporarily dealt with when Episode 3 kicks in. It will bring more narrative-led content and the teaser leaves no room for doubt - we are going back to New York City. To be more precise, we are going to Coney Island and hunting for Aaron Keener. As far as the actual release date of Episode 3 goes, it is somewhat dubious. The screenshot of the planned content that was shown several times during the State of the Game clearly said 29 January 2020 but the devs themselves kept saying it's coming in February. There are two updates that are coming sooner than that, however. Item Stats, RNG and UI update will kick in on 15 January 2020 and is rather self-explanatory. It is aimed at the passionate players who just can't get those perfect rolls, no matter how many items they farm up. One week later, on 22 January 2020, we will get the Recalibration and Skill Power update. Massive Entertainment didn't provide the exact nature of these changes but fans are speculating we might be going to the same skill power system that was present in the first game. This one is also causing worry as it might mean people will need to farm all over again for their loadouts. On the bright side of news, there is the confirmation of the new Exotic weapon. It is apparently named Chameleon and it's a variation of the Kriss Vector. The weapon changes its colour scheme depending on the surface the agent is standing on but not much else is known about it. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
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