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    Post here for the chance to win The Division 2 Ultimate Edition on the Xbox One! This giveaway will expire in 48 hours from 11:00 AM PST March 13, 2019. Expiration is 11:00 AM PST March 15, 2019 To enter, simply register on the forums and post in this thread. Your post must include your twitter tag as you must also be following us on twitter @divisionforums. Winner will be selected at random on Friday, March 15th 2019.
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    [positions and stands on soap box] This is exactly the crap that will drive me from the game. Did not UBI/Massive learn from TD1? Now to get the best gear, I have to have a 8-man team weekly. Who the F'k can do that? I certainly can't. While I will give this more time, another issue that is a showstopper for me. There is so much promise here. That UBI/Massive keep making the SAME F'ING MISTAKES excluding the average player is really pissing me off. [steps down off soap box] (whew) I feel better now. ...gene
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    Yeah, you only get the set bonus once, not once per piece of gear, so the 31% is correct.
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    Problems with your mission and don't know how to finish name of the mission here. I'll see if I can find a solution on Youtube. Say you have problem with Roosevelt Island Stronghold Mission and can't find the fuel tanks & how to destroy them. Well here's the solution here with this video from Youtube: The Division 2 - Roosevelt Island Stronghold Story Mission Because I myself had problems locating the fuel tanks & destroying them.
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    Hey Gang, Just joined the clan in game this past weekend. Did some night time hunter hunting with one of the clan members (who was also UK based)... lots of fun. I'm based in California / PST... usually on for maybe an hour during the weeks or during the AM to early afternoon on weekends (night in UK). Working my way through Tier 4 now and always open for grouping up... as long as there is something to burn or heal I'm having a blast. I'll post this in game as well... If there are any members who just reached WT1 and need help with invaded missions hit me up... always looking to add some specialization points. Thanks. PSN: digital_sychosis
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    Ubisoft disses flath earthers lol. Found this in some printers in a mission.
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    I've been in a bit of limbo as of late regarding The Division 2. With the date being set for World Tier 5 and The Black Tusk stronghold coming on April 5th, I felt with my already full stash of high end 450+ gear, DZ max rank of 50, and total Gear Score of 463, I was more than adequately prepared to take on the new coming challenges. And you know what, I actually put the game down for nearly a week. This isn't a slant against the game, far from it. I just wasn't sure what I was grinding for with further content less than a week away. It was coming to the point whereby I was sure all this gear I had amassed was going to be changed out on my first evening on WT5. To be honest, it was a strange feeling. Personally, thus far, The Division 2 has been an absolute success. The 1-30 levelling was deliberate, focussed, and extremely well paced. The beginning end game, with the invaded missions and the gear score locked strongholds, was challenging and provided an ample gearing up process. The Dark Zone is massively improved for my tastes on the original (a separate article on my thoughts on this incoming), and all in all, I was thoroughly impressed with what Massive had produced. But after putting more hours than I'd care to mention in the first few weeks, I wanted to put the game down. Perhaps I was burnt out. Perhaps I wanted to play and progress with Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice instead (a brilliant game if you’re interested , but punishing in ways that could make some players break controllers, walls, and faces.) Maybe, just maybe, I was finally bored. Turns out this wasn't the case at all. So last night I booted up the game just to see how it felt after a break, and it put into stark perspective the thoughts above. I dealt with my overflowing stash, creating space for the gear I was undoubtedly going to be collecting in the coming hours, and honestly I felt numb to the whole exercise, to the point I was really just marking and trashing without much consideration. Without deciding what activity to do, I actually just walked out of The White House and wandered. No waypoint selected, no real goal or objective in my mind. Needlessly wandered. In short, it reinvigorated the entire game for me. I've only just realised that throughout most of my play thus far, I have always had a mission to go to (love all the mission design by the way), a specific control point to attack, or a SHD Cache to collect. I always fast travelled to the nearest point, set the waypoint and proceeded. The conclusion can be this - I was so obsessed with the grind for levelling I wanted the highest XP rewarding activity, or in the end game, wanted the most efficient way for farming huge amounts of loot. This 'race' if you will, made me forget and miss a lot of what makes The Division 2 such an achievement. Upon leaving The White House, I went south, coming across a variety of random encounters including a hostage rescue, territory control, and elite patrols. From here, I continued, coming across control points I'd lost and proceeded to reclaim. It all felt dynamic. I continued like this for over three hours, not stopping constantly to check loot, only using safe houses and control points to restock. I began assisting friendly NPCs with their supply convoys, then disrupting enemies doing the same thing. Honestly, it was engrossing. It was truly the first time I stopped and fully appreciated that the Washington D.C in The Division 2 is a living and breathing world, and bloody good fun just to be in. I found myself constantly coming across supplies and resources (I badly needed electronics due to all the recalibrations I'd been pursuing) and also took the time to resupply control points with water, food and components. Not to complete projects I may add, just for the sake of doing it. A random side mission that wasn't on the map initially popped up as well, and I stepped in and ran it as I passed. It made me think, just what else have I missed in this world on my rush to max gear score? Now I should state there is plenty of stuff I know I have overlooked. For example, I've not been interested in finding and farming the Hunters (I don't really care for masks..) and running Challenging level missions and strongholds really holds no enjoyment for me. I've tried them, I just found them a slog and felt like a slight return to the bullet spongy enemies of the original, which I'm glad to avoid. But aside from this, I can guarantee that I will be for sure taking more time out of a particular 'grind' to just explore and enjoy, and even with this, I still managed to fill up my inventory yet again. Dynamic, individual, and reactive story telling was my experience last night. Sequences and stories that were of my own making, on my own schedule, and interestingly, purely solo. Which for a game that I thought the plot was fairly non-existent, is another in the long list of achievements I can give to this thoroughly addictive and enjoyable open world. Can't wait for more experiences like this. Follow me on twitter @hobbs_30 for updates regarding future articles
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    So there are 12 masks available and loads of guides out there showing how to spawn the Hunters. This time round you have to perform specific actions in order to get the Hunter to spawn in so they are unlikely to arrive unless you are trying to get them. My experience so far at GS449. First try which spawn 4 by a big Christmas tree. The button to activate is not available for activation. Second location and I managed to get the Hunter spawned. little weaving and bobbing and took him down fairly quickly. That was really fairly easy. Third location had the Hunter spawned but also a couple of mobs appeared (probably just random) and so I am trying to get the Hunter whilst having mobs pecking away at the same time. Died a couple of times to Hunter, mobs or Hunter machine gun flying drone. Killed the Hunter but he was also fighting the mobs so had help . Fourth location by the river proved turrets were pointless (the Hunter just takes them over or one shots them). Two shotted. Came back and Hunter was fighting a heavy mob and managed to kill him whist he was fighting the mob and I was fighting the mob and we were fighting each other . Fifth location in a courtyard with no mobs. Died around 6 times as I just seemed to be avoiding his bombardier drone which pretty much kills me on one pass and repairing and moving and rise and repeat. My drone was totally ineffective as he one shot it. He finally went out to the street as I was returning from a repawn and landed a fight with a heavy gunner who took him out (he still dropped the mask even though I didn't kill him). Lessons learnt. Hunters are easy if you get them aggro'd on a mob. Hunters do not despawn if they kill you. You can just go back and have another go but they can move around a bit so be quick in returning to your death location . One on one they are a major PITA especially in close quarters like a small courtyard. That one was massively frustrating. Need better burst weapons. my Mk16 and even the MP5ST were too slow and getting lose enough with the SMG was inviting a rush and chop from the Hunter or a two shot and dead. Might try rolling a FAMAS next. Down stairs in the SHD office (White house) there is a wall that displays the Hunters masks you have obtained.
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    Within Inventory, you'll see weapons with 1,2,3 in the upper right corner. Select the slot you want to change, like the left weapon slot (1) That will drop you into all main weapons. Now select the weapon you want in the slot. back out of the weapon selection done If you want to change primary and secondary, just do as above and select the (2) weapon to the right. ...gene
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    As you move up tiers, you should be able to upgrade control point defenses (like you do the crafting bench) so the 'Resistance" can better fight against the attacks rather than fold like a house of soggy cards..
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    Taking the control points and making sure they are fully stocked on resources and supplies should at the least last for the play session. Taking the strategic control points you want/need to travel becomes pointless, and a huge waste if they are taken over while you are off taking another control point... and I don't even want to talk about that blockade.. THAT is annoying having to go take it back about once an hour.. I have killed enough of them that they should be nearing extinction. Having people killed should make them THINK twice about immediately trying to take it back. Repeatedly losing people over and over should make taking and holding it exceed the balance.. meaning it isnt worth the cost in lives to try to hold. But, as we all know computers don't have that limitation.. I fully understand that when you join a game that you are likely logging into a different instance than the one you OWNED the night before, so you cant still have control... However, WHILE logged into an instance you SHOULD be able to maintain... I have basically just started running with the patrols.. look for the green gun on the map heading somewhere, and I go join them and help them create havoc wherever they are headed.. If I see a red gun headed to a control point I own I usually go wipe them out before they get there... actually have been having fun doing that, but occasionally when I check the control points.. I see that one I have been defending isnt MINE anymore?? there was no attack on it, ownership just swapped... apparently they ran out of resources and died of starvation...
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    Feel free add to this thead with info about yourself, including your social media and streaming links, gaming preferences, time zone and the times when you're most likely to be playing.
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    /sigh - update. I cleared 10 control points yesterday, NONE of them are in control now. I am OOO until the patch - there is simply no point to play, even fun play. For me, even though I really want this game to succeed - this is a low point. I will post another thought on the wildly drastic changes. ...gene
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    Hello, I am Alex aka Carbon aka JoyFreak. I found this forum online. I am a webmaster and owner of a gaming community. I decided to sign up to this community because it looks absolutely beautiful and wanted to support it by doing so! I am also an avid gamer. Great job on the design guys! Hope I get a warm welcome :). Many thanks!
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    5 Facts You Might Not Know About The Division...By Ubisoft. The world of The Division 2 mirrors our own, and is filled with all the political turmoil, conflict, and secrecy you've grown accustomed to hearing about on the evening news. At the heart of the game is the Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), aka The Division, and the nice folks at Dark Horse Comics have teamed up with Ubisoft to create The World of Tom Clancy's The Division, an in-depth lore book that gives insight into the classified history, training, and structure of The Division. The 160-page hardcover volume is available for purchase today. To give you a peek between the pages, here are five things you might not know about The Division that we learned by reading The World of Tom Clancy's The Division. The Division Has Roots In World War II The SHD operates primarily by embedding highly trained sleeper agents in local communities around the country. The Division itself has roots in World War II and The Cold War, but the true inspiration came from two real-world events that took place in 2001. The first was Operation Dark Winter, a high-level simulation conducted by federal agencies to test the nation's ability to respond to a widespread bioterrorist attack. The results were less than stellar, as decision-makers at nearly every level were widely unprepared. Operation Dark Winter was just a simulation, but a sobering one. The second event took place on September 11, 2001, and was no simulation as the world witness the death of thousands of Americans. On May 4, 2007, President George W. Bush signed the National Security Presidential Directive 51 (NSPD 51), a mandate that allows executive power to direct government procedures in the event of a catastrophic emergency. Hidden within NSPD 51 was a set of highly classified annexes, one of which (in the world of The Division) established the Strategic Homeland Division as a direct response to the findings of Operation Dark Winter. The Green Poison Hit the World, Not Just the US The Division and The Division 2 document how Manhattan and Washington, DC have been affected by the pandemic, but what about the rest of the world? While smaller cities along the Eastern Seaboard have had sporadic cases of the Green Poison smallpox outbreak, the virus has largely been contained. Elsewhere in the country, fear spreads faster than the pandemic itself. With a national state of emergency declared, federal travel bans, martial law, and a mandatory curfew are in effect in nearly every corner of the United States. While the United States was hit the hardest, cases of Green Poison have emerged all over the world. Many countries are struggling to quarantine their sick due to population density, but most regions received enough advance warning from the World Health Organization to take proactive precautionary measures. The threat of the US federal government collapsing has the rest of the world on edge as much as the virus itself. Division Agents Outrank All Other Federal Agents Once activated, Agents of The Division outrank all other federal agents, and have complete operational autonomy that allows them to avoid red tape and legal procedures. Being an Agent of The Division is a monumental responsibility, and cannot be entrusted to just anyone. Recruitment starts when The Division is given access to civilian data collected by the United States intelligence agencies. Candidates are pulled from all walks of life, but share a few crucial qualities that are a requirement for the job. All prospective Agents are pragmatic and direct. They are capable problem solvers with an ability to think on their feet, and they have a strong immune system. Once a candidate has been identified, Internal Affairs conducts a thorough background check on nearly every aspect of the candidate's life. Should they pass, an experienced Division Agent will make contact for a preliminary interview. If the candidate shows an interest in national service and a willingness to commit to absolute secrecy (even a person's spouse cannot know about the existence of The Division), then they must go through a rigorous round of pre-testing that must be completed before becoming an official recruit. Agents Train In Plain Sight Once a recruit makes it through the psychological evaluations in pre-testing, they must begin physical and technical readiness training. The process is grueling but covert. It cannot put trainees into situations that might threaten their cover, meaning that most training activities are disguised as day-to-day activities in the recruit's life. For example, unarmed combat training may be masked as "black-belt-only classes" at a local martial arts studio. Firearm training is conducted as an "advanced course" at a nondescript shooting range. Technical skills are taught as "continuing education classes" at a local community college. Each of these hidden trainings is led by seasoned Division trainers, who work with every Agent to develop believable cover stories. During the initial training phase, prospective Agents are evaluated and re-evaluated on a weekly basis to assess their continued mental and psychological stability. Most recruits train for a full year before they're granted top security clearance. Once an Agent becomes active, they are required to complete ongoing training throughout the year to keep their skills sharp. What's In Their Go-Bag When catastrophe strikes, activated Agents have two hours to report to their designated rally point. Because Agents need to drop everything at a moment's notice, they must prepare and maintain a "go-bag." Every Agent must keep an armor-lined backpack stocked with a small arsenal of weapons and enough basic supplies to last a minimum of 72 hours. Much of the gear packed is multi-purpose and efficient. For example, rather than carrying bottled water, Agents pack water purification tablets and purification straws, so they can drink from any water source. Because conflicts can last for months, Agents need to be able to continuously resupply their provisions in the field. As long as an item does not directly belong to a civilian or a friendly, an Agent is allowed to procure it, negating any anti-looting laws. This is just a taste of all the information offered in The World of Tom Clancy's The Division. Pick up the book for yourself to learn even more about the key members in the conflict; the violent factions that formed after the outbreak; the timeline of events from the beginning of the outbreak to the events of The Division 2; and plenty of other details. The Division 2 is out now on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For more on the game, check out our previous coverage. ESRB - M
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    I find the section about the rest of the world interesting. Nothing has really been said about it in-game but I always thought places like Europe would have been impacted very lightly. With wide access too items like disinfecting hand gels and face masks (obtainable really cheaply and in large volume to normal people) the end result would be a 72hr warning being sufficient to minimise any knock-on outbreak significantly. A similar situation would be very difficult to replicate in the EU as a "ground zero" as ... honestly ... we don't use cash! I honestly can't remember the last time I used actual bank notes to pay for anything. The outbreak of an influenza based GLOBAL pandemic, I think, its minimal. Even though the spread could be wide, as long as organisations like the W.H.O. and individual governments act on information and issue sufficient warning such a disease could be stopped rapidly. I'm not saying there wouldn't be ANY negative impact but we're not up to the "Thanos-finger-snap" level that the US in the game has experienced. HOWEVER. The main method of transmission would be via incoming infected visitors and this depends on the rapidity of when the symptoms are displayed. If symptoms weren't displayed for at least a week AND someone was infectious during that time the spread could be far more significant globally..but..the main stumbling block is the mode of transmission. Influenza being airborn (aerosol) & from hard surfaces (fomite). Its also passed from direct person to person contact but this is more localised, means that unless a patient is actually displaying many of the symptoms (sneezing, coughing) then chances of transmission are lower. This likely means that a global warning would be in effect pretty soon after the bulk of cases display symptoms. Aircraft filtration systems again minimise the spread even in such an enclosed space. Does this mean that the rest of the world, generally, is just carrying on without the US?? I'm not entirely sure how this effects the scenario in my mind. If most of the rest of the world isn't as badly effected...why aren't we helping? Is it a mix of a lack of central government in the US able to either request or formally accept an offer? It may well be, for example most emergency humanitarian aid on a large scale is normally organised by and run by our militaries. I feel the US wouldn't allow a mix of foreign military led aid missions on her soil, full scale governemnt breakdown or not! and if there's no active government to greenlight such a thing, it pretty much puts a stop to most outside aid. Seems a case that the US's own power, in this scenario, comes back to bite it.
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    Just picked up 5 pieces of TP and run last night with it, its clearly a build aimed at group play so (luckily) I was running with a full squad from the clan last night. The buffs/enemy debuffs are pretty useful! I used an LMG and used the high ammo count to tag as many enemies as possible in the shortest amount of time in rotation. Its very helpful when facing a big wave of enemies when they spawn, you run through as many as you can get shots onto, marking each with debuff's. Getting the right combination of two or three of the debuffs planted on an enemy results in them melting really fast, even Elites. I can see a group with one running full TP (I only have 5 parts unfortunately) will find it a pretty good advantage in higher difficulty missions which focus on spawning mass waves of enemies with big armour/health pools. As long as the player running the TP GS plays it well and focuses on marking instead of taking down targets as a priority. Have to admit its difficult to change playstyle from focusing on killing targets to just marking them and stacking the marks in sequence though! An icon on your characters sholder shows what status will be applied and is always cycling so keeping one eye on that and applying stacks will take some seroius practice but my first impressions are very good actually. The Red and White debuffs are the obviously best ones though the haste buff is helpful for the team when things get hot and heavy! What it lacks though is information...what numbers are we looking at for the debuffs? How much % of armour is replaced "per bullet"? etc Remembering its just for group use really means that unless you're decently spec'd elsewhere you'll have to make use of your Loadouts to set up a specifically Solo build though.
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    You can now create a clan here! Features Manage clan members Private or open forums Make open or invite only Add your clan logo Much more! To create a clan, go to the Clans link in the navbar, under main menu Then, click Start a Clan on the right side of the page Once you do that, you'll be given some options. You'll be able to choose your clan name, decide the clans privacy type which options are: Public Everyone can see the clan and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open Everyone can see the clan and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the clan and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Only members can find the clan and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. Then, you'll type your clans description and then upload your clans logo. Now that your clan is created, you can add some forums. To to this, click Manage Clan on the top right and then choose Topics Now, you'll type your forums name and give it a short description After you Save it, it will appear on your clan page Now you can invite some members, do this by clicking on the members tab and then clicking invite members on the top right corner Joining a private clan To join a private clan, you must first be invited. Once a leader invites you, you will receive a notification that you were invited to join the clan. You can either click the notification to be taken to the clan page where you can join, or you can head directly to the clan page and click join. Moderators You can assign members as moderators. Moderators can only manage content. They can: Edit posts Hide posts Delete posts Pin posts Merge posts Lock posts To assign a member as a moderator go to the member page and on the member, you'll see a little gear to the top right of their badge. Click that and you can edit that member. Now you're ready to start filling up your clan! Have fun agents!
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    The blueprint doesn't drop. It becomes available from the White House vendor when you have all three parts of the Chatterbox. SMG: Loaded Canister. SMG: Creative Magazine. SMG: Modified Mods. They drop randomly from Hyena faction boxes, so best way to farm is to go get as many keys as you can from the sewer locations all around DC then hit the appropriate missions, unlock the boxes and hope. THEN you get a 490GS Chatterbox blueprint to pick up from the vendor. THEN you need an exotic component to recraft it (from crafting bench, not recalibration) so you need to get an exotic drop, easiest way is run the Dark Zone. Deconstruct that. Then you can get a 500GS Chatterbox.
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    I'm working out the rules for the community and welcome input on them in this thread. 🙂 ASA Community Rules Draft 1. Be kind. Remember we’re all here for the love of the game. While disagreements will inevitably occur at times, we have a variety of skill levels, communication abilities, and perspectives within our community – try to assume the best of each other both in game and out. 2. Be chill. Member Requirements: There are no play-time or xp-earned requirements for this clan, and no one should feel guilty for not being able to contribute much. Don’t give others a hard time about this. If you have an issue with another member, take it to private messaging. Nobody wants to deal with watching stuff like that play out in public. 3. Be respectful. Squading: The clan is geared towards players who want a community around them but may not want to squad up every time they are online. Check with players to see if they’re cool with you dropping in to their game unannounced, otherwise shoot them a message to ask. If someone doesn’t want to group up, don’t let it get you down. Language: Use all the profanity you want but there’s no place here for offensive language, including but not limited to insults based on race, gender, sexuality etc. 4. Be Engaged Voice your opinion when you’re able, and let us know what we could be doing differently or better. Feel empowered to suggest contests, activities, clan-specific challenges.
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    Also from the UK, play most evenings and weekends when possible, have a friend who wants to join the clan too, so will give him all the details tomorrow, looking forward to being part of a more active clan. Thanks
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    Hello, I'm from the UK, play every few evenings where possible, although am a father of 4 kids so sometimes life gets in the way. Usually play with no mic as I try to play when the kids are in bed so I don't want to disturb them, it just means I can play with less distraction. Currently world tier 4 with tidal basin next on the list. Am playing with an online friend and we have stuck together throughout the whole game so far, only progressing when we are together. He is also a member of the clan. Hopefully be able to hook up with some of you in the near future 👍
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    The reason I posted this is because some of the players I asked to join our group/team. They didn't seem to know what to do & were confuse on who,what,& where to destroy & kill. I knew which items need to be destroyed & the leader who we need to be killed. Some of us did know what to do.....but others didn't. I say about half of us knew & the other half of the team didn't know. Only one had a mike & others didn't. The one that had a mike didn't seem to know what to do. That member was texting me during battle & I was unable to answer him. He was causing confusion among the other teammates. So I didn't know what else to do....but post this video. I hope by watching this video this will clear up all the confusion we were having other day.
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    "With dwindling resources, how do the roving gangs coordinate their attire?" ...he's got us there...must be the worse game ever. They must use the same post-apocalypic stylist crew that catered for Mad Max's Road Warriors and their impressive mohawk hair styles!
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    This is what happens when you aspire to be a political journalist and your editor says, "Nah. How about you write about video games instead..."
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    Oh I see. I was wondering about that. So we might have wait for the new DLC release and see what happens from there. There will be 3 DLC's released 1 in summer,2 in the fall,& 3 in the winter of 2019. I guess we'll have to wait till then.
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    Fully interactive map available and constantly being updated since Private Beta. Full of spoilers but if you've finished the game and want to pick up those collectables!! (includes info on Hunters)
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    Just out of interest, how many hours have you put in to the game so far in a week to get to where there is nothing of interest for you to do ?. I probably have around 40 hours in it so far and am now working on finishing all the missions on challenging and hard. I also have all 12 masks to get and the exotic weapons like the Chatterbox left to do. I hear you as far as the grind goes for gear. The dev team still have not learnt that jumping up gear scores in random large leaps just results in all but the min / maxers jumping up to the top GS pretty fast and then most of the loot drops from there onwards are trash. To this end I can see the 'why bother' thoughts myself. Stuff I still want to do before giving it a rest; Max out materials for post Tidal basin drop for crafting WT5 items All Hunter masks All exotics All missions completed on challenging (about 4 done so far). All missions done on hard (should be fairly easy now). What rewards will I get for the last two... not much, maybe some materials and some mostly junk items but I know that I have been able to do it. If you have done them it would be great if you could put together a post on how to get all the masks and exotics for the community here 👍.
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    Love it, game is loads of fun. Mechanics feel smooth and the graphics are beautiful. Environment feels lush and real. Definitely would recommend game to anyone looking for a game to play.
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    Awesome. Thank you for your response.
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    Ruben is continuing his good service to the Division community with his vendor list for TD2 DC.
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    Welcome to the forums. In answer ...YES YOU CAN!! You will soon get to unlock a Barber which will have a facility in the White House for you to be able to change the general look of your character. I won't say more as it is a main side mission you get to soon.
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    You won @paulrgarrido! Respond to my private message to claim your prize.
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    I don't use the turret for damage, it's there to keep things occupied while my seekers do the damage. So I have focused on duration with it instead of damage. Since I get a 20% cooldown with every kill in cover the turret fires long enough to usually drop things when the seeker get's it low enough on health giving me my cooldown for the seeker again. I also have the talent where every kill gives me a 5% chance to instantly reset my cooldowns so with a standard 24.1 second cooldown on the seeker, and added with those two talents, I basically can fire off about 8 seekers every 10 to 20 seconds or so. They hit for around 300k each for the cluster. that's with around 100% explosive damage though. I haven't tried a specific turret build yet because getting resources to recalibrate is way too time consuming. I would love to add some DTE to my build but just aren't getting the drops for that yet. All that being said though I still can't compete with a pure DPS build in a group although with my build I have noticed we clear missions in about half the time as opposed to all DPS builds running it. I do the massive AOE damage and the rest of the group finishes everything off. The only real problem with my skill build is taking on a single target boss. Here's the build I copied.
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    Is anyone else having trouble with there level 3 control points bugging out and not giving you your blue prints, or supply rooms?
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    if you have not yet managed to see the videos out there, here is a quick overview on how to get the Legendary weapons found so far. Keys and boxes and blueprints and crafting. So first you need faction keys. These keys are usually found in tunnels in small wall boxes. They refresh once every 24 hours. Going in to someone elses game to cross farm results in getting no extra keys and resetting the 24 hour timer it seems . Once you have some keys you need to find that factions lock boxes. Opening these boxes will give part of a blueprint for a legendary item. Hyenas for example give the p90 chatterbox. Once you have all the parts you can craft if you have the materials. I am currently collecting keys and opening boxes. Some tunnels give 5+ keys whilst others only have 1 --> 2 lock boxes. South and South West seem to be the best I have found so far. Grand Washington Hotel has two Hyena lock boxes to get you started but when I played with a random group last night both were already opened. Enjoy and show us what you have got / get.
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    Yeah but that is the way with the meta. People come up with a couple of best in class build and the majority jump on then all the other stuff is never used (or by only a few 'rebels') so they nerf those couple of builds to try and push more diversity. If a player is using build A that is Uber good then the other players need to also use that build or one that counters it or they have no chance especially in PvP. The one shot sniper build was a classic example. Massive are working and testing various uses of the gear and items they put in the game but when you then release to millions of players, some very dedicated and some others with YouTube channels bringing in cash if they can find the next best combination, they are going to come up with things Massive didn't anticipate so Massive have to do something to re-balance. It is frustrating but just part and parcel of this type of on-line game. TD1 was doing it all the time.
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    yep - no blueprints, sub 500 everything. Did tidal basin last night on challenging and not one GS500 drop. - I have been treading water for a couple of weeks now. Nothing seems worth doing when the game is about to be revamped. ...gene
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    Or they could talk shit or something. That'd be a fun mechanic. Although I would never hear or see them, as I never die
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    Finally just picked the game up, had been busy working and hadn't give it much thought. So far I've seen improvement, I haven't done a great deal yet though.
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    TU 3 and Operation Dark Hours Raid) has been pushed back from April 25 to May. Falling back to assess the community feedback. THE DIVISION 2 DEVELOPMENT UPDATE: TITLE UPDATE 3.0 April 17, 2019 Agents! The reception for The Division 2 Title Update 2 and Tidal Basin has been generally positive, but we have also received a lot of feedback for improvements from our forums, Reddit, Twitter, and elsewhere. In order to fine-tune the balance of our game and to ensure the best possible player experience for everyone, we have decided to move the release of Title Update 3—including Operation Dark Hours, our 8-player Raid—from April 25 to May 2019. The final release date of Title Update 3 will be based on results from further testing and balancing of the game. Operation Dark Hours will be your biggest challenge to date, and we want to make sure that we've properly tested the large amount of balance changes that are coming to both PvE and PvP and listen to your feedback about the changes before introducing the raid. The Division 2 is a live game, and the team is committed to improve the quality of all upcoming updates. As announced on State of the Game last week, we are opening a Public Test Server (PTS) for The Division 2 on PC to test further updates and balance changes before they are released. The plan is to structure the PTS in phases, each lasting a few days and focusing on a specific part of the game. We will have surveys and dedicated forum threads (together with our traditional general and technical issues forums) to cover these topics. The PTS will be available through Uplay to anyone who owns The Division 2 on PC. Starting on Wednesday, April 17, players will be able to try out the new features and fixes coming with Title Update 3. Access to the Raid will not be part of the PTS, so as to ensure the entire community is able to discover it and compete at the same time upon release. We will announce the exact schedule of the Public Test Server and its phases over the next few days. We thank you all for your patience, and hope you are as excited as we are for the future of The Division 2. Your passion, your support, and all your feedback are incredibly appreciated, and we want to keep working with you, our community, to make the game an even better experience. Thank you again, Agents, and see you in Washington, D.C. /The Division Team
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    Ubisoft kind of admits they are making Bullet Sponges. I got this off their website: The DivisionThe Division 2 The Division 2 – Making Enemies Tougher and Friendlies Smarter by Chris Watters / April 5, 2019 / 10 minute read When the AI team at Massive Entertainment was getting ready to start in on The Division 2, they first took time to look back at what they'd accomplished in The Division. They wanted to celebrate what they'd done well, identify areas for improvement, and brainstorm new ideas that they could bring to the sequel. From this retrospective came a vision for AI in The Division 2: the enemies would be more diverse, more challenging to take on, and more satisfying to defeat, while the friendlies would be more formidable allies and more involved in the fight for Washington, DC. We talked to Lead AI Designer Drew Rechner and Lead AI Programmer Philip Dunstan, who shared details on how the AI team brought their vision to fruition. They started by looking at the enemy factions and acknowledging that, in The Division, there were some winning tactics that players developed that would be effective in most situations. To remedy this in The Division 2, they wanted to lean into one of the franchise's core strengths. Diversifying Factions "The beauty of our game is you can build your character through your gear and through your playstyle, through your weapon, all that kind of stuff. We really wanted to support different approaches in a better way than we managed in The Division," says Rechner. "And a big aspect of that is the AI and the way that they behave. So we wanted a lot more diversity in how they push you, and how they retreat, and how they flank, and how they use space, all of those things. We're trying to challenge the player in all these different ways, so they can counter-play against it in different ways." In order to differentiate the four factions – Hyenas, True Sons, Outcasts, and Black Tusk – the team developed four traits; each faction was rated on their Aggression, Organization, Training, and Tech. In the Aggression trait, for example, a faction can either be aggressive or defensive. Aggressive factions want to close in on you over the course of the fight, so they will reposition and advance more quickly, circle you when they get close, and fire for longer, uninterrupted periods. Defensive factions, on the other hand, prefer to fan out and engage you at a comfortable range; they won't reposition as often, and will shoot in shorter, less-exposed bursts. These traits come through clearly in-game, as anyone who has gone from fighting the aggressive, rush-happy Hyenas to the defensive, wide-flanking True Sons can attest. And while the Hyenas and Outcasts are both aggressive factions, being pressured by the organized Outcasts is a startling change compared to the disorganized Hyenas. Enemies are further diversified through increased archetype differentiation; which is to say, a sniper for the True Sons (uses a Marksman rifle, can go prone) will threaten the player in a different way than a sniper from the Outcasts (uses a compound bow, fires explosive arrows). This variety is especially valuable given The Division 2's emphasis on the depth and longevity of the endgame. Factions in The Division represented tiers of difficulty; this was good for increasing the challenge over the course of the campaign, but not as good when players reached the endgame and the LMB was the only faction complex enough to really challenge them. In The Division 2, "A lot of the changes we made are so people can get enjoyment out of replaying against the AI," notes Dunstan. "Using those traits, and differentiating the enemy factions by their style of combat, really helped us counterbalance the pluses and minuses to keep the factions at kind of the same level," elaborates Rechner. "That means we can put them all at the end of the game, and the players can still have all this variety." Rewarding Skill and Precision Tactics, traits, and enemy types can make foes more challenging and diverse, but the team also wanted to refresh the moment-to-moment gameplay to make combat more satisfying for players. To make landing shots feel more impactful, they added more pronounced hit reactions for enemies, including more flinching and staggering, as well as body part-specific death animations. They also made enemies dodge and duck more to challenge the players' aim, and added weak points to more enemies, which reward players who hit them by damaging the enemy and disabling their ability to, say, throw grenades or revive allies. Finally, they implemented a new, destructible armor-plating system to create narrative context for why high-health enemies can take so much damage. Not only is it satisfying to blow off an armor plate, it's also a good tactic that enables skilled players to take down tougher foes more quickly. In fact, Rechner says that the time it takes to kill enemies is faster in The Division 2. "To me, it really means that the highly skilled players are going to be able to kill NPCs quicker than they could before. So we're really rewarding accuracy, really rewarding tactical awareness, those things. But enemy survivability is about the same as it was in The Division. If you take into account inaccuracy with weapons – because they're ducking and dodging and stuff like that, plus they're a little bit smarter in how they move and how they pressure you – when you actually land a hit, it has meaning, right? It feels really good. And if you worked really hard to hone your skill, or you worked really hard to get that advantageous position, there's a payoff." Who Are The People in Your Neighborhood? Enemy factions weren't the only focus of the AI teams' efforts. They also wanted to revamp the friendly NPCs, making them more involved in the world around them and more independent. The isolated encounters with people rummaging in the trash or arguing over a can of food made narrative sense in the immediate aftermath of the pandemic in The Division, but the team knew things would be different seven months later in Washington, DC. "In The Division, it was just civilians," recalls Dunstan. "You got the impression that there were a lot of civilians behind the scenes and everyone was scared to come out, and you just got a few desperate people that were on the street. For The Division 2, we really wanted to reinforce this idea of communities banding together and fighting back. It just adds so much more depth to that emotional part of the world." To give the people a purpose, the team created Living World Activities. On a practical level, these are sequences of objectives for groups of NPCs to perform. A group travels through the open world, approaches a resource site, gathers resources, travels back to safety, and despawns discreetly. Strung together, these objectives form a cohesive Living World Activity called Gather Resources. These activities govern group behavior, and within the group, each NPC is assigned a duty. These might be activity-specific, like resource-gatherer, or they could be contextual, like taking patrol duty when traveling to the site, then switching to overwatch duty once they arrive. The overwatch duty sends the assigned NPC to an elevated position, and because the level designers know the AI team has created this duty, they can populate the environment with opportunities for this systemic behavior to happen. They know that if they design an area to have, say, a shipping container with some sandbags on top, then a friendly NPC will use it for overwatch. This connection makes the NPCs smarter about their environment, providing stronger context for their actions and strengthening the sense that they live in this world. Doing It On Their Own But what happens if a group of Hyenas is patrolling the area during their own Living World Activity (yes, the bad guys live in this world too), and they run across our resource-gatherers? Then everyone's combat behaviors kick in. The sniper on overwatch duty starts shooting, until an enemy gets too close and their sniper behavior tells them to put more distance between them and their foe. The resource-gatherer drops their box of food and starts fighting as well, perhaps assuming a combat-specific duty at the mounted gun. When the dust settles, the victors resume their Living World Activity. The Hyenas go back on patrol; the resource-gatherer picks up the box of food, tops it off, and starts their journey back home with their fellow survivors. The key here is context and continuity. These people know where they are the world. They have a reason for being there, and they are going to see their mission through whether the player is involved or not. So if you see a group of friendlies out and about, you might just jog on by. You might do the jumping jacks emote to pep them up. Or you might decide to tag along. "You don't have to get involved as a player," Rechner says, "but the reason why a lot of people do is that it's unpredictable. They don't know where the AI is going, so it's like adventure is in store, right? You don't know what's going to happen, and it's often going to play out differently. And I think it feels really good to help out these civilians who, in turn, actually help you out, too." Dunstan recalls a moment just before the private beta when a civilian did just that: "I'm doing one of the control points, and we had just cleared it, so enemy reinforcements are coming in. And one of the civilian reinforcements took up the mounted gun and just started mowing down the guys coming in. And it's like, I don't need to be here. This is really cool. I feel like they're capable, and the fact that it was using the system that we put in place to let them have that ability was just really cool." Sweat the Small Stuff The improvements and innovations that the AI team developed and implemented for The Division 2 have had wide-ranging impact, and that's due in part to the team's understanding that sometimes the small stuff can have a big effect. When asked if there was any of the team's work that they were particularly happy with, Dunstan was quick to answer. "As part of updating the AI dialogue system, we moved all of the dialogue decision-making to the server. So now, if you're playing co-op with friends, you will hear the same lines as your friends. This is something that, as a co-op player, you don't really notice. It feels natural to you. But on The Division, we didn't have that. We decided which line to play differently on everyone's machine, so they may have heard slightly different lines. And one of the first videos we saw coming out of the Division 2 closed beta was people commenting on the lines. They all heard the same lines, and they were riffing off the lines that they heard. For us, that was a big win. It was quite a lot of work, but we knew if would be important to create that immersion." So now, when you and your co-op buddy share a laugh over the enemy who taunted you just before you took him down, you'll know who to thank. The Division 2 is out now on Xbox One, PC, and PS4. For more on the latest updates, check out our previous Division 2 coverage.
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    I'm unbelievably happy about how this game has turned out for starters. Whilst the main story doesn't seem as engaging, the further I've got into it, the more echos and recordings I've found the more detailed its become. I feel more main story has been moved away from the missions and into these collectables. Also to note that the "story" itself doesn't really hit until end game with only hints in the collectables really. The main focus of LZ 1-30 life is .. life. An actual duty to protect the civilians and enhance their abilities to not only survive but thrive. I feel this is a nice touch as the first game, no matter what you did...there were always sorry civilian scavengers and you never felt like you're making an actual difference. Friends are trying to boost me to level 30...I'm resisting... I want to absorb the LZ in my own time! I'm at level 27 and struggling with the skills shutdown/cooldown cycling issue so taking a break from really grinding until that's fixed.
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    Yeah shoot me the model and I'll see what I can dig up.
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    Fully agree. Would not take time off for the Beta specifically, just happens to overlap with the time I have taken off for CNY luckily. Strange as the Alpha also just happened to match with time I have already booked off for something else. I wont be taking time off for the launch though, especially as for me the Beta is only available at 8pm so if go-live is around the same time it would make no sense 😊.