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  1. Yes, I have noticed this as well, sometimes the damn thing doesn't show where to go.
  2. Hmm, I thought it was cool. I like that they incorporated The Division, but yeah, SNL has gone to shit lately. It's mostly just Trump bashing these days.
  3. Hey dude, been along time. Nice to see you back here.
  4. I noticed I get alot of enemies getting raptured after I kill them
  5. Ubisoft disses flath earthers lol. Found this in some printers in a mission.
  6. This was pretty good
  7. Bout to start the game up, will update it if it's been fixed. UPDATE: It's fixed! I am able to interact with the console and reactivate the SHD network! Now I can progress! Thanks Daddy Ubisoft! 😁
  8. Think you meant to post this in the division 2 forums. Also, we cannot do anything about this, we are not ubisoft. This is a fan forum. Moved to the correct forum.
  9. haha, I like this guy. This is every current triple A game right now, best thing to do is find the game that makes it most enjoyable.
  10. I love how these "journalists" can find politics in anything. Like everything to them has these hidden agendas when in all actuality, they're just meant to be fun and make the developers money. The developers know what their consumers want, and that's what they give them. This person is an absolute moron. This made me lol
  11. I'll start it, dont have much yet
  12. Here's a cool uniform I found from a hidden side mission:
  13. Pretty sure it's around level 20. Let me know, I'd like to get it fixed asap