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  1. [ETF] - Elite TaskForce is recruiting for xbox players. We are currently 17 members strong and looking to expand even further. You can either reach out to me here or on xbox, my GT is FoxHound775. Looking forward to seeing you out on the field, Agents. SHDFoxHound out.
  2. Not much to say that hasn't already been posted. Unfortunately, I was not able to catch a picture or screenshot of my character before the OB Servers were shut down, yes very punctual about that. But was Very excited that I was able to loot a Superior AS-12, MDR as well as M92R along side my nearly finished Superior gear hold for a specialized mask and knee pads. In short, very please with both beta runs with the exception of major bugs with audio and graphical assets which made rendering a B and models look like box characters from 16bit PSX.
  3. There is a joke going round that MntDew GameFuel was only possible by the tears of pwnd DZ players. Could this be true?
  4. I would like to agree with this analysis. I recall The End is NY far too well.