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  1. That's why I save up first to buy the season pass before they go up in price or buy the deluxe edition with the season pass added to it on some games.
  2. I thought I just posted something like this the other day??
  3. Well I guess so. Here's what Future Game Releases had to say about that: The Division 2 cannot and shouldn’t be compared to other looter shooters at all Angel Kicevski March 19, 2019 The Division 2 is probably one of the best looter-shooter video games ever released on the market. Since the get-go, the game easily stands out from others in the same genre. It is quite easy to judge and compare the current success to other video game’s failures. The Division 2 success is something far more compared to others. There are many things to list, however, we would love to keep it short and give a couple of features The Division 2 offers, but also make a little comparison against others. So far, the current stance is that no other looter shooter MMO has managed to achieve something like this, even if this early in release. It appears like Massive and all the others working on The Division 2 have learned upon their mistakes made throughout its original title. Story Mode During this segment of gameplay, you’ll find the game quite pleasing and not punishing at all. Meaning, it is only the beginning of the journey. However, when you start progressing and upgrading your character, you will receive a punch. That most likely happens after the World Tier progression. World Tier Progress and Specialization Even though it’s a part of the leveling process, to further upgrade your character you need to advance through higher World Tiers. After the invasion of the Black Tusk, the main missions change their integrity and gameplay, which gives the players a completely unique feel. The game’s advancement system feels pretty requiring and pushes the player to grind its way through. Which is an expected purpose of the MMO genre. For the first time in the franchise, The Division 2 offers Specializations. Advancing to World Tier 2 will unlock them, allowing the player to choose from three in-game specs. This will allow them to have special abilities alongside their weapon arsenal. After the invasion and its completion by the player, they can swarm through DC and find out how many people of the Black Tusk faction actually set a foothold in DC. They remain as a core theme, contributing to a bigger gameplay variety. Again, this means more content and not a repetitive one. Throughout this whole process, players do not need to worry about traveling, since their fast travel allows them to hop onto another mission as soon as they completed the previous one. This allows them to get to end-game a lot faster. After getting to World Tier 4, the game starts to become a lot more interesting. Grinding your way through is what makes the game feel unique, so as the game modes in which players could participate to gain extra loot. Comparison to Other Games Compared to Anthem, The Division 2 was more unique since the launch. Once you get to the second World Tier, you can easily lock down how much content it actually offers. There are countless of side and main missions, including a couple of Strongholds who are determined as high-end gameplay missions. Something Anthem was missing from the get-go. Something Destiny tried to offer but without success. Making it look this unique, surely provides the player with refreshing gameplay, despite the faction invasion after the World Tier advance. Game Modes The Division 2 has numerous game modes, offering different player activities. With a huge variety and open-world gameplay, players could choose from a wide spectrum of ventures. The missions gain other difficulties which are a lot harder, giving the player a chance to obtain better loot. Bounties, Missions, Strongholds, everything is on the touch of your hand. There are plenty of them to choose from. Not to mention the Control Points, who are on the verge of a retake by enemy factions. For information on this topic go to this Link or Website here: What I liked about The Division 2 it added more factions to the game than The Division 1. By the way Private Joker I'm not simple or stupid......I know what you mean !!!
  4. Okay Joker those games you mention like Warframe & Destiny I never played and I wouldn't know. But I mostly play survival ,survival sci-fi, military survival,or post-apocalyptic type role-playing video games. Like Fallout 1,Fallout 2,Fallout Tactics,Fallout 3,Fallout : New Vegas,Fallout 4,Fallout 76,Rage 1,Rage 2,Wolfenstein 1,Wolfenstein 2,Ghost Recon Future Soldier,Battlefield 4,Call of Duty Infinite Warfare,The Division 1, & ect. But I will admit in my opinion only I never really thought that The Division 1 & The Division 2 were thought as looter shooters to me. I played them like I was part of the games and never ever gave it a second thought that it was a looter shooter type game. Because I played them like they were a survival type game than a looter shooter like you mention before & I'll leave it at that.
  5. The Division 2: How to Use the Level 30 Character Boost:from by Mina Smith – on Feb 13, 2020 in Gaming News, Strategy Guides Along with the update 1.16 on February 12th, The Division 2 added some in-game bonuses for everyone who preordered the DLC. The bonuses are included only if players preorder before April 3, and it includes a level 40 shotgun, an NYC police uniform outfit, and a level 30 boost. But when access to the preorder bonuses went live on the 12th, some players had a hard time figuring out how to get the level 30 boost to work. The Level 30 Boost In the upcoming expansion DLC Warlords of New York, the level cap will rise to level 40. The boost will bring new or old characters up to the current level cap to help them catch up. This level boost will help players who are moving consoles, getting the game for the first time, or just want to start over without having to grind levels before the DLC drops. With the game nearly free right now, the Division 2 is only about $3 on all consoles and PC, there will be a ton of new players who will find this boost helpful. How to Get the Boost Getting the boost on a character is not exactly intuitive. The instructions are a little ambiguous, but there are two ways to boost a character to 30. If a character already exists in the game, players will need to boost their character from the store. First, open The Division 2 on whatever system that the DLC has been purchased for. Next, go to the in-game store, and look at the content purchased for the game– it will look slightly different depending on what system players are using. If players have preordered the DLC, there should be a boost button for existing characters there. For more information on this topic go to this Link or Website here:
  6. Okay Joker when you find loot do you keep it? Or do you sell it to The Division traders do also buy from the traders? If you do than it's not just a looter shooter type game in total 100% percent. There is a little bit of both in this game my best guess is this loot 33 % percent,selling 33% percent,buying 33% percent or less and 1% percent of something else. So it's not 100% percent looter shooter as you see it. I'm sorry I just don't see it that way. To me I don't see 100% percent of just looter shooter type game. Plus what about gathering stuff for the control points like water,food,& parts that you give to the control point officers & Base of Operation mission where you donate or trade stuff to get points. That's where the trade part comes in. Plus the protect part in the game with you protect the control points from in coming enemies. So I can't see a 100% percent just looter shooter type game at all. Sorry Joker I just disagree with 100% percent.I do agree with some of the things you say.....but not all. I just don't see it that way. Joker do you agree to disagree and leave it at that. Because I do not wish to discuss , argue, or talk any further & leave at that okay. You have your point of view & I have mine. Let's leave it at that if that's fine with you.Thank you.
  7. Well they released episode 3 today & Coney Island has been added. I haven't played it they added new exotics & new named weapons & gear to the game along with some new classified missions & a new faction called The Warlords of New York city.
  8. You may like it ........but I don't & it doesn't make me to want to come back to the game at all !!! It make want to leave and not want to come back.The game is not all looter shooter type game. It's a looter shooter,buy,sell,trade,& protect type of game. I don't mind grinding for the whole exotic weapon & gear.......but I hate to grind for parts.Which is a lot harder to get,find,& locate which I hate the most. It's okay if you like it......but I HATE it !!!
  9. Yes He does play a small role in DC & there is more coming on Aaron Keener coming in episode 3. That's the most I can tell you for now.
  10. I guess this is the new faction that Ubisoft was talking about online. The Division 2 new Faction Warlords of New York. I guess they are similar to The Warriors of New York which is a real gang in New York city. Yes just like the movie "The Warriors a 1979 movie " I saw when I was young.
  11. The Division 2: Who is Aaron Keener?:from & by Cameron Corliss – on Feb 11, 2020 in Video Game Previews, Gaming News With a slew of new content getting ready to drop in The Division 2, excitement over the game's future is finally beginning to build. With the ann0uncement of Warlords of New York, The Division 2's next big story expansion, fans will be returning to NYC, where they'll see quite a few familiar faces from the first game, including Aaron Keener. However, for newer fans of the franchise, it may not be clear who exactly that is. Keener is a rogue Division agent that has become a major player in The Division's narrative. He was featured as a primary antagonist in the first game, and will continue to have a major role throughout Warlords of New York, in which players are tasked with taking him down. Keener is noted as highly personable and an excellent military strategist, which made him an ideal candidate for The Division before going rogue, and explains how he was able to draw other agents to his cause. According to Ubisoft, Keener isn't a black and white character. As players progress through Warlords of New York, and possibly earning seasonal rewards, they'll steadily learn more about Keener and the other warlord's ambitions, which come from more of a moral grey area than many players might expect. "Throughout the collectibles, cinematics, and cutscenes, we have a full extent of tools to tell their motives and their personalities," Chloé Hammoud, The Division 2's world content manager, told Game Rant in an interview, "What's interesting with the expansion is being able to show that being a rogue agent isn't necessarily black and white. [Aaron Keener] has his reasons, and so do the other rogue agents as well." Even with other rogue agents being heavily featured in the expansion, Keener will still be the star of the show, Hammoud explained, "He has a hand on every one of his rogue agents, so it's going to be really interesting for the players to dig into every story." For Ubisoft, the goal is to have players question whether or not Keener is on the wrong or right side. For those unfamiliar, Keener disavowed the Division after being abandoned in the Dark Zone while trying to get a group of civilians to safety. During an ambush, Keener radioed for JTF reinforcements but was denied. After a Molotov thrown during the ambush killed everyone but Keener, he made the decision to go rogue, setting many of the post-outbreak narrative events in The Division in motion. For more information go to this Link or Website here: Warlords of New York || Improvements & Endgame || The Division 2: from
  13. This Week in The Division 2 – January 30: from 30 January 2020 Agents! We’re back with another edition of This Week in The Division 2, your one stop place to stay up to date with everything The Division 2. Today we’ll summarize yesterday’s State of the Game, which focused on Episode 3 releasing for free this February. Maintenance No maintenance was performed this week. We are investigating player reports that the Kenly College chapel is not opening after clearing all three investigation areas. Don’t forget to follow us on @UbisoftSupport and @TheDivisionGame for maintenance updates. You can find all patch notes and server status updates on our official forums. Episode 3 This week’s State of the Game focused on Episode 3 – a free content update coming to The Division 2 in February. Episode 3 will bring two new main missions and a new specialization equipped with a flamethrower signature weapon. On top of the free content, Year 1 Pass owners will also gain access to two new classified assignments located in Coney Island and instant unlock of the new Firewall specialization. As with all narrative content, Year 1 Pass owners will have 7 days early access to the missions. Episode 3 will bring you to Coney Island, NYC to rescue a scientist held in captivity by the Black Tusk, as The Division believes that this man is key to finding a cure for the Green Poison. The Cleaner faction will make their first appearance in The Division 2 with Episode 3. Veterans of The Division will be very familiar with this faction, not least due to their ruthless nature and iconic flamethrowers. The Firewall specialization will bring the most recent signature weapon in the SHD arsenal - the K8-JetStream flamethrower. Firewall is a specialization for the close quarter specialist that likes to get up close and personal with their enemies. For additional details on the specialization itself, see our dedicated article and live gameplay is available to watch on our State of the Game VoD. The Chameleon exotic assault rifle will also become available in Episode 3, and we are keen to see what new builds it will spark. Assault Rifle Talent: Adaptive Instincts Hitting 30 headshots grants +20% critical hit chance and +50% critical hit damage for 45s. Hitting 60 body shots grants +100% weapon damage for 45s. Hitting 30 leg shots grants +150% reload speed for 45s. Talent: Overlap While holstered, gain +5% weapon handling Changes color based on the environment. We are all very excited for you to get hands on with Episode 3 and we hope to see you in Coney Island! For more information go to this Link or Website here: