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  1. I believe so that you have to get to level 30 to get a specialize weapon.
  2. Gene while your working on War-Frame. I been looking online for post-apocalyptic role-playing video games & World War 3 type games for my Xbox One & PS4 consoles to play. Once in a great while I might play The Division 2,Fallout 4,Rage 1 & 2,Metro Exodus,& Fallout 76. But in the meantime I'll be playing Rage 2 along with The Division 2.
  3. Yeah it was like that too Gene. When I was playing The Division 1 and stop for months. Ubisoft would e-mail me the same way. P.s. Gene did you see the picture of minigun I posted in:I think there are 3 things missing from The Division 2 Ubisoft put one in for the agents in The Division 2.
  4. No pictures......but you have to join Twitch Prime to get it. P.s. There are pictures of the outfit....but I didn't post any.
  5. Yeah I saw it and wasn't to sure if I could claim it or not?
  6. I agree with that user friendly and with more available specialize ammo to found and to have. Like putting in a specialize ammo reload box or even better than that be available & sellable by vendors.
  7. Well I rather use the flamethrower than my turret. Unless my turret could get up and walk around like in Rage 1 that uses a Spider turret that walks & shoots. About modifying your specialize weapon I can't see why not. Plus I would like to keep the specialize ammo after I find it & when I login & logout . Because when you logout you your not able to keep it when you log back into the game. Which I don't think that's fair that Ubisoft had to do it that way.
  8. Read this post by clicking it on below. Where it said :World Tier 2 now.: This post will tell you how you get the specialize ammo.
  9. What I would like to see next is a flamethrower would be nice & fun to have.
  10. Mine was like yours G36 Custom. Yeah I like it too until they nerfed it. Which I don't understand why Ubisoft keeps on doing that with each update they install.
  11. Here's a pic of me and my Minigun in The Division 2 & I think it's cool.: It does hold at lease 150 rounds of ammo in one round clip & the Minigun does fold up. Oh yeah it's a specialize weapon you need to pick it up at the White House next to the Quartermaster's counter.
  12. Oh I just like these type of guns in video games. It makes the video game more interesting & fun to play.
  13. Hey guys I got my wish they are putting in a Minigun for Agents. I guest Ubisoft was listening and reading our posts!!!😛