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  1. Yeah Gene I agree with that. Yesterday I just finish my 160 points in my Specialize Sniper weapons section I guest can move on & finish the other Specialize weapons section & finish all their points. Since I open all 3 up. Because I wasn't too sure on what I wanted be in the first place. So I open all them. Greedy ain't I.
  2. I don't know if this true or not. But Exotic rate for PC players finding blueprints,parts,& whole weapons is 50% percent.When It comes to Console players the rate of finding blueprints,parts,& whole weapons is 10 to 20% percent. Because I ask some console players that if the they have found any exotic blueprints,parts,& whole weapons 4 out of 5 said no they haven't.
  3. There's one thing I don't like a whole lot is Ubisoft nerfing our weapons & mods. My magazines/clips are down from 30 rounds to 10 & 20 on different calibers from 5.56mm to 7.62mm. It's bad enough we run out ammo very quickly in game.I rather carry more ammo than running out of ammo. Like Gene said the shotguns are almost useless in game. Even some of the sniper rifles don't do as much damage as they use too. I another thing I hate in the game is Specialize weapons ammo. Why is it all gone when we log out & log back into the game. Why can't keep Specialize ammo that we find after we log out & login to the game.
  4. If your having trouble with the Hyena's Bank Headquarters Campus Main Mission youtube walkthrough. Here's the Hyena's Campus Main Mission from youtube:
  5. I wish games were more realistic when comes to people. Most people seen in life not all slim & muscular. They do get overweight now & then. It's only fair if they put that into video games. Because makes the game look & feel real.
  6. I notice another thing. Where are the fat people?? Ever play any game online or offline single or multiplayer. I never see any overweight/fat people in any game I ever played. Everyone is either slim or muscular.......but no fat people.
  7. Yeah I know it's funny isn't it . Well it's true or at lease it feels like it.
  8. Yeah I know. I now got a gear score of 500 and I already re-calibrated most of my gear to 515.
  9. Players that are having problems with the Black Tusks Bank Headquarters Mission. Here it is from youtube:
  10. Thanks for doing that. A lot players like me have been having trouble with their missions. Some of the players I team up with couldn't find the entrance to the next part of the mission. That diamond icon that suppose to show you where to go & what to do. Sometimes it doesn't show up at times or is a little hard to find in the right places.
  11. Problems with your mission and don't know how to finish name of the mission here. I'll see if I can find a solution on Youtube. Say you have problem with Roosevelt Island Stronghold Mission and can't find the fuel tanks & how to destroy them. Well here's the solution here with this video from Youtube: The Division 2 - Roosevelt Island Stronghold Story Mission Because I myself had problems locating the fuel tanks & destroying them.
  12. I think videos like this one will help players that don't understand & get confuse on what to do in my next topic. I'll post another video & start another topic on these matters. It's only to help those who have problems with each mission they don't understand or get confuse on what to do in there next mission. Because who ever wrote these missions didn't put any debriefing notes or hints on how to do each mission properly. I myself had to guest on what do next on most missions I have done already. I don't why Ubisoft didn't think of this in the first place.When they wrote,produce, & program Tom Clancy's The Division 2 before they release it.
  13. Gene wrote: OK, I will admit to cheery picking but this is complete BS. While friendly NPCs are bullet sponges (stupid, stupid, stupid) they also act stupidly. Take for instance the hammer guy, he needs to smack a NPC 3 to 4 times before the NPC appears hurt. BS. I got armor and I get hit once and I am almost dead or I am dead. I kind of agree with Gene. When I get hit by the hammer guy once or twice I'm dead already. But the friendly NPCs keep on going even they get hit more than 3 or 4 times. I time find this game is a little unfair to all us players. I even find this game set even in normal play can get a little hard on us all times. At times I felt like giving up & not playing this game ever again. I don't mind a little challenge now & then. But not all the time. I wish Ubisoft was more fair to all of us players and not so unfair to us. Now I can see why some players in The Division 1 were using cheats & cheat codes to get through the game in the last Division. Yes they did get ban for cheating and I don't blame them for cheating. If in the new DLC that's coming out next month doesn't make fair changes in this game and makes it harder to play. I just might quit. That's what happen in The Division 1 from this website: Ubisoft's much anticipated online-only open-world third-person shooter The Division launched to critical acclaim in March 2016. By June—only three months later—the game had lost 93 percent of its player-base. So this could happen again in The Division 2 if Ubisoft doesn't watch out.