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  1. I hate this Bozo the clown apparel . I'm more for the military type apparel than this junk...sorry all. If I wanted dress up like Bozo the Clown I would have join a circus than The Division 2.Plus your more of an easy target with bright color on. No wonder the NPC's enemies shoot at you if wear that!!
  2. Well I'm good with puzzles before I played The Division 1 & 2. I played Safecracker 1 & 2. Well here some gameplay from both Safecracker 1 & 2. As seen here: Sorry this Safecracker 2 is a German version I couldn't find the English version. Which I played.
  3. Well if your looking for SHD Tech I found all of mine and turn it all in months ago.
  4. Try not to get shot by the enemy NPCs & try to avoid them if you can.
  5. Yeah have to shoot the lock off the door with a sniper rifle from the Tower. Look for sign that said Looters on it. That's where the plywood is to climb over it to get in. After you shoot the lock off door with the sniper rifle from the tower.
  6. Yeah I found my way in. You don't need a rope to get in. You walk around it till you find a place you can jump up on. You'll will see a door locked with yellow bicycle lock on it. Shoot the lock off. Go to where there's a big sheet of plywood climb over the plywood & open the door to get in.
  7. I was on the other day and found Fallout 4 for just by itself is about $14.00 for Fallout 4 G.O.T.Y. is $25.00. But do an online search for Fallout 4 you can find it for this much:
  8. I notice how many views this topic has 657 views. Now that's a lot of views on this topic !!! When I'm in forums I might get a little over 400 views there on most of my topics . It amazing on how many I get here. Thanks guys & gals !!!
  9. I was wondering does anyone know anything about Starfield game from Bethesda Game Studios? I'm asking this because I play & buy a lot Bethesda's games besides The Division 1 & 2 games made by Ubisoft.
  10. You are free to say what you think about the new & upcoming events coming in 2020 from this video. Thank you.
  11. Here's a Sneak Peek on an upcoming event in The Division 2.
  12. It was not easy to get my first exotic weapon on The Division 1. It took me a whole year to get one. I had to go into the Dark Zone a.k.a ( The Dead Zone) which I called it. I just killed a boss and pick up & looted a Hungry Hog light machinegun & got to the pick up area. But was unable to keep it because two jerks jumped me & killed me and took the dam thing. Boy I was pissed that this had to happen to me. After the next update I manage to get another one by going on these special missions. But compare to The Division 2 & The Division 1 it was a little easier to get one than it is in TD2.Yeah I'm complaining again about not finding all the parts & plans to put together a full exotic weapon yet. So I think it was a lot better in The Division 1 get an exotic weapon than it is now in The Division 2 which is much,much harder for me to get just one exotic weapon. Which I truly think it very unfair for Ubisoft to do it this way !!!
  13. I been collecting & finding parts to gear sets......But a lot them having a low gear score below 500 GS. But haven't come across any with analysis or intelligence on the gear sets yet. So far I haven't found full gear sets yet either.
  14. I myself would love see a single player video game from The Division series. That way I can play it my way without playing PvP and just play PvE. If a spin off from The Division 1 & 2 is really well made from Ubisoft & sort of a little like Fallout series & Rage 1 & 2 with post- apocalyptic feel to it. I would definitely buy it & play it.
  15. The Division 2 Director Polls Fans on Single-Player Spin Off from The Division series director Julian Gerighty has fans speculating after asking them for their thoughts on a single-player game in the series. One idea for a single-player Division game was described as a mix of The Division lore with the atmosphere and narrative style of The Last of Us, the hugely popular PlayStation exclusive game from Naughty Dog. On Twitter, Tim Spencer, level director at LEGO Star Wars developer TT Games, said that he would “love” to see a “single-player narrative-driven spin-off” of The Division. Spencer’s idea for the game’s story would star a Division agent as they try to “get home to their family after being sent to NYC, during the SHD blackout from the fall of DC.” The game could “explore what a Division agent sacrifices” and the character could also be “haunted by nightmares of what could have happened to their family, because they answered the call of the SHD, so weren’t there to protect them during the fall.” For more information on this go to this website here: