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  1. If I was British this would be my British Commando look. As seen here:
  2. Thank you for explaining it further. Now I understand what you're talking about.
  3. I myself look at these 2 videos from YouTube and I couldn't tell much on the differences of 4K & 8K video enhancement of the two. It could be the 8K is a little sharper than the 4K.......maybe. That's all I could see so far. We'll have to wait & see till November 15th of 2020.
  4. So what differences between 4K & 8K on the New PS 5 & Xbox 2 consoles and your present day 4K console !! Watch this YouTube video and see differences between the New & Old Consoles from YouTube. Let's take a look here: Is 8K worth it or not. You can see the differences here:
  5. Okay I have ask question on this. What does the Cloud gaming service have to do with the New PS 5 & the New Xbox Two consoles?? Because I'm a little confuse here on what your saying here on this Type of Cloud gaming service & I never heard of the Cloud gaming services & It's new to me.Can explain more on this service and how it would affect any new gaming consoles doing the years of 2020 & 2021 if you can,Please?? Thank you.
  6. Sony Wants To Move PS4 Players To PS5 Faster Than In Previous Generations from With PS5, Sony aims for "a scale and a pace that we've never delivered on before." The PlayStation 4 has been a huge success for Sony, recently becoming the second-best selling console ever--only behind the PlayStation 2. Sony is looking to segue that into success for its next generation. New PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says the company's main goal is to move the community from the current generation to the PlayStation 5 more quickly than it has in the past. Referencing the success of the PS4, Ryan told about leveraging the strong brand to the next gen. For more information on this subject go to this link:
  7. Well I was looking up the new Xbox Two & release date. I found that the Xbox Two is coming out on the same day the PS 5 is coming out. As you can see here: The Xbox Two Release Date will be in November 15, 2020 (Updated Release Date) or sooner. The Xbox One X represents the first iterative console release within a single generation, but it's not a next generation console. . When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, everybody was expecting it, but when Phil Spencer took the stage at the end of E3 2016 and announced Xbox One X, we had some serious news on our hands. He promised "the most powerful console ever built." It's nice, but it's not the Xbox 2. Let's talk about when Microsoft will take that next step. Xbox Two is Code-named Scarlett and It's Coming in 2020 At the end of the Microsoft press conference for E3 2018, Phil Spencer dropped the bomb that Microsoft is indeed hard at work on the next Xbox. Another rumor surface shortly thereafter, claiming that the Xbox 2 is code-named Scarlett and is a family of devices. This rumor, first revealed by Thurrott, also claims that Scarlett will be releasing in 2020, which is right in line with our predictions. While we're still uncertain what "family of devices" means, it could point towards a set of consoles like what we have now with Xbox One, the S, and the X. It could also leverage cloud streaming to offer a mobile element, since we know Microsoft is working on this technology to bring AAA titles to all manner of connected devices. For more information go to this link here:
  8. What do you think of the New PlayStation 5 coming out & PS5: 10 Important Unanswered Questions We Still Have from Plus the Release date November 15th 2020 from YouTube. Does it look cool & what do you think of this all digital PlayStation 5? Yes It's all digital !! Would like it to be more or less digital or not? I believe the Release date on this console is coming out November 15th 2020.
  9. I found the Outcasts to be crazy,angry,cruel,& hateful. I love killing them the most!!! The Ambushers are scavengers & not much of a threat & most of time are easy to kill.
  10. To start this off. I'm going to say Hello to Oh. daesu since I see you on here the most. If you see this say hello or hi.
  11. Masterminds behind the Black Tusk? || Story / Speculation || The Division 2 & Who are they? from YouTube:
  12. How are Division Agents Chosen? || Lore / Story || The Division 2 & Origins: YouTube & Wiki. Agent Origins From Wiki Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins is a four-part web-series produced by Ubisoft in conjunction with Corbis Entertainment and Corridor Digital to promote their video game Tom Clancy's The Division. The series was also released in a stand-alone short film format. Plot The stand-alone film version begins with a scene of a couple dumping a body near The North Western Casket Company building. They are spotted by Clip who after questioning them about their contact with the infected, radios in his fellow workers. Unbeknownst to the couple, they are the Cleaners who kill and burn anyone who has been infected.As the New York City breaks down amidst the Green Poison epidemic, a pandemic alert is declared and Directive 51 is issued by President Waller. Secret Strategic Homeland Division agent John leaves to get his SHD gear after learning about the outbreak on the news. The prisoners on Rikers Island meanwhile break out and flee to New York City.At Mia's home, Saj blurts out his conspiracy theory to her and her partner Carter about the government having a contingency plan to deal with a societal breakdown by activating government sleeper agents. Ironically, Saj later turns out to be correct. As they are eating a pizza, a looter barges in after smelling it but is killed by Mia who is activated and told to rendezvous with other agents.It turns out the Rikers have taken hostages after ambushing a Joint Task Force aid camp. Everett stumbles upon a van while he is out looking for supplies. He takes the medical supplies but is stopped by his buddy Michael who later realizes his identity. As he looks for morphine to help decrease the pain for a loved one of Michael, he hands him over the medical supply bag which is stolen by a thief.Everett chases after the thief who is joined by another accomplice during the pursuit. As he catches up to them he realizes they were siblings out looking for medical supplies for their sick mother. After he hands them some antibiotics, he learns that he has been activated and is told to rendezvous with other agents.Daryl while trying to obtain drinking water for dwellers in the building by triggering the sprinkler system, learns that he has been activated. The other dwellers are killed by the Cleaners and he is also ambushed after he retrieves his gear. He is able to kill all the attackers but encounters a Cleaner with a flamethrower.After slashing through his helmet, he pushes the Cleaner into a pile of infected corpses. The other Cleaners reach the spot after Daryl has escaped and burn the infected Cleaner alive. John, Mia, Everett and Daryl later hook up to investigate the JTF camp site.There they are able to eliminate all the Rikers and free the hostages. After witnessing an explosion in the distance, they check their ammo which turns out to be low. A surviving JTF officer hands them over some supplies and sends them on their way. Episode list Ashes Conspiracies Escape Pursuit Cast Matt Lynch as John Amanda Day as Mia Sasha Andreev as Everret Danny Mason as Daryl Terra Michilot as "Teenage Girl" Jasper Morgan as "Teenage Boy" Brook Harris as Michael (credited as NYPD Policeman) Helen Chorolec as "Sick Mother" Monica Scott as Trisha Aundrea Smith as Sarah Glenn Ratcliffe as President Waller Paul Carpenter as "Chief of Staff" Wren Wrenchman, Eli Cuevas, Nick Laurant as "Secret Service Agents" Steve Kuza as "News Reporter" Punnavit Koy, Tyler Evans, Scott Brault, Kim Derider, Dan Delano, Andy Morgan, Matt Mavarro, Josh Johnson, Donald Bunnell, Lee Fealy, Collin Cooper, Devin Lundeen, Jake Watson as "Riker Escapees" Gregory Lundeen and Ernie Ellis as "Rikers Guards" Nick Hansen as Daniel (credited as mourner) Larissa Gritti as Sarah (credited as mourner) H. T. Altman as Clip Alex Barbatsis and Derrick Nguyen as "Dwellers" Rhett Renolds and Joseph Munsinger as "Flame Cleaners" Andy Morgan, Jon Enge and Jake Watson as Cleaners Fred Wilzlo, Peter Park, Dan Larson, Carlos Espinoza, Nate Elliot as "JTF Guards" Max Sjoberg, Laura Erdman-Luntz, Zach Erdman-Luntz and Rachel Harder as "Hostages" For more information on this subject go to: