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  1. Title update 6.1 New 4 Outfits Sneak Peek from Ubisoft 10 Dec.2019. Here they are: These are the four New Outfits we are getting with the 6.1 update December 10th 2019 for The Division 2. I think some these Outfits look really cool.
  2. Will Next Generation PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett Consoles Have More Remakes from by Daniel Richardson – on Dec 04, 2019 in GR Originals Remakes and remasters seem to be everywhere, and they have undoubtedly made their mark on the gaming market in recent years. Like all games, different remakes spark varying critical and player response. Most recently, the new MediEvil remake received middling reviews because the game was almost too close to the original, bar the visuals. In these instances, some may insist that backward compatibility would be preferred so that the original can be appreciated as a product of its time, while others enjoy reinvesting and seeing new changes. Interestingly, the next generation consoles PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett are also divided on remakes and backwards compatibility. For more information go to this website here:
  3. I agree they should have snow in The Division 2.........but The Division 1 has snow already in it's game. I think both Divisions 1 & 2 should have all 4 seasons in both of them.
  4. Here's a screenshot of me as a American Commando.
  5. Remedy Explains How Control Will Improve on PS5 from by Glenn Carreau – on Nov 23, 2019 in Gaming News Remedy Entertainment's Control became a surprise hit when it released earlier this year on current-gen consoles, and now Remedy has begun to discuss what its latest game will be like when the next generation rolls out. Both the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett have better hardware and SSDs, so Remedy explored just what the game would look and run like on the improved PS5 hardware.Amid all this, Remedy still isn't done with Control in its current form, having announced premium DLC expansions for the game a couple of months ago. Devs from Remedy spoke with PlayStation Magazine about how the company is also thinking about the future of the game, and what fans should expect when the PS5 comes out. For more information on this subject go to :
  6. Inside DARPA Research Labs The Division 2 Gameplay from YouTube:
  7. I only posted what I could find on the internet & this was the best I could come up with. If I could find anything new I'll post that.
  8. If I was British this would be my British Commando look. As seen here:
  9. Thank you for explaining it further. Now I understand what you're talking about.
  10. I myself look at these 2 videos from YouTube and I couldn't tell much on the differences of 4K & 8K video enhancement of the two. It could be the 8K is a little sharper than the 4K.......maybe. That's all I could see so far. We'll have to wait & see till November 15th of 2020.
  11. So what differences between 4K & 8K on the New PS 5 & Xbox 2 consoles and your present day 4K console !! Watch this YouTube video and see differences between the New & Old Consoles from YouTube. Let's take a look here: Is 8K worth it or not. You can see the differences here:
  12. Okay I have ask question on this. What does the Cloud gaming service have to do with the New PS 5 & the New Xbox Two consoles?? Because I'm a little confuse here on what your saying here on this Type of Cloud gaming service & I never heard of the Cloud gaming services & It's new to me.Can explain more on this service and how it would affect any new gaming consoles doing the years of 2020 & 2021 if you can,Please?? Thank you.