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  1. I myself would love see a single player video game from The Division series. That way I can play it my way without playing PvP and just play PvE. If a spin off from The Division 1 & 2 is really well made from Ubisoft & sort of a little like Fallout series & Rage 1 & 2 with post- apocalyptic feel to it. I would definitely buy it & play it.
  2. The Division 2 Director Polls Fans on Single-Player Spin Off from The Division series director Julian Gerighty has fans speculating after asking them for their thoughts on a single-player game in the series. One idea for a single-player Division game was described as a mix of The Division lore with the atmosphere and narrative style of The Last of Us, the hugely popular PlayStation exclusive game from Naughty Dog. On Twitter, Tim Spencer, level director at LEGO Star Wars developer TT Games, said that he would “love” to see a “single-player narrative-driven spin-off” of The Division. Spencer’s idea for the game’s story would star a Division agent as they try to “get home to their family after being sent to NYC, during the SHD blackout from the fall of DC.” The game could “explore what a Division agent sacrifices” and the character could also be “haunted by nightmares of what could have happened to their family, because they answered the call of the SHD, so weren’t there to protect them during the fall.” For more information on this go to this website here:
  3. Well that's the only one I know. When I kill an enemy they never ever drop any grenade launchers. I know crossbow another specialize weapon that can shoot explosive bots kind of fast. They are the only two that have explosive ammo. As seen here:
  4. It's one of the specialize weapons you get in The Division 2 called a Grenade Launcher. Here's how to unlock them: Here's how you get that one & use it here:
  5. Well if you don't hear from Ubisoft Support. You might have go to their forums for help go to: and look for player support for PS4 in forums. They might be able to answer you better than we can about your issue with specialize weapons & the season pass.
  6. It sounds like you might have an error problem. Contact Ubisoft Support go to here:
  7. This YouTube video will tell you how to unlock Specialize Weapons here: I don't think you'll need the season pass to unlock these weapons.
  8. I'm not to sure about that or not. All I know is I had to do the 3 missions to get a Specialize weapon......& Yes I do have the season pass as well.
  9. I believe you have to do 3 missions Roosevelt Island, District Union, and the Capital building. I think Roosevelt Island is the hardest of the 3 missions. You might need a teammate or teammates to finish this one.
  10. Yeah I forgot about the 3 invasion missions. I found Roosevelt Island a little harder than the other two. You might need teammates to do Roosevelt Island. Because it will seem easy at first until you get to the pier that's where it gets a little hard to play.
  11. Yeah if you don't have the season pass you do have to buy the DLCs. You could wait till they either go on sale or wait till the price goes down to buy them.
  12. I believe I brought the Deluxe Edition that has the expansion pass or one year season pass. So I get all DLCs for free.
  13. Gene That's how I say yes !!! Smarty 😛 !!
  14. Gene I just gave that answer above.
  15. I believe so that you have to get to level 30 to get a specialize weapon.
  16. Gene while your working on War-Frame. I been looking online for post-apocalyptic role-playing video games & World War 3 type games for my Xbox One & PS4 consoles to play. Once in a great while I might play The Division 2,Fallout 4,Rage 1 & 2,Metro Exodus,& Fallout 76. But in the meantime I'll be playing Rage 2 along with The Division 2.
  17. Yeah it was like that too Gene. When I was playing The Division 1 and stop for months. Ubisoft would e-mail me the same way. P.s. Gene did you see the picture of minigun I posted in:I think there are 3 things missing from The Division 2 Ubisoft put one in for the agents in The Division 2.
  18. No pictures......but you have to join Twitch Prime to get it. P.s. There are pictures of the outfit....but I didn't post any.
  19. Yeah I saw it and wasn't to sure if I could claim it or not?
  20. I agree with that user friendly and with more available specialize ammo to found and to have. Like putting in a specialize ammo reload box or even better than that be available & sellable by vendors.
  21. Well I rather use the flamethrower than my turret. Unless my turret could get up and walk around like in Rage 1 that uses a Spider turret that walks & shoots. About modifying your specialize weapon I can't see why not. Plus I would like to keep the specialize ammo after I find it & when I login & logout . Because when you logout you your not able to keep it when you log back into the game. Which I don't think that's fair that Ubisoft had to do it that way.
  22. Read this post by clicking it on below. Where it said :World Tier 2 now.: This post will tell you how you get the specialize ammo.
  23. What I would like to see next is a flamethrower would be nice & fun to have.