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  1. If I was British this would be my British Commando look. As seen here:
  2. Thank you for explaining it further. Now I understand what you're talking about.
  3. I myself look at these 2 videos from YouTube and I couldn't tell much on the differences of 4K & 8K video enhancement of the two. It could be the 8K is a little sharper than the 4K.......maybe. That's all I could see so far. We'll have to wait & see till November 15th of 2020.
  4. So what differences between 4K & 8K on the New PS 5 & Xbox 2 consoles and your present day 4K console !! Watch this YouTube video and see differences between the New & Old Consoles from YouTube. Let's take a look here: Is 8K worth it or not. You can see the differences here:
  5. Okay I have ask question on this. What does the Cloud gaming service have to do with the New PS 5 & the New Xbox Two consoles?? Because I'm a little confuse here on what your saying here on this Type of Cloud gaming service & I never heard of the Cloud gaming services & It's new to me.Can explain more on this service and how it would affect any new gaming consoles doing the years of 2020 & 2021 if you can,Please?? Thank you.
  6. Sony Wants To Move PS4 Players To PS5 Faster Than In Previous Generations from With PS5, Sony aims for "a scale and a pace that we've never delivered on before." The PlayStation 4 has been a huge success for Sony, recently becoming the second-best selling console ever--only behind the PlayStation 2. Sony is looking to segue that into success for its next generation. New PlayStation boss Jim Ryan says the company's main goal is to move the community from the current generation to the PlayStation 5 more quickly than it has in the past. Referencing the success of the PS4, Ryan told about leveraging the strong brand to the next gen. For more information on this subject go to this link:
  7. Well I was looking up the new Xbox Two & release date. I found that the Xbox Two is coming out on the same day the PS 5 is coming out. As you can see here: The Xbox Two Release Date will be in November 15, 2020 (Updated Release Date) or sooner. The Xbox One X represents the first iterative console release within a single generation, but it's not a next generation console. . When Microsoft announced the Xbox One S, everybody was expecting it, but when Phil Spencer took the stage at the end of E3 2016 and announced Xbox One X, we had some serious news on our hands. He promised "the most powerful console ever built." It's nice, but it's not the Xbox 2. Let's talk about when Microsoft will take that next step. Xbox Two is Code-named Scarlett and It's Coming in 2020 At the end of the Microsoft press conference for E3 2018, Phil Spencer dropped the bomb that Microsoft is indeed hard at work on the next Xbox. Another rumor surface shortly thereafter, claiming that the Xbox 2 is code-named Scarlett and is a family of devices. This rumor, first revealed by Thurrott, also claims that Scarlett will be releasing in 2020, which is right in line with our predictions. While we're still uncertain what "family of devices" means, it could point towards a set of consoles like what we have now with Xbox One, the S, and the X. It could also leverage cloud streaming to offer a mobile element, since we know Microsoft is working on this technology to bring AAA titles to all manner of connected devices. For more information go to this link here:
  8. What do you think of the New PlayStation 5 coming out & PS5: 10 Important Unanswered Questions We Still Have from Plus the Release date November 15th 2020 from YouTube. Does it look cool & what do you think of this all digital PlayStation 5? Yes It's all digital !! Would like it to be more or less digital or not? I believe the Release date on this console is coming out November 15th 2020.
  9. I found the Outcasts to be crazy,angry,cruel,& hateful. I love killing them the most!!! The Ambushers are scavengers & not much of a threat & most of time are easy to kill.
  10. To start this off. I'm going to say Hello to Oh. daesu since I see you on here the most. If you see this say hello or hi.
  11. Masterminds behind the Black Tusk? || Story / Speculation || The Division 2 & Who are they? from YouTube:
  12. How are Division Agents Chosen? || Lore / Story || The Division 2 & Origins: YouTube & Wiki. Agent Origins From Wiki Tom Clancy's The Division: Agent Origins is a four-part web-series produced by Ubisoft in conjunction with Corbis Entertainment and Corridor Digital to promote their video game Tom Clancy's The Division. The series was also released in a stand-alone short film format. Plot The stand-alone film version begins with a scene of a couple dumping a body near The North Western Casket Company building. They are spotted by Clip who after questioning them about their contact with the infected, radios in his fellow workers. Unbeknownst to the couple, they are the Cleaners who kill and burn anyone who has been infected.As the New York City breaks down amidst the Green Poison epidemic, a pandemic alert is declared and Directive 51 is issued by President Waller. Secret Strategic Homeland Division agent John leaves to get his SHD gear after learning about the outbreak on the news. The prisoners on Rikers Island meanwhile break out and flee to New York City.At Mia's home, Saj blurts out his conspiracy theory to her and her partner Carter about the government having a contingency plan to deal with a societal breakdown by activating government sleeper agents. Ironically, Saj later turns out to be correct. As they are eating a pizza, a looter barges in after smelling it but is killed by Mia who is activated and told to rendezvous with other agents.It turns out the Rikers have taken hostages after ambushing a Joint Task Force aid camp. Everett stumbles upon a van while he is out looking for supplies. He takes the medical supplies but is stopped by his buddy Michael who later realizes his identity. As he looks for morphine to help decrease the pain for a loved one of Michael, he hands him over the medical supply bag which is stolen by a thief.Everett chases after the thief who is joined by another accomplice during the pursuit. As he catches up to them he realizes they were siblings out looking for medical supplies for their sick mother. After he hands them some antibiotics, he learns that he has been activated and is told to rendezvous with other agents.Daryl while trying to obtain drinking water for dwellers in the building by triggering the sprinkler system, learns that he has been activated. The other dwellers are killed by the Cleaners and he is also ambushed after he retrieves his gear. He is able to kill all the attackers but encounters a Cleaner with a flamethrower.After slashing through his helmet, he pushes the Cleaner into a pile of infected corpses. The other Cleaners reach the spot after Daryl has escaped and burn the infected Cleaner alive. John, Mia, Everett and Daryl later hook up to investigate the JTF camp site.There they are able to eliminate all the Rikers and free the hostages. After witnessing an explosion in the distance, they check their ammo which turns out to be low. A surviving JTF officer hands them over some supplies and sends them on their way. Episode list Ashes Conspiracies Escape Pursuit Cast Matt Lynch as John Amanda Day as Mia Sasha Andreev as Everret Danny Mason as Daryl Terra Michilot as "Teenage Girl" Jasper Morgan as "Teenage Boy" Brook Harris as Michael (credited as NYPD Policeman) Helen Chorolec as "Sick Mother" Monica Scott as Trisha Aundrea Smith as Sarah Glenn Ratcliffe as President Waller Paul Carpenter as "Chief of Staff" Wren Wrenchman, Eli Cuevas, Nick Laurant as "Secret Service Agents" Steve Kuza as "News Reporter" Punnavit Koy, Tyler Evans, Scott Brault, Kim Derider, Dan Delano, Andy Morgan, Matt Mavarro, Josh Johnson, Donald Bunnell, Lee Fealy, Collin Cooper, Devin Lundeen, Jake Watson as "Riker Escapees" Gregory Lundeen and Ernie Ellis as "Rikers Guards" Nick Hansen as Daniel (credited as mourner) Larissa Gritti as Sarah (credited as mourner) H. T. Altman as Clip Alex Barbatsis and Derrick Nguyen as "Dwellers" Rhett Renolds and Joseph Munsinger as "Flame Cleaners" Andy Morgan, Jon Enge and Jake Watson as Cleaners Fred Wilzlo, Peter Park, Dan Larson, Carlos Espinoza, Nate Elliot as "JTF Guards" Max Sjoberg, Laura Erdman-Luntz, Zach Erdman-Luntz and Rachel Harder as "Hostages" For more information on this subject go to:
  13. As I watch both videos on the JTF now I know that they are also a faction. Which I didn't know in the first place from The Division 1 & 2. Oh daesu Posted: Factions - Which would you fall into? Which I replied ". If I was to join any faction at all and even they think the JTF isn't a faction. I would join them". Now I know JTF is a faction from these videos. Go figure !!
  14. Who are the JTF in The Division 1 & 2 from Wiki & YouTube & THE STORY OF THE JOINT TASK FORCE || Lore || The Division: Joint Task Force Leader(s) Roy Benitez (NYC) Manny Ortega (D.C.; His affiliation with The Division supersedes his of the JTF) Location James Farley Post Office (Manhattan) New York City Safe Houses Camp Hudson Camp Clinton The White House (D.C.) Role Ally Goal Protect and Serve Identifiers Military Uniform with US Flag (NYC) Training Camp Uniform with JTF Logo on back (D.C.) Additional Information Other Notable Members Jessica Kandel (NYC) Paul Rhodes (NYC) The Joint Task Force (JTF) is a coalition of police officers, firefighters, civil volunteers, and army national guardsmen formed in the aftermath of the "Dollar Flu" outbreak on Black Friday in New York City. What remains of the JTF is led by NYPD Captain Roy Benitez in New York City and Manny Ortega in Washington D.C. and by working in tandem with CERA, the group was initially chartered with the purpose of curbing the spread of the virus, efficiently distributing aid supplies, and maintaining law and order.; however, the organization's control quickly disintegrated as the disease continued to spread and panic took hold in both cities. Since then, the JTF has been considerably weakened and decentralized due to the incessant threat of several hostile Factions, having been relegated to a small Intelligence Brief The JTF was formed by order of President Waller; it consists of local, state, and federal emergency services and military agencies including the NYPD, FDNY, and the National Guard. Later, when discovered the virus had spread to Washington D.C. they formed a similar JTF under full military control. Understaffed and overworked with meager resources, they have been stretched thin to say the least. As ensuing unrest decimated their ranks, the JTF lost control, leaving the cities to turn into a lawless death-trap for all its citizens. Unable to effectively coordinate and manage the response, the JTF now puts their hope in the members of The Division to lead the way. As such, all Division agents are strongly encouraged to assist the JTF, wherever possible, whether it's protecting supply drops or aiding civilians in need. Troops are scattered around New York and are ready to assist SHD agents or be assisted by them. Most men and women are tasked to protect the Base of Operations and any remaining secure locations like Camp Hudson while few of them are in charge of gathering information and reconnaissance and sending this data to SHD. The JTF also mans various checkpoints throughout the city and sends out patrols whenever possible in order to increase stability and security all around New York City. By the time of the events of The Division 2, the JTF units stationed in Washington D.C. have all but collapsed. A large-scale mutiny led by Antwon Ridgeway saw the creation of a hostile splinter faction known as the True Sons. The majority of JTF volunteers who remained loyal to the U.S. government were evacuated elsewhere under Presidential orders, with only a skeleton crew staying behind to keep The White House operational, either as guards around the perimeter or as support and technical crews in the interior. Most of their original functions have been taken over by the Civilian Militia of the D.C. Settlements, a National Guard Signalist, Manny Ortega leads what remains of the JTF and coordinates with The Division to help the agents out in the ongoing quest to restore government control of the city. The JTF work with The Division and the allied Civilian Militia to combat the growing threat of the True Sons, the Hyenas, and the Outcasts. After those factions are successfully dismantled, Washington is suddenly attacked by an invading force of private military contractors and mercenaries, the Black Tusk. Important People Roy Benitez - Commander of the JTF's forces in New York City. Jessica Kandel - Head doctor and virologist in New York City. Paul Rhodes - Lead technician and engineer in New York City. Manny Ortega - Division Co-Ordinator and leader of the surviving JTF in Washington D.C. Antwon Ridgeway - Former Colonel of the JTF in D.C.; later mutineer and founder of the True Sons. New York City JTF members fill the role of allies. They can be seen guarding certain areas, patrolling the streets, and will be used in certain Missions and Encounters. However, it is unwise for players to rely on any JTF that assists them in combat even against low level Rioters. High level enemies, or even large enough numbers of enemies, can chew through squads of JTF if not dealt with. They infrequently engage targets, usually dealing very little damage if they manage to actually hit their target and practically stand no chance against bosses. However they can kill low level rioters if there are 2-3 of them. They also lack unit archetypes such as engineer, heavy weapons, and sniper thus reducing the JTF's ability to counter most enemy types in-game. They should not be underestimated, however. Despite their low damage output, they are fairly durable and can can suppress and distract enemies, which can prove invaluable to the player even in most dire circumstances. Abandoned JTF vehicles ranging from police cars to armored transports can be spotted throughout the city. And more often than not, the corpses of dead JTF personnel are a very common sight. Whether it be death from entanglements with the Rioters, brutally murdered by Rikers, or executed by Last Man Battalion firing squads. After finishing a quest or encounter, the location will permanently become a JTF checkpoint, and 2-4 troopers will occupy the area and occasionally engage passing enemies. Washington, D.C. In The Division 2, the JTF units stationed in Washington D.C. have all but collapsed and been reduced to a background faction. They just act as NPC's guarding and working at The White House. They are not seen anywhere else in the game as their patrol and assist duties and been replaced by Civilian Militias. Though during some missions the JTF does play a larger role than usual: Camp White Oak: JTF forces attempt to secure a helipad to ensure that President Ellis does not escape SHD capture; at the end, they fail and their attacking forces are wiped out by the Black Tusk. Kenley College: Jack Arnold, a JTF Engineer with a supply convoy heading to D.C, was taken as prisoner by the Outcasts to help them set up their IEDs after they ambush the convoy and overwhelm JTF forces. Arnold is later rescued and protected by SHD Agents. Tidal Basin: An unnamed JTF Engineer, assisted by Militia forces and defended by SHD Agents, helps open up the inner gate of the Stronghold, allowing agents to head in and secure the Broad-Spectrum Antiviral samples from the Black Tusk. JTF Types New York City In NYC, one could tell if someone is part of the JTF by looking out for their green vests and headwear. NYPD Police Officer - Armed with MP5 submachine guns, M870 shotguns and PF45 handguns. Usually with blue police garb. National Guardsman - Armed with M4 assault rifles, Super 90 shotguns and M9 handguns. Always sporting Army ACUs. Washington, D.C. In D.C., one can tell if someone is a JTF member by looking at the back of their t-shirts, which will have 'JTF' printed on them. Sentry Guards - Armed with various rifles and assault rifles, these personnel are stationed by every entrance to the White House and at every checkpoint and guard tower around the White House. Sentry Guards wear Olive Green t-shirts and camo cargo pants. Maintenance/Support Crew - These personnel make up the bulk of the D.C. JTF Force, and they mostly operate in the interior of the White House: maintaining the SHD servers in the basement, radioing Settlements to check on their situations, keeping track of food and supplies, as well as other minor chores that need tending to in the White House. Maintenance and Support Crews wear solid white t-shirts, black cargo pants, and utility belts. handful of safe houses and bases throughout the cities. For more information on this go to:
  15. If I was to join any faction at all and even they think the JTF isn't a faction. I would join them.......but my second choice would be be the dumbass Black Tusks. Because they are well organize & military train........but not the True Sons they are a bunch of traitors & war criminals in my eyes. The True Sons should be all shot for treason & war crimes.
  16. I think Hyenas as a so-called gang are drug addicted & retarded and are not cool at all. I hate to say this. I like killing them .
  17. The Story of the HYENAS || Lore / Story || The Division 2 from Wiki & YouTube: Hyenas Organizational Information Leader(s) Hyena Council Books (Assembly Supervisor; Deceased) Diesel (Deceased) Dime (Deceased) Saint (Deceased) Roach (Deceased) Rebound (Deceased) Coyote (Deceased) Mayhem Zodiac Location Downtown East, Judiciary Square, Federal Triangle Role Hostile Threat Goal Unknown Identifiers Gas masks, riot helmets, badanas, Additional Information “ A loosely organized gang of opportunistic raiders that prey on struggling civilian encampments through violence and intimidation. These hedonistic scavengers take everything they can steal and destroy everything else to deprive their enemies of valuable resources. The Hyenas are led by a council of the strongest pack leaders. - Hyena Description ” The Hyenas are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. While combining the killing instinct, thievery premise, and the firearm combat discipline of the Rioters and the Rikers in Tom Clancy's The Division., those similarities end there as it is suggested that power centralized by a faction council was formed even in the events prior to the game.The Hyenas show a lack of free world discipline, roaming around in groups and charging around in a fight rather than holding their ground. They show a lack of tactics at times, being only concerned about destroying their opponents. Leadership The Hyenas leadership and government structure is a combination of a federation and an autocracy. As a federation the Hyenas are led by a council of Hyena clans. Each clan is self-governing and relatively independent of one another but are all unified as one. As an autocracy each clan is led by a single leader who has absolute authority over his/her own clan and represents them within the council.Originally the Hyenas were divided and often fought each other until Coyote proposed to other clan leaders to unify together. She argued that they all faced a common foe, the True Sons, and that they need to band together if they were going to survive. The others agreed and thus the council was formed. Intelligence Brief Much like their animal counterpart the Hyenas are generally opportunistic raiders and scavengers who prey on the weak but can also stand their ground against more powerful foes. The Hyenas appear to consist mostly of late teens and young adults who are either criminals, affiliated with gangs before the outbreak, and/or simply revel in the anarchy. In fact, they've been known to manufacture drugs as drug labs can be seen within Hyena occupied buildings. Their general combat skills can be seen as unorthodox, unorganized and unprofessional as some disregard using covers, wildly shoot their weapons without aiming or simply take drugs and maniacally charge into battle. Their tactics are simply put; to overwhelm their target with numbers by pinning them down and allowing others to rush in for close combat. Despite this, as a faction they are relatively organized and intelligent as they are able to re-purpose and use military weapons (mini-guns and grenade launchers) and their council is shown to possess a decent level of a government structure. The Hyenas mark their territory with green paint and fumes. Relationship with other factions The Hyenas are at war with the True Sons and have fought to a stalemate against them. In fact, the main reason for various Hyena clans to unify was because of the True Sons, suggesting that prior to the unification each clan were being decimated by their enemy. Evidence of a battle between the two can be seen in buildings, on the streets and near control points, with corpses from either faction being present. Judging by the fact that Hyena possesses more control points with mini-gun than any other factions, it can be assumed that the Hyenas are on the defensive in this war.Following the death of several Hyena Council members and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Hyenas are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C. Known Hyena Packs Mall Rats 12th Street Spicelords Spec-Ops Bitches Congress Rats Rat Race Bitch Masters Dober Men River Rats North Lawn Bitches Temple Bitches Afterschool Special Freebasers Rat Bitches Rat Race Metro Runners Underground Railroad South Lawn Rats Catfish Masters Bitch Pastor Church Kings Church Runners Lawn Queens Pastor Catfish Center Runners Sky High Capitol Bitches Don't Feed the Animals 7th Street Dealers Rabid Rabbits Weapons Used M1911 Diceros 93R Px4 Storm Marine Super 90 SASG-12 UMP-45 Vector SMG-9 PP-19 T821 G36C AUG A3 SVD MG5 Archetypes Assault Controller Engineer Medic Rusher Shield Sniper Thrower Tank Hyena Assault Information Weapons Submachine Guns “ When I first started seeing these assholes show up, I figured it was bad news. I've seen my share of Black Bloc-style folks, and these weren't them. They were well-armed, but disorganized. Figured they'd maybe raided military surplus stores or something. - Odessa Sawyer ” The Assault unit are deeply indoctrinated by the Hyena's ethos. They are unorganized and inexperienced in combat, relying on intimidation and constant gunfire to make up for their shortcomings. The Assault unit use raiding and looting to instill fear into the citizens of DC. Strategic Data The Hyenas Assault archetype prefers to fight from behind cover, and move cover-to-cover to avoid enemy fire. Named Members Leaders Hyena Council Books - Assembly Supervisor and Leader of the Hyenas. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Engineer Diesel - Council Representative. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Tank Dime - Council Representative. Killed by the Division in the District Union Arena; Shield Saint - Killed by the Division in the Grand Washington Hotel; Tank Roach - Council Representative. Killed by the Division at Bank Headquarters; Tank Rebound - Council Representative and Personal Bodyguard. Killed by the Division at the Bank Headquarters; Shield Coyote - Council Representative. Terminated by the Division at the Jefferson Trade Center; Sniper Mayhem - Council Representative Zodiac - Head of Spice Production and Council Representative Others Scalpel Pebble Dash Gemini Magpie Shark Chunky Cuz Widow Walker Smokes Halo Juniper Jokes - Tank Sharky- Sheild Cutie Beetle Joint Dragon Tempe Dolphin Frenchie - Controller Shakey - Shield Dent - Thrower Hatter - Controller Twitch - Assault Tilapia George - Thrower Bags - Assault Plastic - Controller Devil - Controller Twitch - Tank Rash - Engineer Cuffs - Shield Scalpel - Medic For more information on this subject go to this website here:
  18. I also think The Hunters were ex-agents/rogue agents who were hired by the Shadow Government to take down The Division. So they could use the Russians to start World War 3. Now it's my best guess & opinion to think so.
  19. The Story of the OUTCASTS || Lore / Story || The Division 2 from Wiki & YouTube: Outcasts Organizational Information Leader(s) Emeline Shaw (deceased) Location Roosevelt Island, Downtown West, Constitutional Hall, Foggy Bottom, West End Role Hostile Threat Goal Vengeance, Bioterrorism, Cultism Identifiers Yellow Light on the chest, yellow raincoat (some) Additional Information The Outcasts are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2, are hell-bent on revenge because they were forced to be quarantined and imprisoned. Their leader, Emeline Shaw, believes everyone is complicit and urges her followers to punish the guilty by spreading sickness and murdering indiscriminately. They are notorious for their sadistic nature and religious-like devotion to their cause, which is reflected in their use of suicide bombers and flamethrowers. They are the third most organized faction, and possibly the most violent in Washington D.C, as they have known to mimic terrorist-style tactics such as suicide bombing and bioterrorism, their goals have even attracted those who weren't part of the Quarantine on Roosevelt Island including those with Law-Enforcement or Military Training. Their fanatical devotion to their ideals are somewhat similar to the Cleaners, and some Outcasts even utilize homemade flamethrowers that resemble the Cleaner's custom rifles. However, their goals appear to be the complete opposite of each other: The Cleaners wish to burn away all traces of the Green Poison, regardless of what must be sacrificed in the process, whereas the Outcasts want to spread death, disease, and misery wherever they go as revenge against a society that let them suffer in quarantine. Description Outcasts Bitter survivors of a forced quarantine bent on revenge against those who brutally imprisoned them and the society that stood by and let it happen. Their charismatic, bloodthirsty leader believes everyone is complicit and urges her followers to punish the guilty by spreading sickness and murdering indiscriminately. Relationship with other factions The outcasts despise the True Sons and mark them as the ones primarily responsible for the quarantine and treatment as they (as the Joint Task Force and under command of Antwon Ridgeway) were the ones who imprisoned them and left them to die in the first place. They have been known to attack the True Sons and execute any survivors. Despite this, they are not actively at war with the True Sons compared to the Hyenas and are more focused on terrorizing the Campus settlement. Following the escape of their leader and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the Outcasts are now at war with every faction and are trying for control of positions within D.C. Known Outcast Movements Specter Front West Simple Movement Simple Movement North Faith Front Faith Movement Faith Movement South Embers Front Embers Movement Evening Front Evening Front East Evening Front North Mourning Front Peace Movement Kindled Front Kindled Front South Kindled Front East Kindled Movement Kindled Movement West Harbor Movement Harbor Movement North Safe Harbor Front Safe Harbor Movement West Safe Harbor Front North Hierophant Front Sacred Front West Dusk Front North Dusk Front South Mourning Front South Mercy Front West Harbinger's Front South Dawn Front North Leadership Emeline Shaw - Leader of the Outcasts, brought to justice at Manning National Zoo. Harlan Lloyd - Strategist of the Outcasts, apprehended by Alani Kelso. The Basilisk - Head of Security. The Salamander - Personal Bodyguard. Intelligence Brief Having suffered from their quarantine from the JTF under Colonel Ridgeway's administration, the Outcasts pursue only one goal; revenge. They seek to bring about calamity and destruction to those that wronged them and see any 'bystanders' as equally guilty for doing nothing but watching them suffer in Roosevelt Island. Their followers zealous devotion to their leader and their cause, the usage of distinctive, if not, poetic titles by some members, and their leaders religious guidance is among evidence to suggest the Outcasts is a cult. They might even see their revenge against the world as a crusade of sorts. Their irrational mindset, however, does not stop them from being sophisticated and thinking outside of the box. The Outcasts usage of homemade weaponry and the diverse combat style is a testament to their unorthodox, yet effective ingenuity. They typically identify their territory with 'decorations' of glass shards wrapped in caution tape. Named Members Leaders Emeline Shaw - Scorcher Harlan Lloyd The Salamander The Basilisk The Owl The Corpulent The Bloodhound World The Brute The Cursed The Hunter The Cardinal The Accursed The Determined The Valiant The Fury The Peacemaker The Reckless The Scar The Fearless The Brutal The Wicked The Liberation The Epidemic The Lush The Savor The Aray The Paladin The Heir The Petty The Silent The Steady The Bylun The Rogue - Scorcher The Blossom The Brave The Donor The Fearless The Hanged The Infidel The Dawn - Thrower The Devourer The Harsh The Viceroy The Disposed The Harmed The Bruised The Broken The Censor The Designer The Fealty The Constant The Sculptor The Rat The Unceasing The Wanderer The Lamia The Empire The Immaculate The Architect The Hermitage The Priestess The Fighter The Ardent The Patient The Pleasing The Mellow The Bewitched The Abandoned The Liberation The False The Petty The Vow The Child The Valet - Assault The Fertile - Sniper The Perpetual - Support The Rod - Heavy Weapons The Hermit - Controller The Flush - Sniper The Grating - Heavy Weapons The Monastic - Thrower The Strained - Tank The Breaker - Tank The Match - Scorcher The Unceasing - Support Others Outcast Raynor Outcast Coordinator Archetypes Assault - Basic attack troops that wield AK-M assault rifles. They can be identified by their black and yellow hooded cloaks and lack of special equipment. In terms of tactics, they are more aggressive than True Sons Assaults, but less so than Hyena Assaults. Rusher - A speedy suicide bomber equipped with an explosive vest. They run at their target with the intent to blow themselves up, taking out the enemy in the process. They are easily identified by their shaved head, light gear, and the flashing bomb on their vest. Their vest can be shot, causing them to explode prematurely, damaging friend and foe alike. Elite variants will set themselves on fire, adding a fire effect to their explosion similar to a molotov. These units are at their most dangerous when an Agent is distracted by other Outcasts. A single one can spell doom if they can get close enough before they are noticed. Due to this, Agents should keep an eye out for these units when Outcasts are present, and prioritize destroying them when possible. Support - Unit that can place down ammo boxes for his allies. These ammo boxes contain special ammo than can be picked up by other Outcasts. This box can be shot and will damage anything in a small area. They can be identified by the large backpack on their back. Although they are much like their Assault archetype, they are far more dangerous as their bullets can cause burning in certain instances. Regular and Veteran versions use Incendiary Ammo, while the Elite elite deploy Shock rounds. Sniper - A Long-range bowman unit that wields a bow with explosive arrows. These arrows have travel time, and the "sniper glare" is attached to them, making them easy to dodge if one is attentive enough. When an arrow hits an agent, it causes heavy damage and staggers the agent out of cover, and then explodes for more damage and stagger. This can expose agents to attacks from other units, making Bowmen potentially very deadly to distracted agents. When a Bowman is drawing his bow, he can be interrupted, which will cause him to blow himself up with his own arrow. Their quiver is also vulnerable and can be blown up with a few well-placed shots. Elite variants including named Outcasts use stolen SHD Tech Incinerator Turrets. Thrower - Offensive units equipped with a pistol and molotov cocktails. They can be identified by their yellow baseball caps. The molotovs they throw leaves a patch of fire around an area for a length of time, and will explode on impact, so evasive maneuvers must be taken while they are still in midair. Just like Grenadiers of other factions, they can be interrupted mid-throw, and their red pouch on their side can be destroyed. Note that if their molotov is shot out of the air, the fire will spread to the ground right under it, regardless of how high in the air the cocktail was. Heavy Weapons - Unit that provides suppressive fire with their RPK. They wear bandannas and have shaved heads, similar to Suicide Bombers. Functionally, they are very similar to True Sons' Heavy Weapons, but they lack the armor and ability to go prone. Strangely, it seems that they only spawn as a Veteran or Elite/Named variant. Controller- Technical unit that utilizes an RC car equipped with sawblades. They can be identified by the large antenna protruding from their backpack. These RC cars will rush towards their target and attempt to cut them apart with the spinning saws. When they connect, the victim will suffer constant heavy damage and bleeding if the do not get out of the way. Additionally, the RC cars are heavily armored on the front and sides, but they have a weak spot on the rear. The RC can be avoided with a dodge roll, which exposes its weak backside, and the saws can be destroyed, rendering the RC useless. Dodging also can make the car get stuck on a wall for a few seconds, making it immobile. Tank - Heavily-armored melee unit with a sledgehammer. They walk towards their target, but will switch to sprinting if they get close enough. They deal VERY high damage with each swing, but their attacks are slow, and leave the tank vulnerable to a counterattack. Agents that get accustomed to the timing of each swing can easily dodge roll away from each attack and strike back for heavy damage. Two tankers with more dangerous attacks (Fire Axe and a Flamethrower) are holed up as Emeline's Guards in Manning National Zoo. Named Outcast Tanks will use stolen Division Striker Drones. Scorcher - Typically female Outcast members that attack with flame throwers. They are similar to the Cleaner Sweeper/Cleaner Incinerator from the original game, but their weak spot is the red fuel tank they carry on their waist. Destroying the fuel tank will cause heavy damage to them, or in certain instances, kill them up front. For more information go to this website here:
  20. When I recalibate my gears & weapons score. I try look on my gear for health,armor,& damage to roll as high as I can. The more health & armor I have & along with more damage. The better for me to survive the game.When it comes to my weapons it's a little different I look for more damage along with 20% bigger clips ect.on my weapons.
  21. PAY ATTENTION AGENTS! DO NOT MAKE THIS ERROR - The Division 2 PSA from Youtube. Posted 21 Oct.2019:
  22. The Story of the TRUE SONS || Lore / Story || The Division 2 from Wiki & Youtube: True Sons Organizational Information Leader(s) Antwon Ridgeway (Deceased) Location Capitol Hill, East Mall, South West, West Station, West Potomac Park Role Hostile Threat Goal Fascist Military Rule Identifiers Helmets, badanas, vests, Additional Information “ There is no room for weakness. Cowards die on their knees. It's gonna be great. - Antwon Ridgeway (leader of the True Sons) ” The True Sons are a major enemy faction in Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Having some resemblance to the New York faction, the LMB (Last Man Battalion), in regards of military training and firepower, they are the second most organised, disciplined and advanced enemy faction, right below the Black Tusk. The True Sons are former members of the Washington D.C. Joint Task Force who alongside with their founder and leader; Colonel Antwon Ridgeway, betrayed the nation during the city's collapse into chaos from the "Dollar Flu" outbreak. The formation of the True Sons and their actions in the city have been the major cause of the creation of the Outcast and Hyena factions. After suffering from multiple defeats across Washington D.C., they retreated back to their final stronghold in the Capitol Building, where Division agents with the assistance of the remaining JTF and Civilian Militia assaulted the facility. After sweeping through the complex, True Sons General and Leader, Antwon Ridgeway, made his own appearance, giving one final attempt to thwart the assault. With the death of Ridgeway and the remaining True Sons garrison at The Capitol destroyed, the True Sons have since been scattered across D.C, attempting to survive against The Division and now the new enemy, the Black Tusk. Description True Sons A fascist group of paramilitary warlords bent on using their combat expertise and overwhelming firepower to dominate their enemies and expand their territory. Smart and organized, the True Sons are led by a former JTF officer whose ruthlessness and combat prowess make him and his combatants a horrifying force. Intelligence Brief When the pandemic broke out, chaos and panic quickly spread across Washington D.C. In an attempt to control the spreading of the virus, the newly formed JTF established a quarantine on Roosevelt Island. Colonel Antwon Ridgeway formerly of the Maryland National Guard was given the responsibility to enforce the quarantine and ensure that everything ran smoothly. Seeing all the tragedy caused by the virus and how overwhelmed the JTF had become, Ridgeway started to lose faith in his commander's ability to save Washington D.C. He quickly came to the conclusion that there need to be drastic actions taken to ensure their survivial. As a strong believer in the need for proper authority and discipline, Ridgeway decided to take matters into his own hands. In frustration and fear for the city's future, he ordered his guards around the quarantine to bar the entrances and exits and not let anyone in or out even the medical staff attending to the sick. He started to redirect essential resources from going into the quarantine, letting people starve to death and withholding medicine. In his eyes, the sick and the weak were already dead, so his number one priority became to secure the future of his own men. When confronted by a CERA doctor that she would report Ridgeway's actions to his superiors, he murdered the doctor right in front of terrified civilians. He then ruthlessly ordered his men to put down any resistance from inside the quarantine. Ridgeway's actions were tainted by his willingness to do whatever it took for the well-being of his soldiers and his repulsion of the sick. Due to the chaotic state of the city, he was able to abuse his authority for a long time before the commander of the JTF found out and dispatched a Division agent to investigate. This led to a confrontation at the CERA Constitution Camp where the SHD Agent witnessed Colonel Ridgeway murder a civilian for breaking quarantine, this led the Agent into shooting one of Ridgeway's unit and place Ridgeway under arrest on 55 counts of murder. He was then court martialed along with several officers of his unit and found guilty on all counts and imprisoned in a military stockade. However, it did not take long until loyal members of Ridgeway's unit seeing the JTF's actions as a betrayal, broke into the stockade and freed him. In Ridgeway's eyes, he had done nothing wrong. According to him, he was the only one with a realistic and viable solution to the situation. Therefore, the betrayal of his fellow JTF officers and imprisonment filled him with rage and hate towards the JTF and the federal government. As soon as he got out, he gathered men from his former unit and the stockade where he was held prisoner. Together they captured the JTF officers that had imprisoned him and held a symbolic tribunal for them, only to execute them all moments later – and so True Sons were born. During Ridgeway's imprisonment, the now deeply fractured and desperate JTF lose contact of the Rossevelt Island Quarantine as it is overrun by the newly formed Outcasts, who have a deep hatred for Ridgeway and the True Sons due to their treatment by them. After Washington begins to collapse from the uncontrollable pandemic and subsequent disasters with DC-62, President Mendez orders the remaining government members including Speaker of the House, Andrew Ellis to evacuate the city, Ridgeway takes advantage of the chaos and storms The Capitol and devastates the remaining loyal JTF except for those at based at The White House. When the True Sons have full control of southern part of the city, the criminal gangs that are running riot further to the north decide to unite to defend their territory from the True Sons, they become known as the Hyenas. Relationship with other factions Being comprised of former JTF members and possessing military grade technology, training, and discipline the True Sons are seen by the other factions as the most dominant faction within D.C. and thus the biggest threat. The Outcasts despise them for Ridgeways's quarantine and treatment of them and the Hyenas unified because of their war against the True Sons. An echo around the Campus settlement territory shows that the Hyenas and Outcasts are willing to cooperate with each other to take out a squad of True Sons guarding a building. The True Sons are actively at war with the Hyenas and appear to be on the offensive against them. Some soldiers generally see the Hyenas as rats as one can be heard saying "Hey Hyena, crawl back to your hole" when engage in combat against them. The True Sons are hostile but not actively at war with the Outcasts, and vice versa. An audio recording revealed that when the Outcasts overthrew and took over the Roosevelt island quarantine center the JTF (before they became True Sons) decided to monitor them rather than send more men to try and neutralize them. It's possible that the True Sons are still monitoring their movements and actions as they are tied up in a war against the Hyenas and don't see the Outcasts as a threat to their supremacy. Following the death of their leader and the invasion of the Black Tusk, the True Sons are now at war with every faction and are vying for control of positions within D.C. Weapons Used M9 M1911 M45A1 Police M4 P416 G3 MP5 Tactical AUG A3 M870 Express Super 90 Military M870 SASG-12 M60 Military M60 E4 Classic M700 SOCOM M1A M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher Known True Sons Squads Wilson's Company Monroe's Corps Monroe's Battalion Monroe's Platoon Pierce's Company Lincoln’s Corps Lincoln’s Battalion Lincoln’s Company Coolidge's Company Van Bauen's Corps Van Bauen's Batalion Van Bauen's Company Jackson's Company Filmore's Company Jefferson's Company Jefferson's Platoon Hoover's Company Tyler's Battalion Tyler's Company Hayes's Battalion Hayes's Corps Grant's Battalion Grant's Company Washington's Corps Washington's Battalion Washington's Company Taft's Corps Taft's Battalion Willson's Corps Johnson's Corps Johnson's Company Arthur's Corps Ford's Corps Cleveland's Company Cleveland's Battalion McKinley's Battalion McKinley's Company McKinley’s Platoon Truman's Battalion Polk's Corps Polk's Company Taylor's Corps Taylor's Battalion Taylor's Platoon Adam's Corps Adam's Company Adam's Platoon Harding's Battalion Garfield's Corps Harrison's Corps Harrison's Battalion Harrison's Company Kennedy's Battalion Roosevelt's Corps Filmore’s Platoon Named Members Leaders Antwon Ridgeway Others Private Jeremiah Ramos - Medic Private Ross Richards Private Trevor Hanson - Engineer Private Dahmer Private Chuplinsky Private Shah Private Bela Private Young Private Jeffers Private Ershov Private Dunkirk P.F.C. Bijeh P.F.C. Fritz P.F.C. Donato P.F.C. Tan P.F.C. Hansen P.F.C. Yong P.F.C. Fourniret P.F.C. Yates P.F.C. Ripper P.F.C. Paulin P.F.C. Popov P.F.C. Maketta Corporal Hatcher Corporal Kumar Corporal Dodd Corporal Cane Corporal Novak Corporal Samsanova Corporal Mullin Corporal Kaspar Corporal Nova Corporal Stanley Corporal Tyrell Corporal Mullin Corporal Kaspar Corporal Jackson Corporal Cane Corporal Tran Corporal Vega Corporal Souza Corporal Sutcliffe Corporal Watts - Thrower Corporal Bird Corporal Johns Corporal Radcliffe Corporal Randy - Assault Corporal Suza Corporal Hanaei Corporal Gaspar Corporal Soto Corporal Receda Corporal Rodriguez Corporal Li Corporal Kroll Corporal Cain - Assault Corporal Turner Corporal Kaspar Corporal Micheals Corporal Waits - Engineer Corporal Corluka Corporal Ramirez Corporal Cleveland Corporal Gaspar Corporal Antonin Corporal Tang - Immobilizer Corporal Andrade - Medic Corporal Lucas - RPG Corporal Michaels Specialist Neville Specialist Harrington Sergeant Edwards Sergeant Hastings Sergeant Bullworth Sergeant Noth Sergeant Mesa Sergeant Imagawa Sergeant Tabuchi Sergeant Vaughn - Engineer Sergeant Doss Sergeant Richards - RPG Sergeant Colak Sergeant Anthony Sergeant Carole Sergeant Anthony Sergeant Sowell Sergeant Churchill Sergeant Sanders Sergeant Colak Sergeant Eduardo Sergeant Hill Sergeant Li - Medic Sergeant Doss - Sniper Sergeant Bourne Staff Sergeant Carl Wade - Heavy Weapons Staff Sergeant Greystoke - Thrower Staff Sergeant Bonville Master Sergeant Steve "Junior" Quiroz - Tank Lieutenant Kelly - Heavy Weapons Lieutenant Schwartz Lieutenant Donne - RPG Lieutenant Bennett Lieutenant "Doc" Simpson - Medic Captain Kendra Nelson - RPG Captain Briggs - Sniper Captain Wilson - Immobilizer Captain Matthews Major Ashford - Tank Major Coppini - Tank Major Keates - Tank Major Wyatt - Tank For more information on this subject go to this website here: