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  1. The Division 2 is 85% Off Right Now from by Brandon Witkin – on Jan 21, 2020 in Game Deals Ubisoft's online store is hosting a sale in honor of the Lunar New Year, including a flash sale on looter-shooter The Division 2, bringing the title's cost down by 80 to 85% depending on the system it's bought for. However, this particular deal is only available until January 22nd, 7PM PT, leaving a very short window of time to purchase the game for its current price. On Xbox One and PlayStation 4, The Division 2 has had its usual $60 price tag brought down to $12, making for an 80% discount, and on PC, the game only costs $9, for a clean 85% off. The Division 2 is a third-person, multiplayer looter-shooter, which sends players, or agents, into a hostile Washington DC, now a ruin after a deadly pandemic. The gameplay utilizes many staples of the looter-shooter subgenre, progressing via the collection of new weapons and apparel, in addition to experience based leveling system. Players then either work together in PVE, fight one another in PVP, or do a hectic mix of the two at the same time. Like many multiplayer looter-shooters, players of The Division 2 will likely get the most enjoyment out of the game if they have a group of friends playing it, or if they make friends in the game's community. For more information on this sale go to this Link or Website here:
  2. PS5 Controller Feature Could Make Games a Lot More Fun Says Dev from by Kean Sullivan – on Jan 21, 2020 in Gaming News As the reveal of the PlayStation 5 or PS5 draws closer and closer, new information and details regarding the console have begun to surface. One of which is a new feature that is being added to the design of the PS5 Dualshock controller. The PlayStation 5, or the PS5, is a gaming console by Sony that has been in development for several years now. Within the last year, the gaming community has received quite a bit of information regarding the new system, such the PS5 logo, which some fans have taken and done their own spin on. However, as the PS5's reveal date draws closer and closer, many pieces of new information have been either leaked or publicly released regarding new PS5 exclusive games and the system itself. An overlooked design detail concerning the PS5 controller has both fans and developers rather intrigued. The new controller will feature a hardware mechanic called haptic feedback. What is haptic feedback? Essentially, instead of a standard rumble feature that is common with most game controllers, the PS5 controller will respond differently depending on specific events that are happening in-game. This caught the attention of game developer Ivan Moen who commented that "...haptics add a lot to an experience. But, I also think it’s subjective to different players, and it also depends on how the game utilizes it. But overall I think the potential for adding to an experience is very high . For more information got to this Link or Website here:
  3. Joe Biden Calls Top Video Game Exec A 'Little Creep' from & by Dalton Cooper – on Jan 19, 2020 in Gaming News The New York Times editorial board conducts a series of interviews with presidential candidates to determine which one the publication will publicly endorse. The newspaper recently published its interview with former Vice President Joe Biden, and it includes a line that may be of interest to gamers. During the interview, Biden referred to an unknown top video game executive as a "little creep." In the interview, Kathleen Kingsbury asks Biden about how Silicon Valley's power "expanded greatly" under the Obama administration. Biden then spoke about how he met with Silicon Valley leaders about protecting IP for artists in the United States. "And at one point, one of the little creeps sitting around that table, who was a multi- close to a billionaire - who told me he was an artist because he was able to come up with games to teach you how to kill people, you know the-" New York Times writer Charlie Warzel then suggested, "Like video games." Biden continued, "Yeah, video games. And I was lectured by one of the senior leaders there that by saying if I insisted on what Leahy'd put together and we were, I thought we were going to fully support, that they would blow up the network, figuratively speaking. Have everybody contact. They get out and go out and contact the switchboard, just blow it up." As for which video game executive Joe Biden was referring to, that isn't clear. However, Kotaku's Ethan Gach has narrowed it down to a few distinct possibilities. Depending on which meeting Biden was referring to in the interview, it's possible that he is talking about either former Entertainment Software Association head Michael Gallagher, Zynga founder Mark Pincus, or former EA CEO John Riccitiello. Out of these possibilities, Riccitiello seems like the most likely candidate, as EA develops shooter games and Riccitiello was at one of the Silicon Valley meetings. For more information go to this Link or Website here: Joe Biden Calls Silicon Valley Game Developers Little Creeps Who Make Games from Posted: Jan 19, 2020
  4. I don't think it would hurt the devs if they made this change for the better. If the devs gave it a try.
  5. Leaked PlayStation 5 Design Image Looks Surprisingly Legit from & by Cameron Corliss – on Jan 18, 2020 in Gaming News So far, it's felt like Sony has been dragging its feet when it comes to the PlayStation 5 reveal. The company has shown off very little of the console despite a heap of supposed leaks and rumors about the system itself. A PlayStation reveal event is rumored for next month, but there's still little to go by. That is unless a very convincing image turns out to be real. An image of a bizarre-looking console bearing the PlayStation logo has been circulating lately, leading many to believe that it may be the final design of the PlayStation 5. The console has a faint resemblance of a cross between the Xbox 360 Slim and a launch edition PlayStation 4, which is an interesting mash-up. If the image is real, it's a bold look for the next-gen console, which may turn some off the system. Of course, there's no official confirmation that that's the case, so it's best to take the image with a major grain of salt. There have been hints that the PS5 event is coming soon, so there shouldn't be that much longer to wait before fans see the console. For more information on this leak go to this Link & Website here: PLAYSTATION 5 ( PS5 ) NEW IMAGES Of DevKit ! | PS4 PS3 PS2 PS1 Backwards Compatibility !
  6. What I would to see on these gear rolls is to take something from another gear part......say like your holster and place that roll or transfer it on your other gear to your vest,backpack,knee pads,gloves,or gas mask to recalibrated to that gear. The same with your weapons if I see something like better damage or better talent and transfer it from your shotgun to your smg,assault rifle,rifle,or sniper rifle and same way with all your weapons so they can do more damage or to change talents the way you want it work for you. That's what I would like to see in The Division 2. If Ubisoft decides to do this on the next updates in future.
  7. The Division 2 – State of the Game Recap: New Gear System Coming After Episode 3 from January 15 2020 Mikel Reparaz This week’s The Division 2 State of the Game livestream explores some of the changes coming in Episode 3. With Associate Game Director Drew Rechner and Lead 3C Designer Fredrik Thylander in attendance, the stream took a look at a massive overhaul to the gear system coming sometime after Episode 3. Some highlights: Fixes to ongoing issues, including invisible walls, are coming with Episode 3 in February. The new gear system will make item stats easier to understand, while also changing the way Talents work. This week’s stream included brief video Q&As with Game Designer Bruce Kelly and Senior Game Designer Trick Dempsey. State of the Game streams on Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. (To find out what was covered in the last episode, make sure to check out the previous State of the Game Recap.) PRIORITY ALERTS Scheduled maintenance was performed yesterday. Further work is needed to resolve the issue of invisible walls. The fix will likely not be ready until Episode 3 comes out in February. The cause of some NPCs getting stuck has been found, and the team is working on a fix now. An issue causing some players to become stuck in the UI and being unable to respawn when downed in the Dark Zones will be fixed with Episode 3. NEW GEAR SYSTEM During the stream, Thylander and Rechner outlined a whole new gear system, coming as part of a larger revamp sometime after Episode 3. When it arrives, all gear will be rebooted, and existing gear will be converted to the new system. However, Thylander says, this will only happen at a time when there are new items to get, new content to play, and a new power cap. The new system is intended, in part, to address the following problems: At a certain point, getting usable things feels too rare. Item stats, talent availability, and other factors are not always easy to understand. Players end up keeping too many items in storage because they don’t offer an immediate or clear advantage. The rush of seeing a god roll diminishes, in part because it can be difficult to understand what a god roll is. Players are getting too much of everything; the current gear system allows for too many builds with consistently high stats, rather than builds with interesting trade-offs. The new gear system will feature the following changes: No budget system – all stats can be rolled at max New brand bonuses, aligned with the real playstyles developers have seen players using. Low-popularity brands are being revamped. Core Attributes are being added to items, which either add weapon damage, a Skill tier, or more armor. (Skill tiers will be discussed next week.) These can be recalibrated. Bonus quality indicators will appear, with color-coded meters (i.e. blue for defensive, red for offensive, yellow for utility) showing how close each stat is to its maximum value. God rolls (maxed stats) will be identified with orange highlights. Build-defining Talents – Talents will amplify your gear’s stats, i.e. by increasing total weapon damage while in cover. The new approach to Talents will remove requirements, and limit Talents to appearing on backpacks and chest pieces. Talents themselves will become more powerful, and enable players to create builds around key Talents. Easily identifiable attributes will let players build out gear sets with pieces that complement each other. Instead of Talents, current named items will have attributes above the maximum level. Gear sets are being reworked. Chest and backpack pieces will come with amplification Talents that bring up the level of the gear set effect. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  10. The Division 2 Episode 3 release date is nearing from & By:Adnan Kljajic - Nem Published: 17:18, 08 January 2020 Massive Entertainment provided some information on the latest State of the Game, such as the new Exotic images and dates for new RNG, UI and recalibration. The release date for The Division 2 - Episode 3 is said to be 29 January 2020 but it's a bit ambiguous. The Division 2 is overdue for some new content as players are getting restless due to lack of new content. Their woes should be temporarily dealt with when Episode 3 kicks in. It will bring more narrative-led content and the teaser leaves no room for doubt - we are going back to New York City. To be more precise, we are going to Coney Island and hunting for Aaron Keener. As far as the actual release date of Episode 3 goes, it is somewhat dubious. The screenshot of the planned content that was shown several times during the State of the Game clearly said 29 January 2020 but the devs themselves kept saying it's coming in February. There are two updates that are coming sooner than that, however. Item Stats, RNG and UI update will kick in on 15 January 2020 and is rather self-explanatory. It is aimed at the passionate players who just can't get those perfect rolls, no matter how many items they farm up. One week later, on 22 January 2020, we will get the Recalibration and Skill Power update. Massive Entertainment didn't provide the exact nature of these changes but fans are speculating we might be going to the same skill power system that was present in the first game. This one is also causing worry as it might mean people will need to farm all over again for their loadouts. On the bright side of news, there is the confirmation of the new Exotic weapon. It is apparently named Chameleon and it's a variation of the Kriss Vector. The weapon changes its colour scheme depending on the surface the agent is standing on but not much else is known about it. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  11. Xbox Series X Could Win E3 2020 from Den of Geeks. With the PlayStation 5 out of the picture, the Xbox Series X could be the star of E3 2020. Feature John Saavedra Jan 14, 2020 PlayStation's decision to skip E3 this year is a critical one. With a next-gen console launch looming, the company has decided that it'd rather unveil the PlayStation 5 outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center, skipping the potential console war at the trade show altogether. PlayStation hasn't outlined how it plans to lift the curtain on the PS5 before its Holiday 2020 launch, but some sort of consumer event is likely, whether it be a special version of the popular Sony-centric PSX convention or something else. Or perhaps the company will decide it doesn't need to show the console in the flesh at all, choosing instead to control the messaging by unveiling the PS5 in a State of Play broadcast, taking a page out of Microsoft's notebook. The big three -- Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo -- have increasingly adopted the direct messaging offered by pre-recorded broadcasts, speaking straight to the consumer without the third party. The reality is that the sort of influence afforded by a centralized trade show like E3 may no longer be the PR gold mine it once was. Yet, while Nintendo will likely continue to skip the E3 stage in favor of a Direct video and PlayStation isn't even bothering to show up to the con at all, there is still one hold out this year. Unsurprisingly, Xbox has everything to gain from PlayStation's E3 absence. With its main competitor in the next-gen race out of the picture, Xbox could dominate E3 like never before. But does winning E3 even matter in 2020? While the trade show may be falling out of grace with hardware developers and game publishers, not to mention the members of the press the Electronic Software Association (E3's organizing body) accidentally doxed last year, E3 still means something to consumers. To fans, E3 is still an exciting week of big announcements, surprise reveals, and world premiere gameplay footage, and the ESA recently opening the convention hall doors to the public reflects this. Interest from the pros may be trending down, but the consumers are still showing up online and in person to demo the latest titles. And for those looking to sample what the next generation of consoles has to offer before spending their hard-earned cash, the Xbox Series X will be the only game in town, so to speak. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  12. Xbox Recommits to E3 2020 As PlayStation Drops Out from by Daniel Richardson – on Jan 14, 2020 in Gaming News E3 is an event that has been used to announce features of upcoming consoles, exclusives, and technology. When Sony announced that it was not attending the event last year, it shocked many in the gaming community who had become used to the companies presence. One year later and Sony have announced that it will once again be absent. On the other hand, Xbox has doubled down on E3 and the presentation looks to be an exciting one. The Xbox consoles have always been powerful machines and many are excited to see how the console leverages its technical aspects to give an exciting gaming experience. While Sony is committing to individual events, Xbox could generate an incredible amount of positive press at one of the biggest events in the gaming calendar The statement released by Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, claims that 2020 will be a "milestone" year for the company and it is hard at work preparing the presentation "for those who love to play". While the Xbox One suffered from a marketing campaign that was focused on a media machine rather than a gaming console, it seems that the Xbox Series X will once again focus on games. Microsoft will undoubtedly put on an impressive show and in response, Sony will likely be creating an event of its own to publicize the PS5. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  13. Here's a lists of Standard Cashe Pool Items from Ubisoft. For more information go to this Link or Website here:–-Items-Entering-January-7th-2020 Here's the Second List to The Standard Cashe Pool Items from Ubisoft. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  14. New Options For Obtaining Apparel Caches from Ubisoft & Since the release of The Division 2, there have been a series of Apparel Events each offering a wide variety of cosmetic items for our players. We are committed to not only introducing new apparel going forward, but also giving you additional options for obtaining cosmetics. As a result, we have a few things to share! Introducing Textiles There has been some feedback around receiving duplicates in Standard Apparel Caches, and we want to improve the system to address some of your frustration. Specifically, we understand that receiving XP for duplicates in Standard Caches does not feel rewarding, and we are introducing a new type of currency in place of XP in the near future. Introducing Textiles!With every duplicate received in Standard Apparel Caches, you will automatically receive a portion of Textiles instead of XP. Once you collect enough Textiles, you will be able to use this currency to eventually make direct purchases of majority of the items on the in-game store!We hope this upcoming change will allow you a more predictable path to obtaining some existing apparel and target specific items.As always, you still have the option to directly purchase cosmetics with Premium Credits through the in-game store. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  15. Well right now I'm busy playing The Division 2 and trying to beat the top scores in my clan. I went from 24 level to 2nd place on their score board & trying for 1st place. It isn't easy to do that. I haven't bought or played Ghost Recon Breakpoint yet & I'll let you know if I do or don't buy or play it.
  16. The Xbox Series X Has Had a Much Better Start than the Xbox One from by Micah Shapiro – on Dec 25, 2019 in GR Originals Suffice to say, the Xbox One did not make the best first impression when it was announced in May 2013, as it focused on its niche hardware features, such as the hardly-used motion sensor and much forgotten Kinect. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4's original announcement stood out strongly as it focused on exclusives and games over hardware. Now, that's history, and the two companies are looking toward the future with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. With the recent announcement of the Xbox Series X, it appears that Microsoft has learned from the past mistakes of 2013, and is setting a strong trajectory course for the launch of its new console, emphasizing and prioritizing the importance of exclusive software and gaming content over supplemental hardware features. There's little doubt gamers want solid hardware and extra features, but great games come first. And if a company can not deliver on the promises of exclusive software content, the hardware platform and its supplemental features can become redundant. Make no mistake, as extra features are a welcome joy of any modern console, and gamers certainly utilize extra features such as streaming Netflix within their console. However, such software and hardware features are all icing on the cake, and Microsoft focused on the icing, while PlayStation 4's original announcement focused on the cake. For more information go to this Link or Website here:
  17. I too wish everyone a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!!
  18. There's one thing I HATE the most is GRINDING for EXOTIC parts of Weapons & Gear. It's a pain in the butt looking for these parts. I wish UBISOFT never ever came up with this IDEA of looking for EXOTIC parts. It was a big WASTE of my time.IT took me months & not days or weeks to find all the parts to the Chatterbox Exotic SMG and I hated it. That's one of many reasons I left the game for a very long time. Plus it took all the enjoyment out of the game all together. I HATED it very much to GRIND for parts. Sorry people I'm just blowing off steam & do apologize in this forum. But If Ubisoft ever sees this make that change to never make us grind for Exotic parts again.....ever.Thank you.