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  1. I too Gene understand why you don't want to play The Division 2. With Ubisoft & updates,8 player team members,nerfing the weapons,grinding & finding crap, & not able to find all exotic weapon parts. Ubisoft knock all the fun out of The Division 2 with disappoints after disappoints in the game. At lease I think so. I too want to quit or thought of quitting many times. But I still play.....but not as much as before. Today I cut it down to a half hour of play time. Now I'm playing Rage 2 a whole more than Fallout 76 & The Division 2 combine. Fallout 76 I quit months ago when they change the rules on PvP & PvE. Now Fallout 76 is mostly force PvP & I don't like that!! In Fallout 76 players try to force you to play PvP even if you like it or not. If don't play forced PvP in Fallout 76 the players in Bethesda's forums call you a griever. Well to me a griever is this: "a person who is feeling grief (as grieving over someone who has died) Synonyms: lamenter, mourner, sorrower Types: bearer, pallbearer. one of the mourners carrying the coffin at a funeral." But they use it differently in video games as being a sore loser or cry baby. Which I find to be very insulting to use a word in that way. That's one of many reasons I quit Fallout 76. But this time it's a very different reason why I would quit The Division 2 as I stated above. It's because TD2 has become nothing but a big disappoint to me in many ways as I stated. I don't blame players who have already quit TD2 & I won't blame many more if they quit too. Like they did way back in 2016 in The Division 1.
  2. I have posted something on this the other day. Saying that they might lower this on console. But it turns out they (Ubisoft) won't do it after all.
  3. Division 2 Won’t Lower Raid Difficulty for Console Players from Division 2 players hoping that developer Massive Entertainment might tweak the raid difficulty on console are out of luck, as this week the studio confirmed it has no plans to do so. The developer did, however, detail some improvements to gameplay and bug fixes that are in the works, and could potentially alleviate some of the difficulty of the Operation Dark Hours raid. During this week’s State of the Game stream, developer Massive Entertainment spent a sizeable amount of time congratulating those Division 2 players that had completed the Operation Dark Hours raid. As part of that congratulations, the devs also announced that the World’s First teams on each platform would get their individual groups memorialized in a White House portrait. Before, Massive was only going to create an image for the true World’s First team, but after some nudging from fans that saw how difficult the console version of the raid is, the team decided every platform deserved its representatives. For more information go to this Link:
  4. Gene When I started to play The Division 2 way back in 12th March of 2019. I thought this Division would a whole different than TD1. Well I was wrong it's really not. It might have a new location,new factions,new weapons,new gear,new tactics,settlements added,new exotic weapons,more grinding than ever,& new missions........but the same old Ubisoft up to it's same old dirty tricks with each update. Deception. & tricking each player into believing that they are going get something a whole lot better than TD1. I too was fooled into believing into this load of crap.Now I don't !! I use to play The Division 2 up to 4 to 6 hours a day. Now I don't play no more than 2 hours or less each day. I sometimes I even skip days altogether to play more & more Rage 2 over TD2. I may someday quit altogether.But for now I'll only play if I feel like it. So I feel for you buddy and know the truth behind Ubisoft trickery & deception. We are not going to get all that Ubisoft has promise. Ubisoft is just going to hype it all up to make it look like we are getting all in next DLC that was promise & in reality were not. It's just nothing but hype.
  5. I rather be The Agent- Good Guy than a Rogue-The Villain. Being the good guy makes me feel like I'm doing something important.
  6. These guys/gals did good......But as far as I'm concern. I could care less....sorry.
  7. That's one of the biggest problem in the game is enemy NPCs are inside a room that I can't get anywhere near or inside to shoot at or kill them. Unless there's an open area to that room that has some kind of opening that I can shoot back at them & kill them. It drives me crazy when I can't !!!
  8. Ubisoft May Tweak Division 2 Raid On Consoles from Despite facing numerous obstacles outside of their control, at least a few teams of players for the newest raid in The Division 2 have finally beaten Operation Dark Hours on console, after nearly a day and a half of trying to complete it. With PC players having much less trouble and taking less time to complete the same raid, developer Massive Entertainment has said it is open to the possibility of making changes to Dark Hours on consoles. making changes to the console version of The Division 2‘s raid, which went live last week. It appears while Ubisoft has declared the Operations Dark Hours raid “the toughest challenge in the history of the franchise,” it will look into potentially making technical adjustments in order to compensate for the shortcomings console players must deal with in comparison to those on PC. For more information go to this Link:
  9. The Division 2 Dev Looking into New Enemy AI and Sound Bugs from Last week brought a major update for Division 2 players as Title Update 3 brought a wave of new fixes, quality of life improvements, new content to the looter shooter. The massive update also paved the way for The Division 2’s first raid, Operation Dark Hours, which launched later that week and proved to be a massive challenge for event the most geared up players. Unfortunately, players have also discovered that this update may have also released a few unintended bugs back into the open world. Over on the official Division 2 subreddit, users began highlighting some strange issues they’ve encountered since Title Update 3 launched. Audio glitches and sound dropping out completely have started appearing more regularly for many players as well as texture issues like the White House going invisible while running the halls. In addition, enemy AI has also taken a turn for the worse with players reporting that the enemy’s movement ranges from being completely oblivious to being laser focused on taking players out. For more information go to this Link:
  10. I wouldn't run out of ammo if enemies NPCs would stop being Bullet Sponges & hold still long enough so I can shoot them.
  11. I think Ubisoft wants us use our clans to put together a 8 man/woman team. My guest Ubisoft created the Clan idea so we wouldn't want to use matchmaking in first place. Well that's bad for players who aren't in clan. Not all players have gotten around to join any clan. So I guest those who don't have a clan & can't matchmake in game will be left out of the raid all together. Well say that is being unreasonable & not fair Ubisoft shame on you!!!
  12. The Division 2’s Best DPS Build for the Dark Hours Raid from Many The Division 2 players are trying to finish the raid, which is proving to be extremely difficult. Operation Dark Hours has proven to be a competent endgame activity, throwing ample challenge at players. Players’ experience is a bit of a mixed bag, with the raid being especially difficult on consoles, while other teams on PC are now basically speedrunning the raid at this point. While there are multiple builds available to get through the raid, this build that comes via YouTuber WiLLiSGaming is an effective build that focuses on pure DPS. For more information on this go to this Link:
  13. My guest is to find the new loadouts in this game TD2. Otherwise I do not know?
  14. Gene it's a pain in the butt playing The Division 2 on this raid. That's why I quit this game for awhile & now playing Rage 2.
  15. I have followed it step by step,step by step,& step by step over & over again in the video on my xbox one & I still haven't found enough parts to get the blueprint at the Hyena's Bank Main Mission & I know about the keycard in the hidden area in office opening the cage door & Hyena's box inside the vault. Here the picture of all parts I found so far. Two are pistol parts & the other 3 are smg parts:
  16. Here the Hotel where I didn't find any parts at all. Like they said you would. I only find gear,weapons,& mods inside this box in the bathroom & on the roof. I done this Hyena's Main Mission on different levels dozens of times & found basically same stuff over & over again. Here's that box from the bathroom in the Hotel: On PC it's in the sink.....but on my Xbox One console it's on the floor next to the sink.As you can see I have at lease 13 keys as seen in picture. Yes they said there are different Hyena boxes in different areas on the map. So far I found 11 different boxes on map where video said they would be. That's where I found 3 different smg parts so far.
  17. Well this all I found so far inside the Hyena boxes & one was a boss drop. 2 are pistol parts & 3 smg parts as seen here:
  18. Well ain't much to go on. I guess I can look it up online on YouTube.
  19. When I was playing The Division 1 for the first time. It took me almost a whole year to get at lease one exotic weapon ...... before they started selling them. I remember one time I was in the Dark Zone in The Division 1. I got the Hungry Hog from a Named boss drop. I tried to get out of the Dark Zone & was jumped by 2 Rogue players. While one was cutting the rope The other started a fire fight & killed me real fast & I had a real good built on gear & weapons. That that day they got away with my Hungry Hog that work so hard to get. I was so mad & went back to the pick up point & they were gone. I found they only wanted that & left the rest behind. That's one of many reasons I don't like to go inside the Dark Zone which I call the Dead Zone.....because you get dead very fast inside that area. Gene I don't blame you trying put a 8 man/woman team together is hard as hell. Unless you have a large group of friends in The Division 2. It's almost impossible to do it. Gene I don't blame you for being mad I too feel the same way as you do. Like movie quote:" I'm as mad as hell & I'm not going to take this anymore".
  20. Division 2: How to Earn the Eagle Bearer Exotic Assault Rifle from The Division 2‘s raid, Operation Dark Hours, is live and players are already burning through its challenges and earning the loot within. One such reward is the new Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle, an Exotic-rarity weapon that’s bound to be a popular choice within The Division 2‘s endgame. But the Eagle Bearer isn’t going to be an easy weapon to acquire, at least not for everyone. Those hunting for the Exotic would best prepare for what’s involved. For more information go to this Link:
  21. Neither it is okay for me. Getting at lease four altogether might be okay.......but eight not so much.
  22. This is all exotic parts I found or Boss dropped in game. From opening any Hyena's boxes & one named boss drop and they are not all pistol parts. Only two are pistol parts & the rests are SMG parts. As seen here:
  23. The Division 2 Raid Beat on Console Finally from After 36 hours it has finally been done: a Division 2 team on console has beat the new Operation Dark Hours raid. The feat was first confirmed by a Division 2 player and member of the raid team on forums and later supported by the in-game leaderboards. Reddit user Inkist revealed his team’s accomplishment on the Division 2 subreddit on Saturday afternoon. He, alongside players named Bloodshy, Tico79, Jaqev, Handsome Lancer, AZPrimeminister, I’m Bats, and H2K Predator was able to complete Operation Dark Hours on PS4, making them the first team to do so on console. There is also at least one team that beat it on Xbox One in about 17 hours of total playtime. For more information on this go to this Link: