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  1. Looking to recruit some players down to join on PS4. We barely have any friends to play with that have Division 2, but it'd be cool to progress together, just to level the clan as one goal. Pretty difficult to level the clan on your own, and we are about to reach level 4 right now. Not sure how they expect smaller clans to level. We've talked about just dissolving the clan and finding a populated one to join but it's fun just having a group of known people. Clan name is Playmakers - which I feel basically emphasizes on teamwork, fits fine for a game like "Division" that is tactical, brings other players on the same side. Meanwhile the clan tag is just [PMS], just to symbolize an abbreviation of the clan name, since we had no better ideas. Activities are both PvE and PvP as stated, in a game like Division, you have to do multiple things to get the best gear score and equipment in general. Doing both PvP and PvE is fun and it will bring in different audiences of players. Our most active times are daily, we play everyday in DZ, and just simple Washington PvE to work on our World Tiers. Atmosphere of the clan is focused, and I also opened the clan up to Public. No mic requirement to say but it'd be fun to have you guys in the clan and hopefully we can max this thing out. Thanks for reading. If you would like to join, you can today. Just search up "Playmakers" in the Clan Finder, anyone is welcome. Hopefully, this will be a good way to meet new friends. Thanks for reading.