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  1. Well, the promise was that the first year content would be free. They kept that promise. For season pass, there were classified missions, 1-week early access to new content, and instant unlocking of new specializations. They kept all those promises too.
  2. I like it. Kind of sounds like the season pass is going to be a complete waste of money unless you are really, really into having a few unique apparel items. I'm glad no gear items will be locked behind the season pass though.
  3. I will make it simple. I am talking about the genre of the game. It doesn't matter how you choose to play it. Games fit into genres. Diablo and Path of Exile are action RPG's. Bard's Tale is an RPG. Destiny is a looter shooter. If someone asked what genre The Division fit into, it's classified as a looter shooter.
  4. All loot based games have some sort of merchant or merchants you can sell or buy gear from. When someone says a game has buying/selling/trading components to a game, they are usually referencing among players, which this game really doesn't have. What you are saying about "protect" and other parts of the game is just part of the gameplay. Destiny has strikes and raids. Does that mean it is not a looter shooter? Nope. It's still a looter shooter. Warframe has survival missions and defense missions. Still a looter shooter. That's the archetype of the game. Just like The Division.
  5. I will just say it absolutely is 100% a looter shooter. Just like Destiny, Warframe, Borderlands, etc. I don't think anyone really sees it as a buy,sell, trade type of game. That would be more Warframe, where you can sell/trade just about any weapon, mod, or piece of gear you craft or loot in exchange for in game currency. In The Division, you are limited to sharing just with who you were playing with when you looted a piece of gear. It's not a significant part of the game. Path of Exile, although not a looter shooter, would be another example of a game with a real marketplace. Without needing to grind for things, I think just playing activities and missions over and over would get a lot more repetitive and boring. The loot game gives you a goal to reach. It gives direction and purpose. You want that new exotic AR that just dropped yesterday? Well, you know what you have to do. I'm excited for the new Gear 2.0 and gear score going up to 515 making all of our gear useless. It will be fun to have to grind for new gear and experiment with new builds.
  6. I'm guessing you mean the ones where you had to farm individual parts. I didn't mind it. It gave reason to play additional activities in the game. It got a little annoying when you had to wait for a specific map rotation like we did for one of them (I forget offhand which one). I mean nothing will ever be more fun than farming The Bullet King before they patched it, but yeah I don't mind the exotics in TD2.
  7. Doing well. There is no NYC Darkzone in the new expansion. They are reworking the ones in DC including making one invaded each week.
  8. Everything about the update looks awesome. Only thing I would say they are potentially screwing up is that PvP is going to be awful for the people who do not buy the expansion. They remain capped at level 30, so will be at a big disadvantage.
  9. I completely disagree. The grind is what gets most people to keep coming back to play. I wouldn't have played nearly as much if there was no grind. That's kind of the whole point of looter shooter games. You will love the new expansion. All your exotics will not be below the level cap and you have to reacquire them once you reach level 40.
  10. The immune coming up is probably because you are spawn camping. I think there is a 2-3 second window (I forget the exact time) when someone spawns that they are immune.
  11. Talents don't impact gear score. It's that simple.
  12. Lol. That video is so obviously fake.
  13. On top of that, the raid is almost impossible on consoles. As of yesterday I believe it was, there was one team on PS4 that had beaten it and zero on Xbox.
  14. It's a 3rd-person looter shooter. Best way I can describe it is to say it is 3rd-person Diablo III except you are a futuristic space ninja. Can't say more about your character without giving away some serious plot points.
  15. Honestly, if you follow the steps in that video you will get the Chatterbox within a couple of days at the longest.