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  1. Hey Agents, I’m working on an announcement post that will summarize the clan’s social media presence etc and will be setting up a twitch channel for general member streaming in the near future. I’d like to get more agents registered to this clan hub just for easier communication about clan activities and plans so if you meet up with another player online maybe mention it to them (and that there’s no obligation to be active here). Current discord server link is: As always, there are no expectations in terms of participation on here or the discord, but they’re good tools to have available. If anyone here is particularly good at discord set-up, let me know. ~Max
  2. Thanks a lot! :D
  3. If you missed State of the Game this week you missed baked goods word problems, Rasmus looking adorable in a new t-shirt and problematic necklace, some really cool insight into the reasons behind game design choices, and a fix for the end game loot gear score issue: Hamish Bode and Rasmus Kunstlicher (Game Designer) presented the State of the Game today, which focused primarily on the PTS and what they’re hoping players will focus on while participating. There was not a lot of concrete information in this broadcast (compared to say, the incredible depth of updates we got last week), but we need to not under appreciate the fact that regardless of how many bulleted lists they have to present, we asked for transparency and now we have it. Quick updates before we hit the main highlights: Apparel event is entering last phase. Maintenance incoming tomorrow – after which players will no longer be able to get invasion keys from projects or drops. Black tusk uniform can only be obtained until May 2nd (next Thursday). PC slow loading times is a known issue, think cause has been identified and will update when the fix is being deployed. The Pies Have It… One of the interesting/really cool but also challenging things about this week’s SotG is the amount of time spent on the design theory that supports the way game elements function. I’m the first to admit that even when we started talking about balancing in terms of “pies”, I had to watch the section three or four times and still came away feeling equal parts anxious and hungry. The community across all social platforms has been locked in a very loud “PVE vs PVP” meta and any time a change occurs for the good of the game but not for the good of a small but vocal player subset, there are inevitable tweet storms about how “stupid” the change was. Or, comments about “how dumb they were to implement the mechanic in the first place”. So I appreciate UbiMassive’s attempts to give developers a platform, but I’m worried that all of the explanations about why things are a certain way are lost on players who don’t actually want an answer to their questions, they just want to watch the world burn. What would be cool, is if there could be some time and resources dedicated to having these one-on-one sit-downs to discuss the game’s development but positioned as a separate video series. There’s already been this sort of content produced from NGON, and maybe having it separated from the “here’s what you need to know” content might be better? Or maybe not. All I know is that I would encourage everyone to take a look at the original video. PTS Rasmus has a central role in this process, looking at what’s happening in the PTS, along with player feedback, and using the data to make changes not only to current systems but also looking at how planned additions to the game may be impacted by these changes. He’d like for PTS players to focus on the following gameplay mechanics: - Calibration and looking at how to do a slightly different approach/ improve things. - Please test gear score progression through WTs, please test recalibration - Added cache at vendor which gives you tons of crafting materials so you can recalibrate a lot. GEAR SCORE CHANGES (But not the cap-increase kind) Hamish confirmed today that 515 gear is not a dark zone exclusive. Sources of this non-dz will be discussed at a later date. Changes are being implemented to fix an issue players had with end game gear dropping with a lower GS than what was equipped. Now as you near 500, gear drops will have current gear score average at minimum, up to 500. There may be some rare incidents where gear is slightly lower because it’s based on the average but in general the gear score should be improved significantly overall. And for players at 500, all drops will be at GS 500 for high end, and 490 for purples. Rasmus wanted to remind players that Purple drops are still viable : -They offer really great stats via recal -They can allow for activated talents when you may not have spec’d as much into a particular area -Great for selling -Fun and helpful to deconstruct (especially when this is up as a weekly clan project) -Donate them for project completion RECALIBRATION and CRAFTING Rasmus and Hamish did an admirable job of trying to explain an incredibly complex system theory by likening it to pies. Please watch the original video for this segment as all I could figure out after watching was that different pies have different amounts of space for different ingredients. Players have been frustrated about certain recal situations such as they following: You have something purple then recal onto a high end and you see the number lower because it caps out. For example, a set of superior gloves with 10% AR damage are recal’d on to a high end item with potential AR rifle damage ceiling of 6%, then the recal value will cap at 6%. This is because each item has a budget and can only grow so much. The whole system started with core idea what if a player take one stat and relocates it to another place, it would be simple. A simple idea but a lot of balancing issues made it non-viable. Now, instead of increasing gear score, there is a separated recalibration score independent from gear score. Recal score increases but not gear score won’t, and the recal score can be increased to 100 per item. Cap can still be hit if you try to recal items with really skewed rolls. Recalibration will not increase gear score above 500. Recalibration score, however, because it is independent from gear score, can still improve the “quality” of the gear above the official 500 gear sore due to the separate recal score. Grey crafting mateirals currently capped at 400, but will be increased to 600. Looking at material caps in general. Hardwire gear set – now when crafted, gear range has been increased from 450 minimum to 480. MODS How do the devs see people using mods in-game? Players have gravitated towards purple and blue mods because of the singular attributes attached to them whereas with high-end mods it’s more difficult to find one that has a helpful combination of attributes. Ideally, high-end mods are “better” than purple and should be used generally unless a purple has a specific desired attribute. A problem with not having enough skill power to equip high end mods is resolved with purple mods. For players not spec’ing into skill power may find it hard to find mods. Aux batteries are being introduced which allow equipping to a specific skill even with lower skill power. Aux batteries will be available through crafting as well. Purple and blue mod blue prints would still cap around 490 (slightly lower for blue mods) or so max. BLUEPRINTS Blueprints being introduced for blue and purple mods to accommodate low skill power bills and they can be bought at the new crafting vendor at the BoO. Should be available now. All blueprints will be removed from other vendors and relocated at the crafting vendor. There’s a limited number of blue prints in game, divided into primary pools. One pool being control points, the other pool being vendors. Previously could only get project blueprints from weekly projects which was very slow, so 2 additional weekly projects added plus daily shade requisition project at BoO where you donate crafting materials (2 green and 1 blue type) and you get a couple of items and a blue print and can do this every day starting with TU-3. The end result being there will be a chance to receive up to 10 blueprints a week (3 blueprints per week + 1 per day.) AMMO drops Increased ammo drop chance from enemies. So will the community at large be super excited about these changes? Honestly they should be, because while they're very specific quality of life improvements and not the show-stopping "overhaul" that some community members have determined is necessary, it's continued proof that the developers are listening to feedback, and implementing it in a way that does not compromise the integrity of other complex elements in the game. The fixes being deployed now are what create the integrity of the foundation on which the rest of the game will be built. We need to remember that it's been less than two months since the game released, and we still have several more content drops yet in the first year alone.
  4. Hi everyone! There have been more than a few community requests to set up an ASA clan for PC players, and neur0nix has agreed to take on leadership of that endeavor (thanks again, dude!). I've updated this hub with an additional discussion board area for PC and also one for Xbox (which will be happening in the near future), and will work out a way to ensure that there's as little confusion as possible as to which platform players are using. The Discord will also be updated with a dedicated channel for PC players and xbox.
  5. I'm working out the rules for the community and welcome input on them in this thread. 🙂 ASA Community Rules Draft 1. Be kind. Remember we’re all here for the love of the game. While disagreements will inevitably occur at times, we have a variety of skill levels, communication abilities, and perspectives within our community – try to assume the best of each other both in game and out. 2. Be chill. Member Requirements: There are no play-time or xp-earned requirements for this clan, and no one should feel guilty for not being able to contribute much. Don’t give others a hard time about this. If you have an issue with another member, take it to private messaging. Nobody wants to deal with watching stuff like that play out in public. 3. Be respectful. Squading: The clan is geared towards players who want a community around them but may not want to squad up every time they are online. Check with players to see if they’re cool with you dropping in to their game unannounced, otherwise shoot them a message to ask. If someone doesn’t want to group up, don’t let it get you down. Language: Use all the profanity you want but there’s no place here for offensive language, including but not limited to insults based on race, gender, sexuality etc. 4. Be Engaged Voice your opinion when you’re able, and let us know what we could be doing differently or better. Feel empowered to suggest contests, activities, clan-specific challenges.
  6. This is awesome -- thanks for setting it up for us! Is there a breakdown of specific clan admin privileges assigned to Moderators vs Leaders?
  7. Feel free add to this thead with info about yourself, including your social media and streaming links, gaming preferences, time zone and the times when you're most likely to be playing.
  8. We're 35 days out from game launch, so Welcome to the State of the Game After Action Report for April 17, 2019. But first, don't forget that the servers will shut down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, April 18th at 09:30 AM CEST / 03:30 AM EDT / 12:30 AM PDT. Estimated downtime is approximately 3 hours. Here's the patch notes from the maintenance (via the Ubisoft forums): · Fixed an issue where players were able to receive unlimited Snitch heroic bounties. · Fixed another issue where players were stuck after being revived while having a DoT state active. · Fixed other issues relating to players being stuck after revival. · Lowered NPC damage and health above normal difficulty. · Increased variety of NPCs spawned at higher difficulty levels. · Difficulty has been significantly decreased in Hard, moderately reduced in Challenge, and barely reduced in Heroic. · Fixed an issue related to Elite NPC aggressiveness in Heroic / Alert Level 4. · Reduced the damage output of Named bosses. This week's State of the Game had a ton of information, with a focus on PVP, featuring Terry Spier and Ryan Liebscher from Red Storm and hosted by Hamish. Title Update 3, which included the Operation Dark Hours Raid, has been pushed to next month in order to allow focus on fixing existing issues / balancing etc. While there's some obvious disappointment to be felt with this delay, it makes complete sense and shows a clear dedication from the team in terms of taking both backend metrics and community sentiment seriously. It's the ideal time, with the PTS now live, to avoid rushing deadlines; particularly when many of the fixes that need to be implemented need to be done before they risk impacting the raid experience. So what's worse, having to wait a couple extra weeks for a raid experience that works? Or a broken one coming next week? It's a rhetorical question obviously -- and the result of a dev team fulfilling community requests that they continue to be responsive, and responsible, to the issues currently in the game. PTS is live now on PC It's the perfect opportunity to make a concrete impact on the health of the game by participating in the Public Test Server. The first phase of PTS will focus on documenting and collecting info on existing or new bugs. The second phase will focus on balancing in both PVP and PVE. For console players, you're encouraged to watch PTS streams as a way to engage. What does it mean when we say we are looking at the player experience? At the end of the day the game is for millions of players, and it’s essential to get as much feedback as possible. Proud to have a PTS up and running 35 days from game launch. - Give clear and concise feedback - Vital for future health of the game - Can’t guarantee all feedback will have a final impact on game play - Just because it wasn’t implemented doesn’t mean it was a bad idea. - Every comment is read. PVP UPDATES: Balancing There are a lot of balancing changes happening - a bunch that will be arriving with TU-3, as well as additional planned updates. Normalization Normalization will now be to max world tier gear score (500) instead of how it was previously working (states would be normalized to a middle range). Additionally, high values attached to gear will not be impacted by the normalization. For example, if you have an item with high crit chance that crit chance will remain high even after normalization And what is probably my favorite change: There will be non-normalized skill power to unlock skill mods in normalized play areas. So that everything remains active. If you've ever tried to run a skill-heavy build in PVP, you'll be familiar with the pain of having your build crippled because your skill power was normalized to below the requirement needed to unlock the talent attributes. This was particularly horrendous with Division 1 in Last Stand where I frequently found my carefully crafted medic build turned into an ineffectual mess. PVP Damage Modifiers - Global PVP damage modifier changed from 70% down to 40% which will bring TTK closer to what is experienced in PVE. - - Skill damage modifier will be increased from 20% to 25% to increase usability. This will all show up in the UI. - Specfiic weapon archtypes pvp modifiers are changing (example: buffing AR damage by x%). - PVP is being tuned separately from PVE. - Crit is being removed from hip fire in PVP only. Hip fire should be utilized as a last resort strategy not as the primary. Bottom line? Fights will last longer, skills will be more effective (while staying away from creating skills that can one-shot). There will be more time to employ strategic game play as well as to utilize a variety of builds. Dark Zone(s) “The magic of the dark zone is the people” – Terry Spier. Red Storm spoke about the importance of making sure they leverage that, and the interactions that allow for such a rich experience in that game mode. The changes outlined below are intended to help reach that goal of improving and increasing player engagement. He hinted at there being more planned related to leveraging the player experiences, but wouldn't go into more detail. The DZ is not as scary as it used to be – lots of steps taken to make it more friendly, but it’s still the DZ and we understand a lot of players don’t want to go in there. But we’re essentially making it more useful for higher gear score, but not necessarily the only way to gain power creep. Need to keep that creep controlled so DZ is the first way. Should a new WT be created, need to be aware of how power creep can impact that. Guaranteeing DZ player presence: Red Storm would like to confirm for the community that yes, they do play the live game and experience everything that the players do. As such, they're aware of the lack of players currently encountered in the DZ and are working on a fix: Increasing player presence to ensure 12 players in a session by reduction in brackets to two (1-30) and then players in World Tiers. This isn't coming with TU-3, but in the future. Play testing continues internally. Player count increase above 12 is not planned. Request has been heard, but internal play testing has shown that more than 12 players sounds cool on paper but isn't fun in reality. Loot ratios are being re-tuned. Less non-contaminated drops will be available and more contaminated drops. The goal is to have players engage in extraction loops more frequently. Named bosses will always guarantee contaminated drop and higher level challenge landmark bosses can drop multiple items. Rogue cool-down being removed. (No more time-out before going rogue again) but toggle cool down active. Contam bag size default increased to 6, Tier 1 perk increases to 8, Tier 10 perk that used to increase contam drop rates now increases size to 10. Tier 4 perk prev reduce rogue cool down now decreases amount of xp lost. ODZ modifiers can be changed independently from the rest of PVP. Currently the ODZ specific modifier is tuned to exact same value as global pvp, but they can tune it specifically to the ODZ experience and TTK will also be increased and can be tweaked without impacting the rest of the player experiences. XP loss in ODZ has been decreased. Man hunt and rogue coming back to ODZ. Read community loud and clear and agree with the sentiment. Most of ODZ will remain the same but rogue and manhunt returning. No grey rogue. More of the original DZ vanilla feel. AI patrols will be decreased – unspecified amount. Make sure PVE encounters remain localized to the land marks as much as possible. Will be coming in a future update. Cool down added to landmarks reset in order to keep players from repeatedly clearing the same location over and over again and to encourage travel. Tuning AI damage and armor for endgame ODZs….less lethal AI, but slightly more survivability. Thieve’s Den – allowing weapon swapping now. A lot more on the way. “Veritable honey pot of wonderfulness”. Items in DZ will be dropping up to 515 max gear score. Items will still normalize to 500 “for now”. “There will be future activities to come which are un-normalized”. Conflict Armor bars displayed in UI are now accurate. Enemy armor bars previously capped at 10 pips. Now, player and enemy bars will properly reflect the amount of armor being worn. Boosts Nerfed – power being decreased by 50% across the board. Improvements have been made to team sync at spawn. Conflict NPC more visible Skill cool downs fixed - Skill cooldowns weren’t carrying over on death so too many skill proxies. Now, skill cool down will be recognized. There is a bug on the PTS where cool down is not resetting on match start. This has been fixed. Exotics They’re special and they should feel special. It’s not about doing more damage faster / harder – not the overall intent for every exotic. When designing them it’s about promoting a different style of game play or fun loop that may not necessarily be the fastest and most efficient way to kill but makes it interesting. With that in mind.... Exotic weapons getting a damage buff across the board : as an example, Pestilence is getting a global buff with an additional buff in pvp. Plans are also being discussed for how to make exotics more viable without just relying on buffing. Balancing Terry and Ryan spent some time talking about the philosophy behind implementing balance changes. It's important to know that process is about alignment. With this complicated a game with so many elements in it, things can get out of alignment, which can result in insanely over-powered or useless builds. Regardless of if that disalignment is super fun, it needs to be reigned in. The answer is not just “buff everything” otherwise things become flat because there is a ceiling as to how powerful everything can get. The philosophy of balancing is about alignment that creates a consistent fun experience throughout the game. Talent changes aren’t just about “nerfing because it’s too good”. At the same time that talents are being changed, so are health stats for NPCs and multiple other values which all work in synergy to open up more variety of play. YES I LITERALLY SPENT THE DAY TRANSCRIBING ALL OF THESE: Weapon Talent Balance Pass Unhinged: Damage bonus reduced to 20% from 25%, handling bonus negatively reduced to 25% from 35% Strained: Missing ammo requirement increased from 5% to 10% Frenzy: (PVE) Reloading from empty grants 20% weapon damage instead of 35% and 15% rate of fire for 3 seconds instead of 35% for 7 seconds (PVP) Reolading from empty grants 15% weapon damage instead of 25%, and 15% rate of fire for 3 seoncds instead of 25 for 7. Preservation: (PVE) Killing an enemy repairs 10% armor over 5 seconds instead of 5% over 3 seconds. Head shots improve repair by 20% instead of 10% (PVP) killing enemy 5% armor repair over 3 seconds, headshots improve repair by 15% and requires 7 defense attributes Spike: Headshot kills grant 35% skill damage for 20 seconds, instead of 25% for 10 seconds, requires 5 utility attributes instead of 3. Reformation: Headshot kills increase skill repair and healing by 50% over 20 seconds instead of 25% over 25 seconds and requires 9 utility attributes. Gear Talent Balance pass Critical: Reduced critical hit damage bonus from 8% to 5% Surgical: Reduced critical hit chance bonus from 8% to 5% Safeguard: Reduced healing bonus from 75% to 50% reduced, duration from 7 to 5 seconds, set requirement changed from less than 5, to less than 4, defensive attributes. Clutch: Iincreased health gained per critical hit from 15% to 20% / reduced armor gained per critical hit from 2% to 1% Spotter: Increased weapon damage to pulsed enemies from 10% to 20%, requirement changed from 3 to 5 utility attributes. Kneecap: Shooting an enemy in the legs had a 10 change to apply bleed, now 15. Entrench: Headshots from cover armor repair increased from 5 – 10 Patience: After being in cover for 5 seconds (used to be 3 seconds) armor repairs by 5% every 1 second instead of every 3 seconds, requirement increased from 5 to 9 defense attributes Unbreakable : (PVE) 70% of max armor is repaired when armor depleated, armor kits used within 7 seconds are not consumed, instead of 25% and 5 seconds. (PVP) 25% of max armor repaired, armor kits used within 7 seconds are not consumed (instead of 15% and 5 seconds). 11 defense attribute requirement and no other talents affecting armor kits. Bloodsucker: (PVE) Depleting an enemy’s armor adds a stack of 25% bonus armor for 10 seconds instead of 20 for 20. Max stack increased from 5 to 6. (PVP) adds stack of 20% bonus armor for 5 seconds with max stack of 5. 11 defense attributes instead of 5 offense. Berzerk: (PVE) 10 % weapon damage bonus for every 20% of max armor depleted instead of 10% max armor. Requires 11 offense attributes and AR, smg or LMG equipped. (No changes to PVP) Bloodlust: (PVE) swapping weapons within 3 seconds of a kill grants 35% weapon damage for 5 seconds, instead of 25% for 10 seconds. (PVP) swapping weapons within 3 seconds of a kill grants 20% weapon damage for 5 seconds. Now requires 9 defensive attributes Blacksmith: Killing an enemy with sidearm repairs 50% of armor (raised from 25%), once every 15 seconds, (increased from 10). Requires 11 defense attributes QOL Improvements - Text chat – will lose focus after sending a message (no manual required) - Players can toggle displaying group and personal drops - Group tab will have all raid members Impressions The community has had generally positive feedback regarding these initial changes, and since most of them are playable in the PTS currently, there's no excuse for all players to get engaged in see how they play in real time. What I'm hoping for is that the dev team also takes into consideration the reality that while it's understandable to view the the entirety of the game experience from the higher level "everything is connected view", it's cold comfort for players who are looking to enjoy themselves in the next 12 hours, not over the next 2 years. But this may also simply be the uncomfortable truth about fully embracing live games "as a service" which Ubisoft has done with Division 2. Players used to (and still do) expect games to be finished at launch. The new reality is that gaming is a collaborative effort, and I don't think it's realistic to assume that we aren't now in a sense co-developers of the gaming experience. The "it will come soon please be patient" perspective is one we'll have to embrace and learn to get excited about, because that's what games as a service brings with it. As long as the team can keep making the journey interactive and exciting, I think it'll survive. All I'm really waiting for is Survival. :)
  9. Agents, if you missed State of the Game this week, you missed a PTS announcement, Yannick's gear score (493), updates on bug fixes and Hamish's cool hat. No worries though, here's your After Action Report featuring a detailed summary of what went on: In the absence of any other game visual aids shared by the team, here's the cool hat. Hamish & Yannick hosted today's state of the game, and they expressed that whole team is really happy to finally have WT5 and Tidal Basin Stronghold released, which will not only allow the end game to be full experienced but the game’s meta to finally begin to settle. (Not discussed, but something that will be enjoyed by players across social media platforms, is the fact that with "Title Update 2" now released, the community can shift their often heated in-fighting to other, new topics). Let's get to the topic most people are going to want to know about first (even though I remain a vanity item enthusiast myself). Title Update 3 Public Test Server Title update 3 is incoming in the near future (no date announced), and right before it, a Public Test Server (PTS). If you're not just picking up Divison 2 as your first contact with the franchise, then you're likely familiar with the Great Rage War of 2016-2018 during which community members of various platforms fought each other and accused everyone of not being worthy of an invite. Essentially, everyone's feeds looked like this x 1,000: Happily, this time around the team is being super transparent and upfront that there will be no console access to the PTS. And as such, it looks like we'll once again see some well-seasoned salt from console players. Here's what we know so far about the PTS: - The Raid is not included in the PTS. While the raid will be included in Title Update 3 (TU-3), it won't be accessible on the PTS. Instead, they're focusing on stability / quality of update, balancing, and functioning of potential new items. They're hoping to identify broken builds before they have a chance to mess with the meta. - The PTS is confirmed PC only. Doing it this way allows the most flexibility on the development side to interact and test multiple game build versions. Having experimented with both console and PC in Division 1, and because we all remember the drama as well, there will not be one for console. It's not punitive, it's for the health of the game. Everyone who owns Division 2 on PC will have PTS available as a new game via the Uplay launcher (not the Epic launcher). Character save will be directly imported into PTS and feedback can be provided via specific forums as usual. - There is no NDA Players will be allowed to stream the PTS as much as they want, which will give non-PC players a chance to see how it looks (editor's note, while this is a well-intended thought we'll see how the community processes this closer to the date). Hopefully, all PC players who do decide to play the PTS will spend the entire time carefully documenting every issue they experience, and testing every possible gear set and play mode, instead of being completely unhelpful and wasting their PTS experience like some unfortunate community members (like this asshole): Other news: Clarification on Apparel Event: - Today (!) is last chance to claim your free key (or keys if you are a year 1 pass holder) as part of the apparel event. There's been some confusion amongst players regarding two different end dates listed for the currently ongoing Apparel Event. Two different end dates are listed in the game, and both are right. Here's how: o The April 24th date is the end of this apparel event and these event-specific keys will no longer be available to drop during game play. o Keys not redeemed during the event can still be redeemed for the event-exclusive items up until May 2nd. o After May 2nd, the keys will still unlock caches but these caches will not give Apparel Event exclusive items. - How to get keys during play? o Finish Apparel weekly projects (3 keys per completion) o Field proficiency / Dark Zone proficiency caches have a chance to drop keys (DZ caches have lower chance). Yannick confirmed that the myths are rumors aren't true: There is no limit to the amount of keys that can be gotten in a 24 hr period, and reassured us that there will be more unique Apparel Events happening, each with event exclusive vanity items / emotes etc. Quality of Life Improvements & Bug Fixes Motion sickness Complaints - Field of view option has been added to the game in an attempt to minimize this possibility. - NPC improvements at the BoO to reduce the amount of interactions (as documented by SNL) - Control point officer – donating supplies is faster now - Exploit fix! (daily / weekly projects) Last week the projects were turned off due to an exploit (particularly w/ daily missions (hard mode & Challenging) and DZ ones where once completed if you logged in and out you would receive the rewards again. The team was able to fix this and the projects were reactivated yesterday with no server downtime. And speaking of server downtime: Weekly Server Maintenance tomorrow 0930 – 1230 cest Issues resulting from TU-2 will take varying amounts of time to fix, but a few fixes are being deployed in this week's maintenance: Fixes incoming during maintenance tomorrow: - Fix where players could not fast travel to Castle settlement - Fixed where players would experience Delta during end of pvp matches. - Chirping sound at end of project fixed - Specialization ammo scarcity fix (was not an intended change to such an extreme) Looking at how to increase the amount available. Trying to have it ready for fix during maintenance, and if not then asap. Issues Reported by the Community as Bugs But They Are Actually Features: - *There is nothing at the castle because there isn’t supposed to be. Working as intended, but will look at making more clear in the game (editor's note: seemed pretty clear to me, there was literally an entire cut scene about it). - The sound of a tuba playing in the DZ at night --> There is in fact a tuba sound in the dark zone at night, a rare one. Working as intended. Lol. Issues That Are Being Looked At But Will Not Be Fixed Shortly (as in, a client-side update known as TU 2.1): - T poses, not working as intended but hilarious. High priority and looking to fix. Hamish has heard the community's cries to have this as an emote, but the concern about using it to troll in the DZ is pretty logical imho. - Crafting bench not working (not being upgraded between world tiers.) - Characters getting stuck (each needs to be looked at individually because of the multitude of factors involved. Please report these incidents with specifics as to how / when / where it happened. Some of these will be fixed in 2.1 - Revive hive bug (many different situations when the hive does not work correctly). Some fixes deployed in 2.1, not all. - True Patriot 2-piece gear set bonus not working Issues That Are Being Looked At But No Confirmed Resolution Timeframe: - Problems with ivory keys (team aware) please report these issues as they occur so they can track and fix. - Problem with speciality ammo zeroing out upon entering a new gameplay session. (Need confirmation from the game design team that this is not working as intended). - Low gear score on items dropped when player is at 500 GS - Dx12 crashes noted – more prevalent with NVIDIA graphics cards. Team is working with NVIDIA to see about providing updated drivers to fix this. Balancing Always look at balancing as constantly evolving thing (Yannick)…it’s important to keep giving feedback on what you’re experiencing just please don’t panic. If something is broken we will fix it. It’s a process. All feedback is being collected and looked at and they are aware of all of the conversations going on (usefulness of gear sets, exotic weapons, blue gear mods, skill power etc). RUMOR started by HAMISH that I'm AMPLIFYING here: Planning to bring Red Storm on to talk about pvp soon (maybe next week?) Roadmaps With a live game – huge road map for the life cycle. Game difficulty is looked at (there is a bug where NPCs are being hyper aggressive due to a bug impacting the confidence level of the AI that they can win an encounter with the player. Also looking long term at survivability, amor etc. Will be addressed likely further down the line. Mysterious forum post incoming tomorrow addressing skill issues. That's it for this week!
  10. Agents, if you missed State of the Game this week, you missed buffs, nerfs, and lots of vanity items. No worries though, here's your After Action Report featuring a detailed summary of what went on: Today’s SoTG was hosted by Chris Gansler, Community Developer and Fredrik Thylander, Lead 3C Designer, focusing on game changes incoming with the “Invasion” update which arrives this Friday. The timing for the maintenance to implement this update as follows: 3:30am EDT (US), 8:30am BST (UK), and 6:30pm AEDT (Australia) – sorry, Australia. There was no new PVP information, and there will not be any direct changes to PVP implemented in Friday’s update. However, it goes without saying that the changes to weapons and gear will impact the way PVP plays by default. Once again the team would like you to know that all feedback is appreciated, and while you may not get a personalized reply on whichever social media platform you choose to use, everything is read and taken into consideration. Some significant balancing changes were announced today (with more listed in the patch notes which are incoming), so we’ll get those out of the way first even though I’m probably more excited about the Apparel Event that starts Friday too (more on that further down). NERFS & BUFFS The community has had a lot of opinions about weapons and gear balancing, which is putting it mildly, and so congratulations to the community because thanks to your feedback, build videos, and general demands (along with a ton of telemetry data from the game) we have received our first changes. These are initial balancing passes, because let’s not forget that the game is still super early in its life and with the addition of WT5 and new gear sets, things will change again anyways. NERFS: o Both the M700 and MK17 are getting the damage reduction treatment as of Friday, so you've got less than 48 hours to enjoy them in their original form. These guns have been over-performing and they’ve made other guns irrelevant; the goal here is to create a an experience where as many weapons as possible are viable and fun to grind for. o Value reductions to new gear as well as gear already owned: Crit Damage & Headshot damage will be adjusted downwards - per Thylander, the delta between average builds and really good builds was too high based purely on those values and it was necessary and best to do it prior to WT5 and the addition of new gear in order to make the impact less painful. o Cool-downs added to some talents: Safeguard talent will now have internal cool down so it can’t be active all the time / continuously magnify self-heal effects. Will still give big heal. Crisis Response, part of the demolitionist talent tree, (when armor breaks ammo replenishes) will now have internal cool down. When it procs over and over again it’s a little too generous and negates intended weapon deficiencies. We hear a lot about “skill gap” and the balance between respecting / highlighting actual player skill while also risking alienating the “casual user”. Additionally this week, as some of the major content creators for the game were releasing showcase build videos, players were discussing what makes a “good build”, well, “good”. Is it because of the combination of gear pieces? Is it because the player is simply more talented and knows how to run the build correctly way beyond the simple math of CHC and CHD? Well, for better or for worse, I think we’re going to see some really interesting developments in the world of theorycrafting in week ahead now that CHD and HSD have been nerfed. I’ve seen a fair amount of build videos that have been relying purely on stacking those two values, which has less to do with a mastery of how gear pieces work in synergy and more to do with just adding numbers together. So for theorycrafters who are focused on perfecting how multiple gear talents interact I think this opens up the field quite a bit, making investing in CHD and HSD less important, and for those build creators who rely purely on these values it may be time to branch out a bit. There will be salt next week, which may not be listed in the patch notes. BUFFS: - The LVOA-C, LWM4, AA-12 and MG5 will all receive damage buffs - Scopes will have slider adjustment added as well as expanded field of view. Not exactly a “buff” but more QOL - Signature weapons: Sniper Rifle accuracy has been improved Improvements: - Sniper turret revamped – once placed, will automatically track targets now and can also precision aim for headshots. More intuitive to use now. - Chem launcher: when equipped it works as weapon now / handles like a regular weapon instead of more automated activation sequence. - Firefly handling / aiming improved - Skills will be continuously looked at and adjusted to keep them viable. New QOL features: Two big things: All Skill Mods have been revamped - Bonuses now correlate neatly with the amount of skill power required - Amount of skill power adjusted - The re-balance opens up the amount of mods that can be equipped and should make skill-heavy builds more viable. - Users may notice a decrease in skill power upon first log-in on Friday so revisit your skill mods. All Weapon Mods have been revamped The team took to heart the community feedback regarding the somewhat extreme negative and positive attributes of weapons mods, which often felt punishing and/or seemed to cancel out the benefits or work placed in the rest of your build. Lower positive attributes now but no negative attributes. When there are multiple types of same mod, for example extended mags, there will be some negative attributes but a variety of combinations and for every type of mod there will be at least one that has no negatives. Bug fixes: Work bench – fixed an issue where when moving from one world tier to a higher one, the work bench would be stuck at the previous world tier. Apparel Event The first Apparel Event starts Friday and will run for four weeks, and feature new special event caches. Everyone player gets one free the first week if they log-in and claim it before next Friday. Season 1 pass owners get 3 additional caches. Includes new weapon skins. New emotes include what can best be described as “Glitter Bomb” and “High-Five”. New masks will also be available, and the green one is see through so you can still see the agent’s face – honestly this is a nice touch. New “Apparel Projects” will be available as well, providing a chance to grab additional vanity items. End Notes Aside from how aggressively the dev team is working to begin implementing gameplay changes, the equally important takeaway here is the amount of transparency being shown from the beginning. Additionally, it should be comforting to know that the team is looking at more than just metrics (which can sometimes not accurately reflect the true player experience), and are tempering that data with review of actual gameplay. What this means is that showcase builds which rely on slightly out of balance gear and weapon values will no longer have as much power over the meta, especially if the dev team continues to be this responsive with changes post Invasion-update. It also says a lot about the team’s ability to track player data accurately that they would be able to make these significant decisions so soon after the game’s release. I’m also hoping that PVP players will continue to report feedback to the dev team regarding how these changes impact that experience rather than just assume that because no PVP-specific changes were made, it’s not worth playing.
  11. If you missed State of the Game this week, you missed Heroic Difficulty, World Tier 5, new Gear Sets, and more. So here's has your detailed rundown: This morning, The Division Game twitter account teased some new info being dropped during the SoTG broadcast, and the Ubisoft Nordic twitter hilariously sabotaged them minutes later with a full post of the details. But between the two accounts we did get a roadmap of the free content coming for 2019 so before we dive into the SoTG updates here’s the recap on the year ahead: April 5th – Invasion: Battle for D.C. (Check out all the details below) Summer 2019 – Episode 1: D.C. Outskirts: Expeditions Autumn 2019 – Episode 2: Pentagon: The Last Castle Winter 2019 – Episode 3: Title Unknown Across these updates we’ll receive new story, projects, raids, gear, narratives, cosmetics, weapons, bounties, challenges, and Conflict updates Today’s show featured Hamish (Community Developer), Yannick (Live Content Manager), and special guest Trick Dempsey (Senior Game Designer). The “Invasion: Battle for D.C.” Update drops April 5th, and Yannick apologized to Australia for the timing of the update which once again lands right during prime gameplay hours. This update is literally a game changer, and brings into context the dev team’s desire to have players hang out in World Tier 4 a bit and get used to the mechanics of the game. Here's the breakdown: Tidal Basin Stronghold Trick Dempsey revealed that The Tidal Basin Stronghold is like nothing we’ve seen so far in either Division 1 or Division 2. The team has taken all of the lessons they’ve learned from development of both games and put into the design of this mission and it’s the first mission that has not been designed around existing city architecture like the others. It’s a culmination of lessons learned from developing both games, with extra ability for flexible game play since it was created from the ground up. As a bonus, we’ll also get some additional story progression around the stronghold mission. Tidal basin is a Black Tusk military base, unlike any other missions we’ve experienced, and it expands the world of the mysterious group and gives us a chance to experience even more of the “future tech” they use. Without giving too much away, we learned that the mission space is huge, approximately the same size as Roosevelt Island but with more verticality. Once they complete it, players will enter into World Tier 5 and an increased gear score cap of 500. What else is in Invasion? General Updates - First weapons balance pass (@Thylander will be on next week to explain more) - Bug fixes - Unspecified quality of life improvements (to be revealed) New Gear Sets Get your spreadsheets ready because three brand new Gear Sets will arrive: o True Patriot, Ongoing directive, and Hardwire o Dempsey says the gear sets are so strange and innovative the team is looking forward to seeing what players come up with in terms of builds. o New gear set pieces will drop from Black Tusk and invaded missions Changes to Missions: - Black Tusk will now re-invade strongholds and missions, plus there will be new “Invaded” versions of existing missions that don’t currently feature that mode. These new invaded missions will be on a weekly reset and feature and additional bonus reward for first time completion. - New Heroic Difficulty: described by Dempsey as “An act of cruelty”, will feature brutal and punishing game play, new insane bosses and extremely generous rewards, but no loot will be locked behind this difficulty (just more and better drops trended towards the higher end of your gear score). *You may have seen on the message boards on social media that players have been complaining about how brutal the WT4 control points are, and it was confirmed by the team that these are running at the Heroic Difficulty setting. - Mission customization: Agents will be able to toggle back and forth between “Invaded” and “Normal” modes. Not only that, but with each of these game modes players can then further select the difficulty level. Happening this week: Patch 1.7 will deployed during weekly maintenance this week (server/client patch) full of “ a lot of cool stuff”: - Frame rate drop improvements (less frequent should help a lot) - Remaining fixes for skills cool down issue (complete fix) - Final pass on scaling issue with co-op (The first pass, which was implemented during last week’s maintenance, dealt with fixes to npc damage, and this one deals with player gear (the game wasn’t taking quality of items into account when up-scaling during co-op). This will result in noticeable improvements to player survivability. - Audio drop issues with specific headsets fixed - Clan colors will no longer look like Elite NPCs (color not yet revealed) - Issue with placeholder graphics displaying after opening crates has been fixed – now you’ll see exactly what you’re getting - Fixed navigate category and mark as junk being assigned to the same input on controller - Push to talk will be enabled by default (VOIP) so no more hot mic problems - Weird stairs fixed - we can all start playing again /s PVP The team would like everyone to know they are very aware of the comments and critiques about the current state of PVP, and while there are no fixes or balancing coming in 1.7 or Tidal Basin, it’s not being ignored. Please keep providing constructive feedback, and more updates will be provided. With three new gear sets arriving next week, it’s a bit early to start balancing until they see what develops. Extras That Weird Raised Muppet Arms glitch - Hard to say if a fix for this is incoming but even more importantly, there’s a possible cosplay of it incoming from Hamish. Agent highlights award winners will be revealed next week. Use #AgentHighlights to tag your creations or #TheDivision2Photos to tag your game snaps.The team used contaminated money as coasters which I’m definitely doing now as well. Analysis We've seen plenty of SoTGs in the past that had a lot of banter and not a lot of info, but this one shines. It's nice to see more info up front, particularly content that addresses player concerns. Social media has been largely focused on WT5 info demands, balancing requests, and PVP fixes so 2/3 ain't bad. PVP'ers will have to wait a bit longer until their needs are met however their needs are being heard, and it's important to remember that whatever balancing complaints players have now will likely change entirely once the new gear set pieces get placed into rotation. They've made a lot of incredible promises this round, so the really interesting SoTG will be the one two weeks from now, when the Invasion update has had a week to be broken in.
  12. First time poster here, long time Division player - I’d be interested in being a part of this as well - if you’re still looking for writers, can follow up in DM