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  1. So, the point is to GIVE them loot, so we can find loot easier.. self defeating.. Why not NOT give them anything and then you won't care about finding more? In doing all the control points to open the storage rooms, I usually find quite a lot of loot along the way. Also.... In the last couple games I have played, the control points seem to be "staying" longer than before? Is that a thing now or is it just my wishful thinking?
  2. Taking the control points and making sure they are fully stocked on resources and supplies should at the least last for the play session. Taking the strategic control points you want/need to travel becomes pointless, and a huge waste if they are taken over while you are off taking another control point... and I don't even want to talk about that blockade.. THAT is annoying having to go take it back about once an hour.. I have killed enough of them that they should be nearing extinction. Having people killed should make them THINK twice about immediately trying to take it back. Repeatedly losing people over and over should make taking and holding it exceed the balance.. meaning it isnt worth the cost in lives to try to hold. But, as we all know computers don't have that limitation.. I fully understand that when you join a game that you are likely logging into a different instance than the one you OWNED the night before, so you cant still have control... However, WHILE logged into an instance you SHOULD be able to maintain... I have basically just started running with the patrols.. look for the green gun on the map heading somewhere, and I go join them and help them create havoc wherever they are headed.. If I see a red gun headed to a control point I own I usually go wipe them out before they get there... actually have been having fun doing that, but occasionally when I check the control points.. I see that one I have been defending isnt MINE anymore?? there was no attack on it, ownership just swapped... apparently they ran out of resources and died of starvation...
  3. Yeah I think you are right.. I was quite disappointed that I couldn't keep the ones I had taken, so I basically quit trying to take them, and just do the struggle to keep a few where I like to travel to... kind of ruins the fun, but okay.
  4. I went in alone today, and went off to clear the map.. I figured I could clear all the areas out... control points, hostages, broadcasts.. etc, etc... Cleared the closest control points, propaganda broadcasts, etc, etc, and started working my way out.... Except, as I went to do the third or forth control point... I see the one I took first is red again? wth is that? I cant even keep it for half an hour? I went and took it back, did a hostage situation, and the second control point I cleared is now red again... So.. i am completely confused.. all the resources i gave the control point officer are gone, and the control point is under hostile control again... WHAT IS the point? WHY would I even do this? KNOWING the enemy is going to own it ten to fifteen mins later? I understand that were at war of a sort... but.. why cant we keep these places for a few days, or at least HOURS... and THEN the real struggle to HOLD them happens? Instead... I see no point in RE taking them? What am I missing?