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  1. I am having three builds for PVP, PVE and Conflicts.. just small differences between them. weapon damage, damage to elites armor on kill, armor on health .. etc . note that this build for pvp only .. don't ever use it on pve.. I am farming now for better gears with high armor sets and high CHC-CHD.
  2. health improved, CHC-CHD changed.. but I change my vector to a better one as the one I had was bad on damage. thanks
  3. Hello gentlemen I would like to share a build that I use right now and its really useful on Conflict, PVP and skirmish domination also it can be a PVE build. try to focus more on health and Critical hit chances .. as you don't have to worry about the armor or any other drops from the gear sets, and use the specialization (Demolitionist) to increase SMG damage. Note: it doesn't matter which gear you're playing, depends on your build just make it similar.
  4. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum I really loved it and would like to share my experience alongside the community... English is not my first language but I can share a knowledge and do my best hence I was playing TD since 2013. I knew how to manage builds, combat, farming and many.. don't hesitate to add me on PS4 console my PSN ID: mhn and my youtube channel : mhn _ and my insta: mhn__x best regards
  5. you're welcome.. you can find mods for SMG as well, that can gives you SMG's CHC or CHD.
  6. everything you don't know is something you can learn.

  7. some gear's mods have Assault rifle damage increased, use em, also AR CHC-CHD will make a difference. I am using Military P410 G3 is one of my best AR on the game. mhn