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  1. With them nerfing skill builds into dust I don't think many will be playing anymore. I'm quitting because of it.
  2. The point of control points is to open up the loot. Each control point has an area of effect, once you take it and donate 50 of each resource, you don't need to give 100, more world loot becomes available and easier to find in that area. Including more resources, outfits, weapons....all of that. So if you are farming titanium you will want to take a control point, donate the 50 resources, and you will find a lot more, go to the next one and do the same and hopefully after you are done the first one is taken back over and resets so you can do it again. If you are doing a lot of recalibration you will need lots of supplies and this is how you get them easier. So no, you don't want the CP to stay green, you want them to flip back as quickly as possible so you can farm materials.
  3. Yeah, recalibration is broken at the moment. Its just a stupid system they designed.
  4. I don't need some number to get bragging rights, I get that when my team sees my skill build clear out an entire room on challenging by myself in 5 seconds and they don't have to fire a shot.
  5. Took me a long time to find the Barber in there.
  6. When something new popped up in there I would find it then run out and back to it a few times until I memorized it.
  7. I don't use the turret for damage, it's there to keep things occupied while my seekers do the damage. So I have focused on duration with it instead of damage. Since I get a 20% cooldown with every kill in cover the turret fires long enough to usually drop things when the seeker get's it low enough on health giving me my cooldown for the seeker again. I also have the talent where every kill gives me a 5% chance to instantly reset my cooldowns so with a standard 24.1 second cooldown on the seeker, and added with those two talents, I basically can fire off about 8 seekers every 10 to 20 seconds or so. They hit for around 300k each for the cluster. that's with around 100% explosive damage though. I haven't tried a specific turret build yet because getting resources to recalibrate is way too time consuming. I would love to add some DTE to my build but just aren't getting the drops for that yet. All that being said though I still can't compete with a pure DPS build in a group although with my build I have noticed we clear missions in about half the time as opposed to all DPS builds running it. I do the massive AOE damage and the rest of the group finishes everything off. The only real problem with my skill build is taking on a single target boss. Here's the build I copied.
  8. Yeah, you have to manually add it up. They don't even list explosive damage.
  9. It all depends on what build you are going for. I run a seeker skill build so need the explosive damage perk from the demolitionist. If you like to burn things and are specced for that you would go survivalist. I will tell you this. With +80 explosive damage that grenade launcher hits really hard.
  10. I heard McDonalds was having a sale on Big Mac's.
  11. What I meant was that they generally are not as skilled as PC gamers are. Being a PC gamer takes far more dedication, you not only have to get the rig but keep it updated. They are more serious about their gaming than the majority of console players are. Any six year old can pop in a game of Mario Kart but that doesn't make them a real gamer. There is a reason people on PC completed the raid first and it's not because console people can't aim, it's because they are more dedicated, they know how to form groups better, they have better communication. They are more serious about their gaming.
  12. Wow dude, you can't tell a doctored video when you see one? Hahahahahaha
  13. If they were they wouldn't be complaining about not being able to beat the raid.
  14. Yeah I have no desire to do the raid. I've watched it from multiple groups on YouTube and it's not really that difficult. These first groups had to figure it out though so I give them credit for that. The rewards just aren't worth it to me to do that timesink.