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  1. sorry mate not immune spawning this is in the middle of gameplay.and like i say my lmg does 11.3 dam and peoples lmg is between 20 to 30 k.div need to do something about this so un fair. any thoughts of why
  2. can someone please explain to me how normalization works in conflict.i am lvl60 but seems be more now my dam is 22.3k ar and about 8 to 9 k when in conflict.when i check who killed me there dam is between 15 to 20k so i am hittting half as hard unless i hit every head shot.also hitting people and it comes up immune and they then kill me easy.the matchmaking should be more balanced to players around your lvl to make things fairer and better fights.its making me stop playing conflict and its one of the best bits for me.