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  1. Yes I have sent a query to Ubisoft, cheers
  2. I dont have the option as per the video for SPECIALIZATION, that's my point, See attached pic. I understood with the Season Pass SPECIALIZATION is made available!!!
  3. That's not what the promo says when buying the Season Pass. Anyway cant seem to get a clear answer so have sent a query to Ubisoft.
  4. I understood you dont have to do the 3 missions if you have the season pass
  5. so how do we get to the specialization if you are at L30 & have the season pass
  6. apparently you dont if you have the season pass
  7. well I have just got to level 30 & cant see the Specialization at the White House, now what!!!
  8. Thanks for your responses & clarifications. Bit of a rort really buy the DLC but have to wait!!!
  9. Do you have to be level 30 to get specialisation weapons even if you have purchased the season pass.