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  1. While I am new here, I have been playing division & division 2 from the very start of launch. We all have our favourite weapon's we use during each encounter. Here is a list of what I consider to be the best in all encounters, and you will only need 4 plus your signature weapon and exotic (Kendras Liberty) sidearm. Assault Rifle (Close and Medium range) Tactical MK16 15.5K DMG with Reflex sight +20% Critical Range, Sturdy Extended 5.56 Mag +20 Rounds, Vertical Grip +10% Accuracy, Loud Vent Brake 10% Op range. Light Machinegun (Medium and long range) Black Market M60 E6 23.5K + 8K DMGwith Reflex sight, Large Pouch +35 Rounds, Vertical Grip, Large Suppressor +10% Accuracy. Shotgun (Close encounters) ACS12 42K + 26K DMG with Rwflex sight, and angled grip +10% stability. Sidearm (Close and medium range) D50 Goes with saying. Maximum damage at all times. If you are lucky enough to get Kendra's Liberty, I say no more, than Magnificent. Signature Weapon I chose is the Sniper. You may have your own fav. I have these exotic weapon's and here is how I rate them with this load out. The Chatterbox, is a competent weapon and I give * Merciless Rifle, very good with binary trigger hold for more damage *** Nemesis Sniper, Ok but not as good as signature sniper *** Kendras Liberty,***** with the combined electronic and weak spot damage even when holstered, this give the assault rifle even more damage and the M60 with 135 rounds if you keep hitting weak spots and electronics you may not have to reload for some time when attacking "Tank" and other heavy armored enemies. I would like to know how you find your load out, and your thoughts of your best weapons. Ian (Bigpenna)