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  1. Just remember if you come across any bugs or issues report them on the Ubi forums! They can't fix if they don't know :)
  2. So you made a video so everyone could do it? ?
  3. I wish I had more time off the next few days!! Will be working everyday until Friday :( , Gonna get in as much as I can though!!! Can't believe how close it is!!!
  4. It's basically where the Rykers hold up, they're were rumors a few weeks back of it being a Raid, I think it's just gonna be part of the storyline
  5. It was just so fantastically thrilling going rogue >.<
  6. Seriously got the chills when I watched this, this morning!!! It's so close!
  7. I want some sticky goodies ? Sorry couldn't help myself. Hope you enjoy the forums!
  8. Hello and welcome to the dark corners of the Internet! Just kidding ;) Glad you found the forums, :))
  9. I prefer going rogue, then again didn't do much rogue hunting >.>
  10. I barely got any time in open beta. Imagine how I feel. Not to far from launch now though!!
  11. I really wanted crouch at first, then I realized how much I loved the cover system once I got used to it. I still miss jump, but I'm also getting used to it not being's not really needed just weird that I can't do it lol ;)
  12. We all want raids, and I hope with all hope we will get them. I do not however think it will be this scenerio >.< not with the info we have on the Ryker Faction and the recent faction video that shows "Rykers Castle" :/
  13. All the options make my head spin. Holy moly is it March yet?