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  1. Hey all! I know I havent been around these parts as often recently, but I wanted to stop by and let you know about a project that Deep Fried Dave and I have been working on! Episode one is live now, and I would love to hear what you guys think! Lore nerds only :P Tinkkz Hey everyone, we're proud to give you Episode 01 of Collecting What Remains: Before the Beginning. Together, we the hosts and you the listener, will journey down a road of what we knew before the events of Tom Clancy's The Division. On our first installment, we'll be looking at the book The New York Collapse and how it affected our look at the lore of this universe. We'll also be looking at The Tom Clancy Brand and Dark Winter. What is Dark Winter? You'll have to listen in to find out more and our thoughts on it. At the end we will have some important information you won't want to miss including a giveaway. Want to get involved in this journey through lore? Send a mail to [email protected] or follow along with us on Twitter @DivisionLore. We hope you enjoy! Itunes: Android: Website:
  2. I'm on ps4, sorry about that. played twice this week again, no weekly reward. Comes up as "incursion complete" nothing in my bags, except the 198 and anything else I physically pick up. "Check mark" next to falcon lost. Have heard of it happening to two others so far since I've been asking.
  3. Yeah but I'm not getting ANY weekly rewards no matter when I do them. My buddy said he got it after doing them the second time so im gonna try that. This isn't in known issues so it's bothersome. Was just seeing if it was happening to anyone else ?
  4. Don't rain on my parade, it's pink damnit ;) I moved the camera angle around to look at the purple items on my map to confirm
  5. Sorry if this has been a topic recently. I've been behind on these forums, forgive me. I'm really not seeing anyone else having this issue, other than one buddy of mine. (We do the incursions together) Whenever we do the incursion for the week (hard) we do not get a 214 item. Is this not guaranteed each week anymore? I have not been rewarded a 214 item since day one incursion (week one reward) at one point I know they were bugged and after it was supposed to be fixed, hamish told me that if I had done it before the fix that's probably why. Then after our conversation I realized I had done it after the fix. Didn't worry about it too much figured I would wait until next week, no big deal. No reward that week nor this week. Anyone else have this issue?
  6. You say gunfu, all I can think about is gun kata, or like someone using unarmed guns as a weapon mixed with martial arts. Applying that to the division is a funny mental picture ?
  7. I've done that before too! I thought I just left the Dark zone...... LOL
  8. Im a sucker for kindness too, I love going rogue but if I got a nice message, I would have done the same thing <3
  9. This sounds exactly like me! HE LOOKED AT ME WRONG GET HIM