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  1. Looks like a good site. Have been solo since day one and after hitting 30 life has gotten rough. keep getting Ganked in the DZ and forget challenges and the incursion. might be time to be an adult and get some help. "snakebyte11" PS4
  2. 54 here I am level 30 primarily solo but finding I get killed easily myself. "snakebyte11" on PS4 I am PST and mostly on Friday 8pm to 2 am. I work 4am to 3pm so not much can I get on through the week but on occasion I do.
  3. I entered but have never been lucky to ever win anything. love the guide and will use it a lot. as a casual I am enjoying the hell out of the game but learning the hard way to keep out of the DZ . see you in the field agents
  4. "snakebyte11" 54 Level 30 ( 82k firearms 45k stamina 10k electronics) adaptable to gamestyles . usually sporting Vector 45 ( first HE) and socom first wave. still learning what direction to take my agent. I play primarily on Friday nights 8pm to 2am but some weeknights . but getting up at 4 am means to bed early. I am a good player but not exactly the 1% tier. see you in the field agents
  5. snakebyte11


    The Big 54 this year.
  6. I just wanted to add a note that I have been connecting without any issues but I did get this message when the server was down for work. so I would say if you are connecting fine and you receive the error then look at the forums to see if the server is down for maintenance. Loving this game !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I love the idea of this topic. love the customization of the characters. though I am upset that if I buy a paint I can only use it on one weapon ??? really what is it a peel and stick ??? but I love getting buying or finding new clothing and cosmetics. just seems to make it a lot more fun.
  8. I am also hoping they do an addon for the creation. WTF is up with the colors for the warpaint ????? baby blue ???? were you heavily drinking creating that ?? a few more options would be awesome . good game !!! NOW LETS MAKE IT GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have only had one where it showed the drone but I walked up within 1m and could not see it anywhere . not sure what was going on but no drone for me.
  10. I am not sure if this is a bug or too many guys trying to activate at once. it took me an HOUR of trying until I was successful. all I can say is keep trying. but YES IT IS FRUSTRATING. I wanted to throw my controller into the wall hahahahahaha.
  11. I got this message when trying to move from one character to another. when I try to switch I get the mike error and can log in again ( 1 time I had it again and had to log in again but was successful on that second attempt)
  12. Same issue here, when I was in the tutorial I saw the little blurbs about gear and thought I saw the fire and hunter indicate they were ready but when I got all of the gear from the UBI club none of the other gear was there.
  13. I tried for an HOUR last night until I was able to activate. I even tried another character and I assumed it was due to the 40 people all trying at the same time but I was sure I saw at least once that I did the animation and the bar went all the way but no activation. so I have 1 character activated after an hour and 1 I have not been able to activate. even tried for about 20 minutes this morning at 4 am before going to work with no success.
  14. LOL I love the darker themes and to be honest this is one of the better I have seen or used. great colors .