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  1. @DeadSockPuppetlikes to keep all Lone Star gear. And he really likes the SA-58. I've really enjoyed 1.6 and Last Stand so far. Its actually given me a reason to hop and pay each night even when nobody from our group is on. One of the things I enjoyed about COD is the fact I could play a round or two and hop off. With Last Stand I can do that. I love it.
  2. So will the Historian get an entirely new roll or just the one new talent? I have a feeling either way this is going to be my new favorite sniper rifle.
  3. You can send me a FR as well. Always looking for decent people to game with. PSN = Voyager42
  4. I think the guides and YouTube videos are great but IMO the best way to learn the nuances of the game are to find a good group to roll with and go from there. Ask plenty of questions.
  5. Well the answering services phone lines were down so I had all calls to our 24/7 towing line forwarded to my cell phone. So that was fun. Fortunately they wanted until I had gotten about an hour and a 1/2 of sleep to start calling me again. Then every chance I had to fall back asleep another call came through. Other than that I have taken a nap, watched part of the Seahawks game and some YouTube channels and now a bit of The Division.
  6. Agreed. 1000%. What's the point of dangling the supply drops when I can get the same loot from each boss or even from random enemies just running around?
  7. lol that's awesome. I was so annoyed. It was funny the first time or two then quickly became absolute BS.
  8. Hmm. Tempting. A pint glass does sound great. Would be great to add to my collection.
  9. So there will be daily HVT's already completed despite not having logged in after the reset? Ill continue to miss out on the gear drops from those HVT's?
  10. Can anybody verify this issue was fixed with this patch?
  11. "When the player is in game at the reset time" I haven't been online at the reset time. One day I didn't even have the disc in the PS4. Once again today all but 2 daily HVT's are completed. Hopefully my issue is the same issue they are fixing.
  12. Me and a friend played a couple missions and invited randoms. Good times. Other than the fact the lower gear score players kept dying. A lot. But then I was the team leader. When I have run with randoms though and I wasn't the team leader I make it a point to focus on the end boss and get to them as soon as I can to get my loot.